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Miniature Books on Display
April 5-30, 2001

Judaica Illuminated Manuscripts

This book and scroll were made by Shannon Mitchell, a book artist from Vancouver, Washington. She describes her work in the following essay:
"The first Haggadah I made had the Hebrew text set in a format which I created.  The basic Hebrew text for all Haggadahs are the same.  Since the Haggadah is for use only in the home and not in the synagogue, artists had a free hand at decorating the pages of the book.  The layout, illustrations and decorations of this Haggadah are modified versions of those found in a 14th century Haggadah, known today at the Rylands Haggadah."

Haggadah, Hebrew Text
Scribed by Sharon Mitchell (Vancouver, Washington) 1995

Ten Commandments
Ten Commandments, Hebrew text
Scribed by Shannon Mitchell (Vancouver, Washington) 1989

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