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School of Business - Finance

M. Van Ullen, Bibliographer

I. General Purpose

The University Libraries collect materials on finance to support the undergraduate Business Administration program, the graduate MBA program, and the individual research of faculty and students. The collection also supports coursework and research in the Department of Economics. The focus of the collection is on corporate financial theory; capital markets; financial institutions, including commercial and investment banking; and investment theory and practice.

II. Subject and Language Modifiers

Languages: With rare exceptions, materials are selected only in the English language.

Geographical Areas: Most materials cover finance in the United States, although international materials are acquired selectively.

Chronological Periods: The emphasis of the collection is on contemporary finance theory and practice. However, historical materials are occasionally added to give the collection perspective.

III. Description of Materials Selected

Types of Materials Collected: The finance collection covers both the theory of financial markets and current investment practice. Books and journals are selected that provide students and faculty with a theoretical framework and that discuss new developments and practices.

Datasets are highly important in the field of finance. The Library acquires data files of financial and economic information, including the CRSP stock reports, the Datastream International service, and Research Insight/Compustat.

The Internet is becoming a primary source for information on finance and investments, particularly for current market data. Some of the economic data and analysis used for investment may also be found on the Internet. Current stock, bond, and other investment information is readily found on the Internet.

Types of Materials Excluded: Theses and dissertations are not selected. Reprints and case studies are acquired only on specific request. Textbooks are generally excluded.

IV. Subject and Collection Levels [Collection Level Descriptions]

Financial Theory Instructional Level, Advanced
Capital Markets Instructional Level, Advanced
Financial Institutions Instructional Level, Advanced
Commercial Banking Instructional Level, Advanced
Investment Banking Instructional Level, Advanced

V. Other Factors

Many of the materials selected for the Finance department are also used by Economics and Accounting. The Library does not attempt to support the needs of personal investors, although many of the materials selected for the finance collection may be of interest to individuals who manage their own investment programs.

VI. Internal Notes

In general, the economics collection provides the theoretical framework and the finance collection discusses investment practices. Although both areas are of interest to both departments, fund codes should be designated to either economics or finance on that basis.

October 2003

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