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School of Business-Marketing

M. Van Ullen, Bibliographer

I. General Purpose

The University Libraries collect materials on marketing to support the undergraduate Business Administration program, the graduate Master's in Business Administration program, and the individual research of faculty and students. The focus of the collection is on business marketing, sales management, market research, consumer behavior, international marketing, and advertising.

II. Subject and Language Modifiers

Languages: With rare exceptions, materials are selected in the English language only.

Geographical Areas: The focus of the collection is on the United States. With the growing interest on international marketing, materials are also selected that cover United States companies selling overseas, with special emphasis on Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

Chronological Periods: The emphasis of the collection is on contemporary practice. However, historical materials are occasionally added to give the collection perspective.

III. Description of Materials Selected

Types of Materials Collected: The focus of the marketing collection is on materials for practitioners in the field. Theoretical works and discussions of successful marketing techniques are both important. Books and journals are selected that aid students and faculty in maintaining current with new theories, developments, and practices. Trade journals are especially important for providing students with new concepts and ideas.

Information about a variety of different marketing media is very important. The collection maintains sources that discuss the print, broadcast, and electronic media, their marketing potential, and uses. Sources that provide ratings and the cost of advertising in these media are essential to the marketing collection.

Demographic and economic data are highly important to the field of marketing. Students and researchers use demographics to target potential consumers. The collection includes a variety of data sets in both print and electronic formats.

The Internet has become useful both as a method of marketing and as a source for marketing information. A large amount of economic and demographic data is also now available over the Internet.

Types of Materials Excluded: Theses and dissertations are not selected. Reprints and case studies are acquired only on specific request. Textbooks are generally excluded, but may be selected if they provide a sound overview of current practice in the field.

IV. Subject and Collection Levels [Collection Level Descriptions]

Business Marketing Instructional Level, Basic
Sales Management Instructional Level, Basic
Market Research Instructional Level, Advanced
Consumer Behavior Instructional Level, Basic
International Marketing Instructional Level, Basic
Advertising Instructional Level, Basic

V. Other Factors

Marketing draws heavily from the literature of psychology. Much of the material in consumer behavior focuses on factors that influence buyer decision-making and is also of interest to the Psychology Department.

VI. Internal Notes

Field work is an essential component of the graduate marketing program. The library needs to maintain practical sources that can help students do real-life marketing projects for the companies or agencies in which they are placed.

December 2003

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