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VOLUME: 50 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Tete H. Tetens, Jr. and Ingrid Tetens Waithe in March 1982.

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Friedrich Tete Harens Tetens Papers
Scope and content note

Correspondence with Bernard Baruch, Emil Ludwig, William Langer, Louis Nizer, Friedrich Wilhelm Förster, Harold L. Ickes, and others, 1925–76; typescripts, manuscripts, outlines, and translations (German, English, and Spanish) of published and unpublished books and articles, 1937–72; research reports written for Bernard Baruch and for the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), 1939–43; research notes, undated; pamphlets and other ephemera on National Socialism, pan-Germanism, anti-semitism, the German-American Bund, post-war Germany, Cold War, and peace issues, 1937–72; propaganda of the Deutsche Liga für Volkerbund and various war and peace groups, collected in Aschaffenburg by Edgar Davidsburg, 1915–19; and printed materials on the German tobacco industry, circa 1890–1930. Tetens was a journalist from Berlin who fled for political reasons to Switzerland in 1934; he lived in Argentina from 1936 to 1938 and in the United States from 1939. In addition to his own papers, he retained correspondence of Rev. Guy Emery Shipler, editor of the New York City-based religious magazine Churchman, concerning obscenity in films, Communism, National Socialism, religious freedom, and other issues affecting the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1922–66; files of the Philipp Reemstma case, 1925–33; records of the American I. G. Farben Chemical Corporation, 1933–39; papers of Argentinian anti-Nazi journalist Reinhard Maurer, 1937–45; drawings by the Argentinian anti-Nazi artist Clément Moreau, 1937–39; correspondence and writings of Émigré writer Friedrich Wilhelm Förster (1869–1963) about pan-Germanism and National Socialism, 1940–51; manuscripts by the French anti-Nazi writer André Chéradame, 1941; correspondence of Isidore Lipschutz as an officer of the Society for the Prevention of World War III, 1938–56; case files pertaining to Victor F. Ridder/New York Staats Zeitung and Chicago Tribune libel suits, 1943–45, 1951; correspondence of German-Chilean refugee Pablo Hesslein, 1952–53; and records of several anti-Vietnam War groups based in New Jersey, 1968–72. His papers also include an autobiography, diaries, correspondence, and reports of his wife Eugenia Tetens covering their escape from Germany and early life in exile, 1933–45.

Of approximately 700 linear feet of clippings in Tetens's "Library on Germanic and Related International Problems," which he amassed between 1937 and 1972, about 15 feet concerning Émigrés and Nazis in North and South America have been retained. Tetens was a journalist and political pamphleteer who also wrote under the pseudonym Anton Pettenkofer.

Friedrich Tete Harens Tetens Papers

Manuscripts of Published and Unpublished Work

Box 78

Christianity ? Hitlerism – Bolshevism
Que Veut Hitler (French Translation)
Nationalsozialismus und die demokiatische abwehr
Where is the danger?

Aktionsprogramm gegen Nazigelalrin SudAmerika
Deutsche Kultur auf der Flucht
Die Europaische Sendung der Schweiz
Im. Eigenen Spiegel: Artikelesene von T.H. Tetens in Berner Bund

Cafe Filho uber Troj. Pferd in Brasilien
Christentum: Hitlerismus ? Bolschewismus (Argentine book review), Folder I
Christentum: Hitlerismus; ? Bolschewismus (Argentine book review), Folder Il
Christentum: Hitlerismus ? Bolschewismus (Argentine book review), Folder III
Hechos: Documentos sobre el trabajo conspirativo de los Nazistas en la republica
Argentina, (Spanish) Folder I
Hechos: Documentos sobre el trabajo conspirativo de los Nazistas en la republica,
Argentina, (German) Folder II
Hechos: Documentos sobre el trabajo conspirativo de los Nazistas en la republica
Argentina, (German) Folder III

Box 79

Hitler oder Roosevelt, Folder I
Hitler oder Roosevelt, Folder Il
Hitler oder Roosevelt, Folder III
Hitler oder Roosevelt, Folder IV
Hitler oder Roosevelt, Folder V
Was Will Hitler

Aims of the German Government in Central and South America
American Way for American Youths
Chile und der Deutsch General Stab
Deutsches Minoritatevproblem in U.S.A.
Destroy and Despoil the motto of the New German Imperialism
Hitler and Fritz Kuhn (documents)
Hitler instructs Kuhn to destroy America's National Defense: Go back and continue your fight.
InterAmerikanische Christliche Liga Gegen Nazismus
Memo: How the Nazi Imperialist aims in Latin America should be fought
Osterreich von Feinde besetzt
The Pact of Munich and its consequences for the U.S.
Six articles on Hitler's advance on Central and South America
Twelve articles on the attempted Nazification of the U.S.

Box 80

Air Power of the Totalitarian aggressors and its significance for the U.S.
Berlin?Moscow?Tokio Pact and the consequences for the U.S
Channels of Nazi Propaganda
Cost of German Rearmament
Role of the Agrarian Party in the Domestic and Foreign Policy of Czechoslovakia
Exposee fur die Flugzemugindustrie
Germany and the U.S. Lindbergh as agent
Nazi movement in the U.S.
Second front without invasion: propaganda is the mightiest weapon to shatter the German
Home Front...
Secrets behind the "Funny War"
Wer Bedront LateinAmerika

Bund maintains an army on U.S. soil
Foreign policy and national defense in the U.S.
100 Billion dollars for the American Way, Folder I
100 Billion dollars for the American Way, Folder II

Box 81

Die "Hepe von Caputh"; Dre Rolle deo Buchstaben H in der engsten umgebung Hitlers
A danger to our Democracy
Vatican and World War II
Manuscript and Notes ? "A House Divided"
Manuscript of the "Peace Issue in the 1968 Election"
Manuscript re the Great Depression
Manuscript notes re German Propaganda
Manuscript re Wendell Wilkie's Presidential Campaign
The Snow Queen in Seven Stories
Questions answered on Betty Furness radio show
"The German attack from within the U.S. before and during the first World War"
Religion and social ethics
Review of H.E. Westermeyer's The Fall of the German Gods
Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster
Exposee Fur die Flugzeugindustrie

Box 82

Nazi movement in the U.S., Folder I
Nazi movement in the U.S., Folder II
The disintegration of nations = Nazintern (Folder III)
Nazis in the U.S. Folder IV
Notizen fur ein Buch
Wilkie and the Pro?German wing

Box 83


Aurzige Aus Arbeiten
Memo re Speech for Bullitt...
Dakar: Nazi Springboard for Latin America
Geopolitical Institute, about the
German plot in the U.S., Documen. Evidence, 1840?1940
German vote in the 1940 elections
Good Will Fund, report to the board of directors
Haushofer's plan for world conquest (memo)
Kame against Christianity
Hitler's plan of an iron ring around the U.S.
Index of works done 1934?1941
Japan ? What has Hitler in store with Japan
Japan ? is Korea possible for an arrangement with Japan
Japan ? Correspondence, folder I
Japan ? Correspondence, folder II

Box 84

Japan ? German Plot, U.S. notes, Folder III
Japan ? Folder IV
Japan ? Folder V
Lindbergh, Memo on
Lindbergh, notes to article
Memo for Bernard Baruch: Notes for several memoranda
Only an immediate decision in the Far East will hold the Russian Front
Possession of oil is the sole factor that will decide Hitler's defeat...
Race?Political ideas as the basis if Haushofer?Hitler foreign policy
Sandern, Frederick, documents
World Political situation at the beginning of the third year of the war
Traitors wrapped in stars and stripes

Box 85

Americans First und Goebbels einig ubar des Wahlresultat
Austria" Dokamente uber funf Jahre Nazilaieg
Bomber oder Bananen?
Congressional elections of 1942 and its consequences for the U.S.
Enemy Alien ? letter protesting his classification as enemy alien to Justice Dept.
Flugblatt ? Propaganda
Grand Strategy in WW H
Hitler's Pincer plan against the U.S.
Hoover Moratorium of 1937, the report
Loyal Americans of German Descent
Preussenturn ? Partilcularismus ? Fordeschlismus...
Prussia ? Conquest of Germany
Second front without invasion
Renner, Prof. G.T. ? answer to
Steuben Society: memo on
Steuben Society v. Grand Jury in Washington
Steuben Society and Representative Hamilton Fish
Synthetic Rubber, report on the production of
Victory in twenty weeks
Die Zukunft der kleineneuropaischen nationen...

Box 86

New York Times, letter to the editor
Post War settlement in Europe and Pan?German papers in U.S.
Post War victory plan: economy of plenty
Loyal Americans of German descent
Bruening's aktevitaet in fall bergstraesser in Washington
Economy of Plenty: A post war victory plan
Foerster?Teten statement against the free?German delegates on III Free World Congress in New York
Know your Enemy, Folder I
Know your Enemy, Folder II
Know your Enemy, Folder III
Know your Enemy, Folder IV
Know your Enemy, Folder V
Message to the American People and to the civilized nations of the world
New York Times, letter to Niter, Louis: review of his book "What to do with Germany"
Post?War settlement in Europe and the Pan?German proportion in the U.S.
To the "Loyal Americans of German Descent"

Box 87

American Engineers and the German Supermen
American Public opinion can save 150 hostages in Europe
Deutschlands okkupation (outline)
Deutsche spekulationen um die kommenden president enwanien
Fraenkel, Ernest report on
German Escape plan
German and Nazi: one and the same?
German postwar masterplan and the future of civilization
Hagen, Paul report on
Kultur conquered America
Moulton, Marlio, The Control of Germany and Japan, analysis of
Open letter
Occupation of Germany
Pan?Germanism in the U.S., folder I
Pan?Germanism in the U.S., folder II

Box 88

Raetsel des 20 Juli
Seger, Gerhart H. Report on
Schuld und suehne des Deutschen volkes
Society to prevent WW III, misc. papers
Stalin's nightmares
Stop German atrocities
Vatikan und Russland
Waldeck, Countess report by Leopold Meinemann
Wer wird dos Nazisystern Liquidierm
World Telegram, letter to the editor of

Are we going to lose the peace? (memo)
Baruch, Bernard, Blueprints for war and peace
Council on world aggression
Deutsche industrie und finanz?kapitaene aid kring sverbrecher
Does Russia want Germany?
German general staff, American University professors and public opinion
German honor: Lily White?
German professors and Americans as are active in pro?German propaganda, list of Germany's capacity to support her population if reduced to an agricultural status
Germany's preparation for WW III
Germany, pro and contra, folder I
Germany, pro and contra, folder II

Box 89

Germany, pro and contra, folder III
Germany, pro and contra, folder IV
How America Lost the Peace
Germany's program for Chaos
Haushofer, Karl;" The Case of General Dr. Haushofer and his geopolitical staff
Langer, William Prof., The Case of, folder I
Langer, William Prof., The Case of, folder 11
Pan?German propaganda machine in the U.S.
Post War program for Germany
U.S. between W/W II and WW III
Reconstruction of world economy and the German reparation problem
Shuster, Geo N. Report
War Criminals and German?American Press
Werwolf Gant
Who is War Criminal Number One? (Dr. Karl Haushofer)

Argentina gone fascist?
Catholics, notes
Foerster's article "A Just Peace", notes about
Hermans, Ferdinand, reply to letters
Juden?memo uber dezen lage
Pan?Germanic library, documents
Who paves the way for WW III

Box 90

I.G.Farben: Spearhead for German World Propaganda
Articles on Protestantism
Protestant Freedom and the Vatican Plot

Barnes, Prof. Henry E., on reparations and war guilt, letters against Case of Gangster X

American Professors and others regarded as sympathetic to Germany
General notes re German organizations
Pro?German Library ? appeal to preservation
Atlantic Policy, failures of our
German global strategy and the future of Europe
New York Herald Tribune letters on Cold War
Syracuse University, speech at

Policy Dilemma ? Truman administration

Katyn Controversy

Konrad Adenauez; und die Deutsch Lukunft, folder I
Konrad Adenauez und die Deutsch Lukunft, folder II
Memorandum on Germany

Moscow and McCarthy

Bernard Baruch, and the Lesson of Korea
Peace ? the winning issue in 1956?
The end of the cold War

If War Comes
Dulles ? notes
Report to FDR (Pamphlet)
Eisenhower and his team
European Integration

Dulles and the Suez Riddle
Questions for Dulles
The End of an Era

Archives of Current History
Neo?Nazism and Anti?Semitism in present day Germany
Totalitarian Propaganda

NATO and the German Rearmament Solving the German Problem ? Job for the UN?

Dulles Mystery, The

Lipman, letter about CBS Speech
New Germany and the Old Nazis, Folder I

Box 92

New Germany and the Old Nazis, Folder II
New Germany and the Old Nazis, Folder III

Analysis of German Textbooks in Elementary and High Schools
19th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
WBAI Radio Show
Germany and War Party
LBJ and War Party
Notes for Book, Folder I
Notes for Book, Folder II
Notes for Book, Folder III

Box 93

Notes to "Germany and the Cold War", Folder I
Notes to "Germany and the Cold War", Folder II
Koppe, W and His Trial in Germany
Common Market
Kruschev's Removal
American Society of East and West Germans, records
Big Lie in Post War History
That was the World that Was
Report to FDR
Nixon's Next War
Nixon, Old Drafts
Manuscript ? re Nixon
"The Nixon Record"

Box 94

RID Correspondence and Documents, 1968?1971
Manuscript on Nixon and Vietnam
Nixon 1970
Nixon, notes to
RID memorandum Application, Correspondence

Box 95

Nixon Decoded
The Road to Treason: notes, 1974, Folder I
The Road to Treason: notes, 1974, Folder II
The Road to Treason: notes, 1974, Folder III
The Independent Voter
Nixon and the War Syndicate

Box 96

The People's Case against Richard Nixon
Nixon?Kissinger Treason
RID and Other Politics
Various Political Activities
Gravediggers of America
Pentagon and Next War
Tetens Family Memorabilia
Tetens, Regina Memorabilia

Box 97

Manuscript concerning Hitler & Nazi activity in the U.S. (5 folders)

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