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School of Business - Management Science and Information Systems

M. Van Ullen, Bibliographer

I. General Purpose

The University Library collects materials on management information systems to support the undergraduate Business Administration program, the Master's concentration in Management Science and Information Systems (MSIS) within the MBA program, and the individual research of faculty and students. The focus of the collection is on the management of information resources and the use of information technology in this process. Emphasis is on the practical applications of information technology.

II. Subject and Language Modifiers

Languages: With rare exceptions, materials are selected in the English language only.

Geographical Areas: Most MSIS materials relate to the United States, although materials on management information systems and business computing in other nations are also collected for comparison.

Chronological Periods: Due to the contemporary nature of the field, all materials selected cover current practice and theory.

III. Description of Materials Selected

Types of Materials Collected: The focus of the management information systems collection is on materials for practitioners in the field. Books and journals are selected that aid students and faculty in maintaining current with new developments. Emphasis is placed on the use of computing technology for business decision-making. Theoretical works are also collected selectively to provide balance to the collection.

Types of Materials Excluded: Theses and dissertations are not selected. Reprints and case studies are acquired only on specific request. Textbooks are generally excluded, but may be selected if they provide a sound overview of current practice in the field. Specific computer programs and software are generally not purchased for the library collection.

IV. Subject and Collection Levels [Collection Level Descriptions]

Information Systems Instructional Level, Advanced
Operations Management Instructional Level, Advanced
Business Computing Instructional Level, Basic

V. Other Factors

Management Information Systems is a very new concept, so this field has a very short historical component. It is also highly interdisciplinary, involving the use of computing technology in all areas of business. Students and researchers in this area use materials from a wide variety of other collections, including computer science and information science.

VI. Internal Notes

MSIS is concerned primarily with application-level materials. Theoretical computing resources are purchased by Computer Science and theoretical information science materials are purchased by the School of Information Science and Policy or the Information Science doctoral program.

October 2003

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