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University Library--Law Collection

M. Van Ullen, Bibliographer

I. General Purpose

The University Library collects legal materials to support coursework and research in a variety of academic programs, ranging from business to the social sciences to education to women's studies. The collection at the University Library concentrates on United States and New York State legal materials, with the comprehensive law collection held at the Dewey Library.

II. Subject and Language Modifiers

Languages: English is the language of the collection. Works in other languages are not selected.

Geographical Areas: The collection concentrates on United States and New York State law materials.

Chronological Periods: The collection covers the entire history of federal and New York law, from the earliest times to the present.

III. Description of Materials Selected

Types of Materials Collected: The bulk of the collection consists of laws, regulations, and cases. At the federal level, the collection includes original and annotated versions of statutes and codes; regulations as published in the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register; and a complete set of cases of the Supreme Court.

At the state level, the collection consists of laws passed by the legislature and codified by the McKinney's and Consolidated Law Service collections; regulations published in the New York Code -- Rules and Regulations; and a complete set of cases at all levels of the New York court system.

The collection also includes some subject collections of cases and laws in areas of special interest, such as labor law and education law. One of the strongest subject collections is the tax law collection, which supports the Accounting Department (see the Accounting collection statement for additional information).

Some law materials are provided in electronic format. The Libraries subscribe to several electronic databases that provide access to primary and secondary legal materials: Westlaw Campus, LexisNexis Academic, LexisNexis State Capital, and LexisNexis Congressional.

Types of Materials Excluded: State law outside of New York and local law. Material on international law is generally excluded with the exception of European Union documents which are received from the European Union depository program.

IV. Subject and Collection Levels [Collection Level Descriptions]

International Law Not collected
Federal Law Instructional Support Level, Advanced
New York State Law Instructional Support Level, Advanced
Other States Not collected
Local Law Not collected
Special Legal Topics Basic Level

V. Other Factors

The Dewey Library maintains the primary law collection at the University. Most materials contained in the University Library law collection are duplicated at the Dewey Library. The Albany Law School and the New York State Library provide Research Level collections for the community.

December 2003

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