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April 2002

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Scope and Content Note

Box and Folder List

Alexander Gode von Aesch Papers
Scope and Content Note

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The Alexander Gode von Aesch collection includes biographical information, photographs, and correspondence. There are also writings by Alexander Gode von Aesch and others as well as various issues of periodicals with references to Gode von Aesch. Related collections include New York City's Storm Publishers and the Frederick Ungar Papers.

Alexander Gode von Aesch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Box 1

1. Biographical material - vitae, death certificate, award certificates, letter with biographical information, 1930 and 1931 cruise ship passenger lists, etc.
2. Photographs
3. Photographs
4. Photograph - Caille, Pierre
Notebooks and Diaries, 15 items, various formats and sizes
Photographs, some in albums, several hundred

Box 2

1. Correspondence with Anna Gode von Aesch
2. Correspondence - Gode Family
3. Correspondence - Archivos Peruanos de Patologia y Clinica
4. Correspondence - "Live Chitchat"
5. Correspondence - First International Translation Prize
6. Correspondence - Pertaining to Allison Gode Bertschee's mother
7. Correspondence - "Just Words" (1 of 2)
8. Correspondence - "Just Words" (2 of 2)
9. Correspondence - Letters of Condolence
10. Correspondence - "Of Words and Things"
11. Correspondence, 1924-1942
12. Correspondence, 1960's
13. Correspondence, 1970's
14. Correspondence - Hardin, Floyd and Evelyn (Friends of the International Language)
15. Correspondence with daughter, Marilyn (Bepsie) (1 of 4)
16. Correspondence with daughter, Marilyn (Bepsie) (2 of 4)
17. Correspondence with daughter, Marilyn (Bepsie) (3 of 4)
18. Correspondence with daughter, Marilyn (Bepsie) (4 of 4)
19. Letter to Peter L. Lersch, with 1929 advance copy of "Sex Truths for Men and Women"
20. Letter to teachers of German, December, 1956
21. "Interlingua" 4 page description of the work
22. "Summario in Interlingua" capitula I-IV
23. Unknown pamphlet in Russian issued by Science Service, Interlingua Division, 1964
24. Materials relating to Henry Seager
25. International Auxiliary Language Association (1945 Annual Report, pamphlet about Interlingua)
26. American Translators Association, By-laws and Code of Ethical Practices and Professional Rights; Budget materials, 1972
27. American Translators Association, Membership List, 1975
28. American Translators Association, Miscellaneous publications/reports
29. American Translators Association, Annual Meeting, 1963. Proceedings
30. American Translators Association, Panel Discussion from 12th Annual Convention, 1971 "Poetic Translation"
31. American Translators Association, Professional Services Directory, 1969
32. JAMA Interlingua Tear Sheets
33. Book invoices, 1950-53
34. Publishers' Book Advertisements
35. American Medical Writers' Association. Report from the Publications Committee to the Board of Directors Meeting, 1967
36. Guild of Professional Translators, Translator Referral Directory, 1975-1976
Writings by A. Gode von Aesch
37. Book Review, Ernesto Che Guevara, by David Allport (2 copies)
38. Typescripts for unknown column, 1961
39. "Just Words," Typescripts, nos. 5-300, 1962-1967

Box 3: Writings by A. Gode von Aesch (cont.)

1. "Just Words," typescripts, nos. 301-369 (1967-1969)
2. "Just Words," 1962-1972 (offprints from JAMA)
3. "Just Words" (suggestions, comments)
4. "Live Chitchat," typescripts, 1963-65
5. "Live Chitchat" (from Lebende Sprachen)
6. "Of Words and Things," typescripts, nos. 1-69 (1962-63)
7. "Of Words and Things," typescripts, nos. 85-106 (1964)
8. Offprint - "A Beautiful Day" (from Quinto Lingo, September, 1967)
9. Offprint - "Goethes 'Seefahrt'" (from Monatshefte, February, 1949)
10. Offprint - "Makarie" (from Monatshefte fur Deutschen Unterricht, undated)
11. Offprint - "A Note on Iambs and Trochees," (from Monatshefte fur Deutschen Unterricht, 1939?)
12. Offprint - "Readings and Misreadings of Fritz von Unruh's The End Is Not Yet," (from Modern Language Forum, undated)
13. Speech given at the Annual Meeting of the American Translators Association, Nov. 30, 1962
14. Speech given at a meeting of the American Translators' Society Association, 1966
15. Speeches given at the Annual Meeting of the American Translators Association, October 26, 1968 (2 copies)
16. "Der Deutsche in Amerika" (by A. Gode von Aesch?)
17. "In Search of the International Auxiliary Language," by E. Clark Stillman and Alexander Gode. International Auxiliary Language Association, undated 6p.
18. Interlingua; a grammar of the international language, prepared by A. Gode and H.E. Blair. 2nd. edition. Storm Publishers, 1955
19. Interlingua-English; a dictionary of the international language, prepared by the research staff of the International Auxiliary Language Association, under the direction of Alexander Gode, 1951 (2 copies)
20. Interlinguistic Standardization, by E. Clark Stillman and A. Gode von Aesch, 1943 (typescript)
21. "Principles for a Schematic IAL," June 1940. Folder also contains several typescripts related to this work

Box 4: Writings by A. Gode von Aesch (cont.)

1. Rhyming Dictionary of Interlingua, by Hugh E. Blair, with the assistance of Alexander Gode and others, 1951 (2 copies of typescript)
2. "Schuld und Suhne des Ubersetzers," beitrag zum Siebenten Germanistentag New York, Sonnabend, den 30. April 1966
3. Tannenberg, by Theobald von Schafer. Translation by A. Gode von Aesch, 1928
4. Tonio Kroger, by Thomas Mann. Translation by A. Gode von Aesch (3 copies of typescript)

Writings by others. (Some contain annotations/corrections by Gode von Aesch.)

5. Burkhard, Arthur. "Conrad Ferdinand Meyer in Recent Translation," ( Reprinted from The Modern Language Journal, 1931, no. 8
6. Campbell, Stuart B., tr. "Trans le Speculo e lo que Alice Trovava Ibi per Lewis Carroll," undated
7. Collinson, Wm. E. "Word-Building in International Language," IALA, undated
8. Crandell, T. Ellen. "Translators and Translating; Selected Essays from the American Translators Association Summer Workshops," 1974
9. Curtius, Ernst R. Europaische Literatur und Lateinisches Mittelalter, A. Francke, 1948
10. Eaton, Helen S. Semantic Frequency List for English, French, German, and Spanish, University of Chicago Press, 1940

Box 5: Writings by others (cont.)

1. Fife, Robert H. "Outline and Bibliography of German Literature during the Classical Period," Columbia University, 1935 (contains annotations by Gode)
2. Fife, Robert H. "Outline and Bibliography of German Literature from the Renaissance to the Age of Enlightenment," Columbia University, 1932 (Contains annotations by Gode)
3. Fischbach, Henry. "Abbreviations in the German, French, and Italian Literature," (Reprinted from Advances in Chemistry Series, No. 10, 1954)
4. Fischbach, Henry. "Biomedical, Pharmacological, and Medical Terminology in French and German Chemical Literature," (Reprinted from Advances in Chemistry Series, No. 16, 1956)
5. Friederici, Hans-Joachim. Das Unternehmen Vennbahn, 33p.
6. Gilbert, Henry. Caius Ist ein Dummkopf, 74p. (typescript)
7. Gopsill, F.P. and B.C. Sexton. Concise English-Interlingua Dictionary, British Interlingua Society, 1987
8. "Guide to Russian Medical Literature," U.S. Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, 1958
9. Hofmann, Erich. Sprachwissenschaftliche Bibliographie, 1933 (typescript)
10. Lange, Victor. [Bibliography on the Biedermeier period], undated
11. Liedke, Herbert R. "Vom Wesen und Wortschatz der Autosprache," (Reprinted from Monatshefte fur Deutschen Unterricht, undated
12. "La Lingvo Internacia," (Reprinted from Esperanto-Jahrbuch, undated)
13. Merritt, Anna J. "Pabst and the Film: a Retrospective," 4p.
14. Merritt, Richard L. "Politische Desintegration und die Offentliche Wirtschaft: Das Dilemma Berlins," 18p.
15. Mitrovich, Paul. Un Esay de Interlingvistiqe, 1969
16. Modern Language Association. "Historical and Cultural Survey on the German-Americans," 1940?
17. Modern Language Association. "Relations of Literature and Science," 1940
18. "Pathology - Ward," typed manuscript with correction (author and editor unknown)
19. Pocar, Ervino. "Traduzioni dal Tedesco, 1920-1970," undated
20. Podobsky, Jaroslav. "Johannes Amos Comenius," Storm, 1958
21. Schaeffer, Albrecht. Rudolf Erzerum oder Des Lebens Einfachheit, undated 294p. (typescript)
22. Sholiton, Robert D. "A Set of Pattern Drills to Accompany H.G. Lunt's Fundamentals of Russian," 1963
23. "Terminarium" (IT 3804)
24. "Trasylol" (articles by various authors from unknown source)
25. "Ubersetzen - selbstlose Kunst und muhsames Handwerk," ( Reprinted from Der Junge Buchhandel, Nr. 6, 1969
26. Wagner, Lydia E. The Scientific Interest of Friedrich vin Hardenberg (Novalis),, Edwards Brothers, 1937
27. Wilgenhof, K. "Dictionario de Nomines Geographic in Interlingua," undated
28. Wilgenhof, K. Grammatica de Interlingua,, Information Interlingua, 1973

Periodical Issues

29. American Scholar, 1951, autumn
30. American Translator, 1966, no. 1; 1967, no. 3 (both contain articles by Gode)
31. Der Auslanddeutsche, 1934, heft 2
32. The ATA Chronicle, 1970-1978, 15 issues
33. Babel, 1962-1975, 13 issues (no. 2, 1962 contains article by A. Gode)
34. The Bible Translator, 1974, nos. 1-4; 1975, nos. 1-2

Box 6: Periodical Issues, cont.

1. Bibliographia de Interlingua, 1974, no. 1 (cites some of A. Gode's publications)
2. Bulletin d'Information de la Chambre Belge des Traducteurs, Interpretes et Philologues, 1976, no. 3
3. Currero, 1970, no. 22 (contains article on the death of A. Gode)
4. Equivalences, 1973, no. 2
5. The Federal Linguist, 1973, no. 3-4; 1974, no. 1-2
6. Fremdsprachen, 1972, no. 4; 1973, nos. 1-4; 1974, nos. 3-4; 1975, nos. 1, 3; 1976, no. 1
7. The Germanic Review, 1938, no. 2, no. 4; 1940, no. 1; 1944, no. 3 (all contain book reviews by A. Gode von Aesch
8. Interlingua Institute Newsletter, 1974, Jan., Mar., May
9. L'Interprete, 1963-1976, 9 issues
10. Journal des Traducteurs, 1962, no. 1, no. 3
11. Le Linguiste de Taalkundige, 1972-1975, 13 issues
12. META, 1972, no.4; 1974, no. 3; 1976, no. 1
13. Mitteilungsblatt Bulletin Bollettino, 1972-1974, 4 issues
14. Mitteilunggsblatt fur Dolmetscher und Ubersetzer, 3 issues, 1970's
15. The Modern Language Forum, 1949, no. 1-2; 1950, no. 3-4 (both issues contain articles by A. Gode von Aesch)
16. "Neue Bucher," 1934, Nr. 1/2
17. Novas de Interlingua, 1965, no.7 (A. Gode, editor)
18. The Open Court, April 1932
19. Revista de Interlingua, 1969, nos. 33-34; 1970, no. 44
20. Traduire, 1972, no.70; 1974, nos. 79-81; 1975, no. 81-82
21. Translation, Winter 1973, Winter 1974, Spring 1983
22. Translation Inquirer, 1962-68, 21 issues
23. Translator, 1963, no.1 (contains article by A. Gode)
24. Translatoren, 1972-1976, 14 issues
25. Der Ubersetzer, Mai 1973 - Juli 1975, 18 issues

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