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Miniature Books on Display
April 5–30, 2001

Asao Hoshino

These books are published and printed by Asao Hoshino and bound by him and his wife Sachko. Asao uses silver, eighteen carat gold, cloisonne enamel, and jewels in the decoration of his books. In a poem, Asao describes a miniature book as:
"A precious jewel in the hand. When we proceed cherishing this our heart is heading toward a heavenly sky. Thus I imagined and began creating miniature books.... It is smaller than flowers but we want to look at it forever. It is embracing a spore which is called 'content'."

The Book of Tea The Tales of Olan
The Book of Tea by Tershin Okakura

Asao Hoshino, 1988
The Tales of Olan by a Lady Olan
Asao Hoshino, 1986

Dreams of Ten Nights
Dreams of Ten Nights
by Soseti Natsume
Asao Hoshino, 1987

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