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Guide to Resources on or by African Americans

Last Updated: July 2012

Scope of Guide

The purpose of this guide is to introduce students to university collections developed for African American studies.To understand aspects of the research process for the study of Africa, the guide includes both print and electronic reference sources and electronic databases which are specific to African American Studies. General reference sources can also be found via the University Libraries' Reference Collection Web page. The User Education department of the library provides many detailed instructional guides to familiarize students with various aspects of research, including website evaluation, citation methods and how to use electronic resources.

The scope of this guide is introductory and highlights relevant reference sources on African-Americans and the African diaspora. These "tertiary sources" assist researchers in locating primary and secondary resources related to their topics of choice. Print reference sources are typically found in the reference section of the library. Due to limitations of space in the reference area, many classic reference sources are shelved in the general stacks. Sources listed in this guide are primarily located at the University Library (uptown). Key print and electronic indexes, abstracts, and databases are highlighted and annotated in this guide. Selected unannotated mongraphs are included to exemplify broad categories and themes within Africana Studies at the University at Albany.

The interdisciplinary nature of Africana Studies may require the use of multiple subjects in order to cover a topic comprehensively. This guide includes sources and collections that directly relate to African American studies, are multi-disciplinary in nature, or represent particular strengths of the collection. Examples of interdisciplinary themes in Africana Studies will be found in a variety of formats, including DVD, microform, monographs, and other media. Subject Pages & Guides focusing on other subject related disciplines, such as political science, sociology, education, law, and women's studies will also be useful to consult.

Information can be found in both the print and the electronic sources noted in this guide. Most electronic databases are accessible by remote access. Current information is often duplicated in electronic databases. Information published before 1990 may lead you to print or microform sources that may or may not have an electronic counterpart.

For example, here is an important print novel that is duplicated both in print and electronically:
The Souls of Black Folk. Click for instructions for off-campus access [E 185.6 D797 1989]

Librarians are scheduled to assist you at the Reference Desk with selection and search strategies. Please ask questions at the desk, by phone 442-3553, or by e-mail through our "Ask a Librarian" service.

Recommendations for library purchase may be made online or directly via e-mail to appropropriate subject bibliographers.

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Tips for Locating Books and Journals on Your Topic

Minerva: Searching for Books and Journal Titles

Records for catalogued sources can be found via the Minerva online public access catalog. This catalog is available remotely to all users. Minerva lists materials owned by the University Libraries. This includes books, journals, videos, CD's, DVD's, newspapers, and microform. Many "freely available" Websites and digital sources are now listed and directly accessible through Minerva.

Call numbers or URL's are provided for each entry in the catalog. Location of sources should appear next to the call number within each individual Minerva record. For example, African-American Studies Core List of Resources, published in 2004, has the call number [ University Library E 185 Z999 N67 2004]. The book is located under that number on the third floor of the University Library. Relevant titles on a particular subject are not necessarily found in the same areas within the library as some books have more than one subject heading. Subdivisions of the broader Library of Congress Classification System are used to catalog books.

Minerva also notes whether an item is on order or on loan (and when it is due back). Click "All Items" to check the status of a book in the Minerva record.

The User Education department has created a guide to help students learn how to search Minerva. Minerva search options include field searching (author, title, subject, series, call number). When searching for books, subject search terms may be identified by using either the Library of Congress Subject Headings controlled vocabulary or by searching with natural language (keywords). To locate titles of books, journals, or other resources when you know the exact title, use the "browse" option in Minerva. When using "Browse", the computer assumes you know the exact order of the term or phrase you enter. If you are not sure of the exact title or exact subject heading, or if you want to search your terms within the full Minerva record, use the "Keyword" section to set the database to search for the terms in any order they may appear throughout the entire record. To do this, use the "all the above" category.

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Locating Government Documents

Government Information can be found via the Reference Collection site of the University at Albany Libraries' Web page. Many government documents are now located on the World Wide Web. The University at Albany, University Library is a government documents depository library. The U.S. government supplies depository libraries to make documents accessible to the public. There are many government documents in print, electronic, and microform formats that are not accessible via the Web. Call numbers for these sources begin with GovDocs J 85 and are found in the Government Documents section of the uptown University Library on the first floor. These often underutilized sources can provide excellent information relevant to Africana Studies.

For example, an important historical document, published in 1965, is The Negro Family, the Case for National Action also referred to as The Moynihan Report [GovDocs J 85 L 1.2:N 31/3]. This document is also found at [E 185.86 U54 R3] on Reserve in the Interactive Media Center and on the third floor of the University Library.
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Library Locations, UA Delivery, and Interlibrary Loan

Sources listed in this guide are primarily located at the University Libraries' uptown University Library. Examples from the Science Library (SCIENCE) and the Dewey Library (DEWEY) are noted with location designations. The M.E. Grenander Special Collections and Archives on the third floor of the Science Library building is noted with Special Collections/Archives before the call number. The Interactive Media Center (IMC), Periodicals (PER), Government Documents (GovDocs), Reference (REF), and Microform (MIC) are all locations within the University Library. "CCBE" indicates items are in the library storage facility and must be requested and picked up at the Science Library, Circulation Desk. Requests for materials in storage may also be made through UA Delivery.

UA Delivery provides electronic copies of journal articles from journals held by any of our three libraries. This service is available to students, faculty, and staff of the University. There is a request limit of 3 items per day for all categories of users.

If you need a book that is on loan, you may request that it be returned for your use through the "How to recall" process directly from MyMinerva found on the first screen of Minerva. If a book is "missing", go to the Circulation Desk and place a "search".

Interlibrary Loan

If you cannot locate a resource in the the University at Albany Minerva Catalog, requests can be made to borrow a resource from another library. Use the ILLIAD system found on the Interlibrary Loan page to set up your account. The process of ordering from another library may take approximately 2-3 weeks, so please allow for this in planning your research.

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Library of Congress Subject Headings

When searching (by subject) for books in Minerva, it is important to know that the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) provide standardized terms that most academic libraries use to catalog books on a topic. Often, associated call numbers are listed with broad topics.

Relevant titles on a particular subject are not necessarily found in the same areas within the library as some books have more than one subject heading. Subdivisions of the broader Library of Congress Classification System are used to catalog books; therefore, books or journal titles with a similar subject may not necessarily be grouped in the same call number area despite having one subject in common. The Library of Congress Subject Headings bound volumes are located in the Reference Area.

Books are often catalogued with three or more subject headings to assist the researcher in locating topics that are complex or interdisciplinary. For example, the book African American Intellectual-Activists: Legacies in the Struggle by Dia N.R. Sekayi, [E 185.86 S45 1997] was catalogued with the following subject headings:

The Library of Congress uses the subject heading African-American or African-Americans before other subheadings. However, other headings may need to be used to capture sources from a variety of perspectives or historical periods. For example, you may also have to search "Afro-Americans", or "Blacks" as a subject heading. The term Blacks is used when describing specific elements of the population. "Black race" is used to describe works from an anthropological point of view.

Examples of Library of Congress Subject Headings:

  • Affirmative Action Programs
  • African-American Abolitionists
  • African-American Families
  • African-American Women Artists
  • African-American Women--Social Conditions
  • African-Americans--Bibliography
  • African-Americans--History --Slavery-- United States
  • African-Americans --Race Identity
  • African-Americans--Sources--Racism
  • African-Americans in Mass Media
  • Afrocentrisim
  • Black Power--United States
  • Civil Rights movement--United States
  • Fugitive Slaves
  • Nonviolence--United States--History--20th century
  • Race Discrimination
  • School Integration--United States
  • Slavery--United States
  • School Integration--United States
  • Underground Railroad
  • United States--Race Relations--History

If you obtain zero results on a particular search in Minerva or any other database, please see a Reference Librarian to assist you in finding appropriate terms for your topics.

Locating Periodical (Journal) Titles In the Libraries

The Minerva library catalog includes titles of the journals owned or leased by the Libraries. However, journal articles are not searched by subject in Minerva. To find articles inside the following journal titles, one must search databases, indexes, or bibliographies by topic. Search for the title of the journal in Minerva when you have found a citation from a database, index, abstract or bibliography.

Full-text articles are not always available online for all journal titles, so keep this in mind while planning research. The Periodicals Room is located on the lower level of the University Library. Print journals do not circulate outside the library, but articles can be photocopied from print based journals.

Examples of print journals found in Minerva (Located in the Periodicals Room and sometimes ONLINE)

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Searching For Journal Articles

Identifying Journal Articles By Topic

There are several methods one can use to identify journal articles by topic. Currently, there is not one single database covering all information for Africana Studies; this presents the Africana Studies researcher with a challenge, as there are many places to search for information. Selection of articles may depend on whether you are looking for popular or scholarly articles. Academic books often include bibliographies listing articles, as do published bibliographies, print indexes and abstracts. Print indexing and abstracting tools have been duplicated or developed into electronic indexes and abstracts.

Online databases can be accessed from one large list under Database Finder. One can search by title for a known database or an on-line journal collection. The Database Finder will not find articles by topics. You must go to a specific subject index, abstract, or full-text journal collection database, such as JSTOR, to search by topic. For example, choose "Africana Studies" and click on "Key Resources" to find the list of key resources recommended by a Subject Librarian/Bibliographer. Unless a database is described as accessible "only" in the library, remote access to databases subscribed to by the library can also be be any Web accessible computer. Use the "About" button to find out more about each of the databases listed. Alternatively, one may go directly to Subject Pages & Guides, click on a broad subject area and select "Database Finder" from that page. This will bring you to the page the subject bibliographer has created to locate databases by topic.

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory provides information on individual periodicals. For example, the magazine The Crisis, is listed there. The Ulrich's database can searched on a title or keyword basis. It will often provide information on the focus of the journal or magazine, whether a journal is refereed, the cost of a journal, publisher and order info, what electronic databases index the journal, and database names for where the full-text articles may be found.

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Databases, Aggregators, Journal Collections, Association based Indexes, Abstracts, and Full-text

There are several places one may have to search to find articles. Articles can be searched by topic from particular subject databases.

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Searching by Keyword Within a Subject Database

Many databases have a keyword option and include the use of boolean logic. If you do not know specific subject headings, keywords can be searched throughout the record or within the full-text of an article within most databases. These options vary depending on the database. It is helpful to create a diary of like or related terms for each of your concepts.

Keyword Search Example of a broad combined topic search using both the boolean logic operators "and" & "or" to link three larger concepts in one search on African Americans and Civil Rights.

Example of an initial research question:"I am interested in African American women's involvement in the civil rights movements."

Example of a broad search strategy using boolean logic:
(afro* or negro* or blacks or "Black panther" or race or ethnic* or minorit* or african american*) and (civil rights or discrimination or segregation or racial or racism) and (boycotts or riots or protest* or social movements or politics) and (women* or woman* or gender* or femin* or female)

In the strategy above, we have four separate concepts and their synonyms intersected with the "and" boolean operator. The asterisk (*) acts as a wild card (truncation) and looks for any root word limited by the asterisk. So afro* will also find the words Afro-Americans or afrocentric. Using the asterisk will take more time because the computer is searching every variation of the root word. Judicious use of the asterisk is important. Not all databases have truncation symbols. Place synonyms of one concept in parentheses separating words with "or". Intersect the concepts represented in each parentheses with the boolean operator "and". This allows you to add like or related terms. Intersecting the sets of related terms with "and" allows one to search for multiple topics, while locating at least one of the "like terms" from each of the sets. Further narrowing of these sets can occur after you evaluate your results.


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Electronic Databases & Selected Abstracts and Indexes

Article citations can be found in a number of print and electronic sources. For electronic indexes and abstracts or full-text sources, please use Database Finder or Subject Pages & Guides to find a specific subject database to search for articles by topic. The following are selected databases for African American studies.

African American Studies. Click for instructions for off-campus access (CIS History Universe, Lexis-Nexis product)
Primary and secondary source materials, key legislation on race, selective full-text articles, book chapters, and photographs. Includes on-line guide to the Papers of the NAACP and other guides to microform collections.

AIDSearch. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1980+.
Broad range of resources on AIDS.

Alternative Press Index. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1991+. [REF AI 3 Z999 A48]
Indexes periodicals that address non-mainstream points of view.

America: History and Life. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1982+. [E 11 Z999 A44]
Includes abstracts of articles on U.S. and Canadian history.

Analytical Guide and Indexes to the Crisis, 1910 - 1960. 1975. [OVER (*) E 185.5 C923 R67 1975] and [MIC PER E 185.5 C923 R67 1975]
A selective index to the Crisis Magazine designed for users focusing on social change and reform.

Anthropology Bibliography.1866-1998. CD-ROM. [REF GN 316 Z999 T695X 1998]
A collection of non-article records in the discipline of Anthropology. The database contains more than 100,000 entries for books, monographs, manuscripts and maps.

Anthropological Literature. 1900+. CD-ROM. [REF ReadyRef GN 25 Z999 A57X]
Index to periodical articles and essays published in colloquia, festshcriften, symposia and collections received at the Tozzer Library, Harvard University.

ArchivesUSA. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Information of more than 4,800 repositories. Indexes to over 109,000 special collections.

Article First. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1990+.
An electronic index of items listed in the tables of contents of approximately 12,500 journals on a broad range of topics. Updated daily, so it has current info not contained in other databases.

Bibliography of Native North Americans. CD-ROM. [REF ReadyRef D 20 A23X]
Citations to works published from the 16th century through 1993, including monographs, essays, journal articles and government documents.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index. Click for instructions for off-campus access [Z 5305 U5 B56XA]
Index of names and their biographical sources, including biographical dictionaries, subject encyclopedias and literary criticism.

Black Studies On Disc. CD-ROM. 1988-2000. [REF Readyref Z1039 B56 B62] (Access on stand-alone terminals in Reference Area)
Contains information on materials by and about African Americans, Africa and peoples of African ancestry. It is based on the holdings of the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. It also indexes and abstracts journal articles previously indexed in "Index to Black Periodicals" from 1989 to the present.

Contemporary Women's Issues. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1992+.
Offers full-text coverage from mainstream periodicals, alternative press, hard to find newsletters and NGO research reports. Focuses on the critical issues and events that influence women, including health, the workplace, parenting, human rights, reproductive rights and legal issues.

Computer Search Service (CSS).
The Computer Search Service service has a large range of databases and is a fee-based service which is absorbed by the Libraries up to a certain amount for students. Consider signing up for a DIALOG search by one of our expert searchers if you need to search a range of databases simultaneously or if you need to make sure you have covered the literature, particularly at the advanced stages of a literature review or thesis. Make a Computer Search Service (CSS) appointment at the Reference Desk.

Digital Dissertations. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1861+. Indexing dissertations; 1980+ Abstracting dissertations; 1988+ Abstracting Theses; 1997+ Full-text of first 24 pages and thesis. [ Z 5055 U5 A53] [DEWEY REF Z 5055 U5 A53] [MIC Film Z 5055 U5 A53]
International coverage of author submitted theses and dissertations accepted at accredited institutions. Collection of indexed and abstracted dissertations covers a complete range of academic subjects. Access to full-text dissertations can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan.

e-HRAF-Human Relations Area File. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1991+.
Covers information on all aspects of social and cultural life from selected cultures around the world.

EBSCO Academic Search Premier . Click for instructions for off-campus access
Indexes both popular and scholarly articles (especially in the humanities and social sciences) from over 4,400 journals and magazines. Includes some abstracts and the full-text of some articles.

EconLit. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1969+ Indexing. 1984+ Abstracting (selected).
Indexes economics literature.

ERIC. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1966+.
Complete database of educational materials from the Education Resources Information Center covering education literature from preschool to higher and adult education. The database is derived from the print publication Current Index to Journals in Education and Resources in Education.

Essay and General Literature Index. Click for instructions for off-campus access [REF AI 3 E752] [STORAGE CCBW 2002 AI 3 E752]
An author, subject index to essays published in anthologies and literature collections, with particular emphasis on materials in the humanities and social sciences. Entries cover philosophy, religion, social and political science, economics, law, education, linguistics, science, the various arts, literature and history.

Ethnic NewsWatch. Click for instructions for off-campus access Mid-1980s+.
U.S. ethnic newspapers. Full-text coverage.

G.K. Hall Index to Black Periodicals. 2000 - . [REF AI 3 O4]
African American periodical Index.

GenderWatch. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1970+.
Full-text database of publications focusing on gender issues, Gay & Lesbian studies, sociology, history, public policy. Includes organizational newsletters and some refereed journal articles.

Geobase. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1980+.
Index and abstracts to worldwide literature on geology, geography and ecology. This database is particularly useful for social issues and gender studies within cultural geography.

Humanities International Index. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1975+.
Provides citation information for articles, essays and reviews in over 1,000 literary, scholarly and creative journals published in the United States and Canada. All journals are indexed in their entirety, ranging from original creative works including poems and fiction, to photographs, paintings, and illustrations.

Index to Black Periodicals. 1950-1998. [REF AI 3 O4]
Indexes African American periodicals of general and scholarly interest. Coverage extends back to 1950, found in previous title, Index to Periodical Articles By and About Blacks.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Covers all areas of the social sciences. Includes almost 4,000 signed articles, 90,000 bibliographical references and 150 biographical entries.

International Index to Black Periodicals. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1988+.
Includes current and retrospective bibliographic citations and abstracts from over 150 scholarly and popular journals, newspapers and newsletters from the U.S., Africa and the Caribbean and full text coverage of over 31 core Black Studies periodicals. Coverage is international in scope and multidisciplinary, spanning cultural, economic, historical, religious, social and political issues of importance to Black Studies.

JSTOR. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Fully searchable text and page images major journal. Increasing coverage of African and African American studies including American Historical Review, Journal of American History, Journal of Modern History, and William and Mary Quarterly, among others (doesn't include most recent years).

The Kaiser Index to Black Resources. 1948-1986. [REF ReadyRef Z 1361 N39 K34]
An important source to consult for information on individual African Americans, history and culture. This source indexes material for periodicals such as the Crisis, and newspapers such as Bilalian News (Baltimore), Afro American, Chicago Defender, Pittsburgh Courier, New York Age, New York Amsterdam News, and Muhammad Speaks. Material was collected from a file compiled at the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture of the New York Public Library. Also consult Black Studies On Disc at the University Library Reference Desk.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Important database for African language study. Covers international literature in all aspects of the study of language (including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics) and linguistics (including descriptive, historical, comparative, theoretical and geographical linguistics).

Lexis-Nexis Academic. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Full-text law review articles. Daily world and foreign language news.

Lexis-Nexis Congressional. 1789+. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Index to Congressional publications. Also includes: legislative histories, testimony from Congressional hearings, bill tracking, text of Congressional Record, Federal Register, and information about members and committees.

MLA International Bibliography. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1963+. [REF PB 1 Z999 M53]
Key index to literary study. Indexes citations of articles and book chapters, reviews for language and literature. Print index from 1921 to the present.

New York Times Index. 1851+. [REF AI 21 N453] [DEWEY Index AI 21 N453]
Print index to the New York Times newspaper from 1851 to the present.

Popline. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1970+, with selected material back to 1886.
Provides worldwide coverage of population, family planning, and related health issues, including family planning technology and programs, fertility, and population law and policy. In addition, Popline focuses on particular developing country issues, including demography, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, maternal and child health, primary health care communication, and environment. This database is available on the free Grateful Med site sponsored by the National Library of Medicine.

Public Affairs International Service (PAIS). Click for instructions for off-campus access 1972+. [REF H 1 Z999 P83] [DEWEY REF H 1 Z999 P83]
Includes some books and government documents, as well as periodical articles. Covers all subjects that bear upon international (U.S. included), contemporary public issues and the making of public policy, irrespective of source or traditional disciplinary boundaries.

PsycINFO. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1887+. (Psychological Abstracts. 1927-2001.) [PER BF 1 P65] Compact Shelving area [MIC Film BF 1 P65] [STORAGE CCBW2002 BF 1 P65]
Covers the international literature in psychology and related behavioral and social sciences including psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, education, pharmacology and linguistics.

Sage Race Relations Abstracts. 1975-2002. [REF GN 320 R23XA]
Some electronic coverage on the Ingenta interface. Guide to current race relations literature. Includes summaries and evaluations of European, Scandinavian, American and Latin American material.

Sociometrics Social Science Electronic Data Library. Click for instructions for off-campus access [IMC CMEDIA H 62.5 U5 S27X]
Six topically focused data archives which provide a source of high-quality health and social science data and documentation.

Social Sciences Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1983+ Indexing. 1994+ Abstracting. (Social Sciences Index [REF AI 3 S63X] [DEWEY REF A1 3 S63X])
Covers the fields of anthropology, area studies, community health and medical care, economics, family studies, geography, gerontology, international relations, law and criminology, planning and public administration, political science and corrections, policy studies, political science, psychiatry, psychology, social work and public welfare, sociology, and urban studies.

Social Sciences Citation Index. [REF H 1 Z999 S63] Coverage: Dewey Library has 1974, 1978 to the present. The University Library has 1969,1973 to the present. Published three times per year by the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia. SSCI provides comprehensive coverage of the literature of every discipline in the social sciences. Over 4500 journals (1400 fully indexed) and some monographic series are covered. This index can be searched by author, subject (keywords) or by tracing citations. Tri-annual with annual cumulations. (Volume I of each year contains instructions for searching the print version.) SSCI can also be searched electronically by contacting Customized Search Services at the University Library.

Social Work Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1977+. [DEWEY REF HV1 N37XA]
Covers journals and dissertations in social work and related disciplines from the National Association of Social Work (NASW).

Sociological Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1974+. 1953+ (print). [HM 1 S67]
Electronic index to literature on social behavior of individuals, small groups, large organizations, communities, institutions, and societies.

Studies on Women and Gender Abstracts. [REF HQ 1180 S78X]
Search capability for a wide range of disciplinary journals that address topics on women and gender. While there is some overlap in journals indexed in other sources, it does provide some international coverage on women.

Women's Studies International. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1972+.
Electronic index which includes bibliographic information for journals and books drawn from a variety of women's studies sources and essential databases from 1972 to the present. The database provides electronic access to Women's Studies Abstracts, Women's Studies Database, Women's Studies Librarian, Women of Color and Southern Women: A Bibliography of Social Science Research, and Women's Health and Development: An Annotated Bibliography.

Women Studies Abstracts. [REF HQ 1101 W64X] [DEWEY MIC Fiche HQ 1101 W64X]
Index for scholarly and radical women's journals. Citations also available on Women's Studies International.

Women's Studies Index. 1989+. [REF HQ 1101 W68X]
Print Index includes a wide range of women's publications, including both popular and scholarly titles.

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Reference Sources


Bibliographies help researchers identify books and articles already gathered on a specific topic. Some bibliographies include short descriptions called annotations. Bibliographies can be found in Reference, on the Web, and throughout the collection.

African-American Newspapers and Periodicals: A National Bibliography. [REF PN 4882.5 Z999 A37 1998]
Lists 6,500 newspaper titles by and about African Americans located between 1989-1998. Entries provide newspaper title with coverage dates, frequency, what the source features as well as library holding information. Extremely useful for historical research and potential primary source documents. Includes a brief history of the project, list of libraries, publisher index, subject and features index and editors index.

African American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide For The Study of Black History and Culture. 1993. [GovDocs J85 LC 1.6/4: AF 8]
Produced by the Library of Congress, this is a collection of bibliographies in essay form that covers topics such as slavery, the Antebellum period, Civil War, Reconstruction, World War I and World War II, as well as "The Great Migration" and the Civil Rights Era.

The African American Woman: Social and Economic Conditions: A Bibliography. 1993. [HN 17.5 Z999 C53X No. 32]
Contains citations for books, pamphlets, dissertations, government documents, and works from small presses and activist organizations on topics such as: female headed families, education, health, AIDS, crime, violence against African American women, teen pregnancy, male/female relationships, families, feminism, and politics.

African Americans, Social and Economic Conditions: A Bibliography. 1992. [HN 17.5 Z999 C53X No. 27]
A collection of bibliographies on a current topics such as: education, social conditions, crime and criminal justice, health, AIDS, substance abuse, environmental issues, women, men, family, youth, and statistics.

Afro-American Folk Culture: An Annotated Bibliography of Materials From North, Central, and South America, and the West Indies. 1978. [REF GR 103 Z999 S95X]
Covers writings on black culture from North, Central and South America, as well as the West Indies in this two volume set.

Afro-American History: A Bibliography. [REF E 185 Z999 S56X]
This is a two volume set containing approximately 7,000 abstracts of journal articles from America: History and Life (1954-78).

The Afro-American Periodical Press, 1838-1909. [PN 4882.5 B8]

Afro-Americans and Africa: Black Nationalism at the Crossroads. 1977. [Z 3507 A45 N.S. no.3]
Contains 400 entries on this subject.

American Black Women in the Arts and Social Sciences. [E 185.86 Z999 W55X 1994]
Features works by or about African American women in the arts and social sciences.

Bibliographic Checklist of African American Newspapers. [REF PN 4882.5 Z999 H45X 1995]
Lists more than 5500 newspapers from over one hundred listed sources including books, libraries and repositories. This source is not a union list, but does often provide location information.

Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies. 1975-1998. [REF E 185 Z999 S36X]
A compilation of selected sources with diasporic emphasis from the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress with imprint dates between 1990-2002. Selectively annotated. Provides useful LC subject headings under a variety of topics. Serves as a supplement to the Dictionary Catalog of the Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature and History.

Black Adolescence: Current Issues and Annotated Bibliography. [REF E 185.86 Z999 B528X 1990]
Covers the topics of psycho-social development, psychological health, physical health, drug abuse, suicide, academic performance, education and occupational choice, teen pregnancy, adolescent relationships, and sexuality.

Black Bibliography: A Selected List of Books on Africa, Africans, and Afro-Americans. 1969. [Z 1361 N39 C18]

The Black Family in the United States: A Revised, Updated, Selectively Annotated Bibliography. [E 185.86 Z999 D39X 1986]
Includes books, articles and dissertations on the state of the Black family from slavery to contemporary times.

Black Labor in America, 1865-1983: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. [HD 8081 A65 Z991 1986]
Bibliographies and indexes in Afro American and African studies; no. 11.

Black Music in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Reference and Research Materials. [ML 128 B45 F6 1983]

The Black Press in America: A Guide. [Z 6944 N39 L3 1972]
Historical information on Black publishing organizations.

Black Rhetoric: A Guide to Afro-American Communication. [E 185 Z999 G44X 1976]
Focuses on speeches and essays by African Americans (1760 to 1973), as well as articles and books.

Black Separatism and Social Reality: Rhetoric and Reason. [OVER (*) E 185.6 B63 1976]
Includes works that explore both the historical and contemporary dimensions of black separatism in the US.

Black Women in Television: An Illustrated History and Bibliography. [PN 1992.8 A34 H55 1990]
This book spans 50 years (1939-1989) of television history and highlights the exceptional contributions black women have made to the medium. Contains extensive bibliographies broken down into subject such as "Personalities," "Programs," "News/Sports," "Off Camera," and others.

Black Women in United States History. [E 185.86 B543]
This sixteen volume series, published in 1990, includes more than 10,000 entries on black women's history. Many of the entries utilize primary resource material. There is a "comprehensive guide" at the end of each volume which divides the volumes by monograph titles, such as "To Better Our World: Black Women in Organized Reform, 1890-1920" and "Daughters of Sorrow: attitudes toward Black Women." Sometimes the contents of each monograph title are listed and sometimes one must actually look at the particular monograph to determine what the contents are. There is also an author and subject index at the back, indexing that specific volume. Included are historic illustrations, extensive notes and excellent bibliographies.

Blacks in America: Bibliographical Essays. 1971. [Z 1361 N39 B56]
Combines narrative and interpretation of African American history and culture.

Blacks in the Humanities, 1750-1984: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. [E 185 Z999 J68X 1986]

Civil Rights Movement: References and Resources. [E 185. 615 Z999 M87 1993]
Gathers significant published studies about the civil rights movement in the southern United States between 1955 and 1968 (from the arrest of Rosa Parks to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr).

The History of Blacks in Canada: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography. [F 1035 N3 Z991 2003]

The Progress of Afro-American Women: A Selected Bibliography and Resource Guide. 1980. [E 185.86 Z999 S54X]
Remains one of the most comprehensive works covering the experience of black women in the U.S. Non print as well as printed materials are included.

U.S. News Coverage of Racial Minorities: A Sourcebook, 1934-1996. [REF PN 4888 M56 N48 1997]
Assembles and organizes multidisciplinary materials on news coverage of Americans of African, Native, Asian, Hispanic or Pacific Islander origin in the U.S. mainstream media. Excellent historical essays include sources. A selected bibliography is found at the end of each chapter.

Women of Color and Southern Women: A Bibliography of Social Science Research, 1975 - 1988. [HQ 1421 Z999 W65 1988]
Cites social science research on women of color between 1975 and 1988.

Women of Color in the United States: A Guide to the Literature. [HQ 1410 Z999 R43X 1989]
Concentrates on recent (1975+) scholarly works on African American and other women of color. Along with the previous bibliography, it is the most current bibliography on women cited here.

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Dictionaries and Biographical Resources

Biographical and dictionary sources can help you locate information about living persons as well as individuals in history. This information can be found on the Web, in encyclopedias, biography databases, as well as in the following print sources.

African American Biographies: Profiles of 558 Current Men and Women. [REF E 185.96 H38 1992]

African American Generals and Flag Officers: Biographies of Over 120 Blacks in the United States Military. [REF E 181 H38 1993]
Biographies of over 120 Blacks in the United States Military, with an emphasis on contemporary officers. Included are all African American officers who have attained the rank of general or its naval equivalent. Navy Flag officers are those ranking about captain.

Afro-American Biographies: A Bibliography. [REF E 185.96 Z999 A47 2000]
An extensive list of biographies particularly for science, arts, performers, sports, civil rights, and women. Brief summaries, Library of Congress subject headings and numerical classifications. Also check biography sources with earlier dates such as African American Biographies: Profiles of 558 Current Men and Women, 1992.

Black Americans in Congress, 1870-1989. [REF E 185.96 R25 1990]
Brief biographical sketches with photographs and suggested reading lists.

Black Biography, 1790-1950: A Cumulative Index. [REF Desk Z1361.N39 B52 1991, vols. 1 3]; An index to the Black Biographical Dictionaries microfiche [mfiche 1182]
Contains over 30,000 names of historical figures, authors, religious personages, sports legends, and representatives of every conceivable aspect of African American culture and society.

Black Biographical Sources: An Annotated Bibliography. 1970. [Z1361 N39 B46]

Black Firsts: 2,000 Years of Extraordinary Achievement. [E 185 B574 1994]
A collection of nearly 3,000 most significant firsts achieved by blacks, with an emphasis on African American efforts.

The Color of Words: An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Ethnic Bias in the United States. [REF E 184 A1 H466 1997]
Descriptive entries of terms that may reflect ethnic or "racial" bias or bear controversial meanings.

Contemporary Black Biography. 1992+. [REF E 185.96 C66]
This series provides informative biographical profiles of the important and influential persons of African heritage who form the international black community - men and women who have changed today's world and are shaping tomorrow's.

Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery. [REF E 441 D53 1988]
This is the most comprehensive work of its kind, including a chronology and articles on events, people, laws, and subjects related to slavery in the US. References to the best published sources on each subject are appended.

Dictionary of American Negro Biography. [REF E 185.96 D53 1982]
Provides articles on more than 7,000 significant African Americans spanning three centuries (until 1970).

Dictionary of Literary Biography. [REF PS 129 D53X]
Has several volumes that focus on black writers working in different genres and eras. (see volumes 33, 38, 41, 50, 51, 76). Also see volume 8 of the Dictionary of Literary Biography Documentary Series [REF PS 129 D48].

Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century. [SCIENCE REF Q 141 D535 1996]
This volume contains 100 articles about different scientists, ranging from George Washington Carver to Mae Jemison, practicing research in different fields (mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, engineering, and anthropology).

Freedom's Lawmakers: A Directory of Black Officeholders During Reconstruction. [E 185.96 F64 1996]
Eric Foner, distinguished Africana scholar, compiled this comprehensive list and presentation of biographical information about black officials during Reconstruction. Contains 1,465 entries on major state officials, members of constitutional conventions, and legislators.

Harlem: Renaissance and Beyond: Literary Biographies of 100 Black Women Writers, 1900-1950. [REF PS 153 N5 R65 1989]

Harriet Tubman, The Moses of Her People. 1961. [E 444 T894]

In Black and White: Afro-Americans in Print. [REF E 185 Z999 S65X 1976]
A guide to Africans and Americans who have made contributions to the United States of America. A two volume index to publications about 15,000 black individuals and groups.

In Black and White: Race and Sports in America. [GV 706.32 S48 1996]

Juba to Jive: A Dictionary of African American Slang. [REF PE 3727 N4 M34 1994]
Contains definitions, etymologies, and cross references for common and obscure African American expressions.

Lost Prophet: The Life and Times of Bayard Rustin. [E 185.97 R93 D46 2003]

Notable Black American Women. [REF E 185.96 N68 1992, 1996]
Contains 500 biographies of African American women, ranging from colonial times (1700's) to the present (1990's).

On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier: Biographies of African Americans in the U.S. Army, 1866-1917. [OVER (*) U 52 O5 1994]
Contains numerous biographical entries, some detailed, some sketchy, on the Black Soldiers who fought for the 9 and 10th cavalries.

Penguin Dictionary of Critical Theory. [REF PN 44.5 M27 2001]
This dictionary provide brief descriptions of persons related to a particular debate, definitions and/or background on concepts and terms. Often references and bibliographies are provided for further reading. The “goal of this source is to provide information about a number of theorists and theories relating to the domains of literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, and the visual arts, historiography, and sexual politics” during the twentieth century.

St. James Guide to Black Artists. [REF N 40 S78 1997]
Publication of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Biographical information on diasporan artists along with lists of their work and exhibitions. An art medium index is included.

Who's Who Among African Americans. 1996+. [REF E 185.96 W52] [E 185.96 W52]
Contains entries on over 17,000 living professionals. Latest 2 volumes in Reference, earlier editions in the stacks.

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Encyclopedias, Guides, Handbooks, Directories, and Sourcebooks

Encyclopedias and handbooks can provide useful descriptions, overviews, and in-depth essays submitted by scholars in the field. Often a list of recommended reading on a topic is included after each entry.

The African-American Almanac. [REF E 185 N385 2000]
Includes significant documents, a list of "Black Firsts," essays on history, art, film, the military, and organizations.

African American Almanac: Day-By-Day Black History. [REF E 185 R815 1997]
Chronological listing of significant events for African Americans. Appendix listing "Inventors and Their Patents".

African American Desk Reference. [REF E 185 A2528 1999]
Developed from questions originating at the New York Public Library Reference Desks. Includes important first stop information on legal history, statistical information, African American organizations, a historical chronology and bibliographies.

The African American Encyclopedia. [E 185 A253 1993]
A six volume set on the subject of African American life, contains bibliographies and essays on variety of topics. Broader in scope than the Encyclopedia of Black America (below).

The African American Theatre Directory, 1816-1960: A Comprehensive Guide to Early Black Theatre Organizations, Companies, Theatres and Performing Groups. [REF PN 2270 A35 P48 1997]
Index and descriptions of organizations and theatres. Useful bibliography for further research.

Afro-American Reference: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Resources. [REF E 185 Z999 D38 1985]
Focuses on all aspects of African American studies: covers bibliographies, bibliographical guides, indexes, dictionaries, almanacs, or directories.

Black American Colleges & Universities: Profiles of Two-Year, Four-Year & Professional Schools. [REF LC 2781 H54 1994]
This source profiles two-year, four-year and professional schools.

Black Americans. 1990+. [E 185.5 B512] [REF E 185.5 B512] [DEWEY REF E 185.5 B512]
Provides an extensive collection of tables which display information on a wide variety of topics; population, education, health, crime, government, employment, and income are included.

Black Americans Information Directory. [REF E 185.5 B513]
Contains approximately 5,300 information resources for and about African Americans, including non profit associations, scholarships and awards, broadcast media, religious and cultural organizations, and publishers and publications.

Chronology of African American History: Significant Events and People From 1619 to the Present. [REF E 185 H64 1991]
Entries are arranged chronologically by year and then by month and day and include important births and deaths, thumbnail biographies, rebellions, demonstrations, elections, and awards.

Civil Rights: A Current Guide to the People, Organizations, and Events. [JC 599 U5 B85 1974]

This monographic guide is not in reference but could be useful as a primary source for a research paper addressing civil rights in the 1970's.

Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights: From Emancipation to the Present. [REF E 185.61 E54 1992]
Contains over 800 short articles on a wide variety of individuals, organizations, events, and court cases focusing on the period since emancipation.

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History. [REF E 185 E54 1996]
This 5 volume set covers all aspects of the African American experience. It contains biographic essays, entries on events, legal cases, areas of cultural achievement (music, architecture, the visual arts), professions, sports, and places.

Encyclopedia of African-American Education. [REF LC 2717 E53 1996]
Contains extensive essays, concepts, and critical surveys of social issues in education and documents key legal history.

Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage. [REF E 185 A455 2000]
Brief entries with diasporic focus, but on lesser known figures. Egyptian dynastic history on page 100. Key documents in history and definitions.

Encyclopedia of African American Religions. [REF BR 563 N4 E53 1993]
Covers African American religious leaders and groups, and major issues raised by the development of African American religious life. Contains a chronology and a directory.

Encyclopedia of African American Society. [REF E 185 E546 2005]
Useful for an initial reference or point entry to a wide variety of topics, social and economic developments, significant events which tie together the struggle of African Americans in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Contains a list of entries in the beginning of each volume.

Encyclopedia of Black America. 1980. [REF E 185 E55]
A comprehensive resource to all aspects of African American life. Contains articles and brief biographical entries. "Bibliographies/Biographies/Guides" (pp. 174-179) cites many useful sources.

Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America. [REF E 185.61 E544 1998]
Brief entries discussing a variety of topics including sit-ins, leading figures, and legal topics, such as the 14th and 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. [REF F 209 E53 1989]
Includes a chapter on "Black Life" in the South.

Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America. [REF E 185.96 F2 1997]
An 11 volume series of brief entries on individual Black women. Includes chronology and final bibliography, but no suggested references after each entry.

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. [REF E 184 A1 G14 2000]
Individual entries describe ethnic group and cultural group language, religion, and organizations in America.

The Harlem Renaissance: A Historical Dictionary for the Era. [REF NX 511 N4 H37 1984]
A source book of important people, works of art, places and other facets of this 1920's period.

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups. [REF E 184 A1 H35]
A 17 page essay on "Afro-Americans" is among the over 60 essays on ethnic groups and definitions represented published in 1980. Includes thematic maps and tables.

The Negro Almanac: A Reference Work on the Afro-American. [OVER (*) E 185 N385 1989] [DEWEY REF 185 N385 1989]

Reference Library of Black America. [REF E 185 R44 1997]
Very general focus. Brief entries noting a variety of figures and events.

The State of Black America. 1989+. [REF E 185.5 N317] [E 185.5 N317]
Published by the National Urban League, this annual publication provides essays and references on current topics such as public policy, family, criminal justice, affirmative action, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered (LGBT) family members.

Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic and Native Americans 1790-1995. [REF PS 663 M55 V64 1996]
Includes important speeches. Timeline from 1754-1995.

We the People: An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity. [OVER (*) G 1201 E1 A4 1988]
Surveys people from Africa as well as the Caribbean. Excellent demographic maps.

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History, Politics, Sociology

Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia. [REF E 185.86 B542 1993]
Darlene Clark-Hine edited this two volume set which contains scholarly biographies of individual African American women. Documents organizations and social participation of these women. Topics which played a central role in black women's history include "Sexual Harassment," "Religion," and "Beauty Culture." Entries are submitted by major scholars in African American History and Women's Studies. Bibliographies include key primary source references.

The Harvard Guide to African-American History. [REF E 185 H326 2001]
This exceptional guide includes state and local studies under the topics slavery and race relations. It highlights repositories, historiography, bibliographies, key primary and secondary sources and collections. Most importantly, it is indexed chronologically from 1492 to present by topic. Starting here can lead you directly to key sources related to a particular period.

Related Monographs

African Presence in the Americas. [E 29 N3 A53 1995]

Africans in the Americas: A History of the Black Diaspora. [E 29 N3 C68 1994]

Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment. [HQ 1426 C633 2000]

Black Liberation: A Comparative History of Black Ideologies in the United States and South Africa. [E 185.61 F836 1995]

Classical Black Nationalism: From the American Revolution to Marcus Garvey. [E 184.6 C62 1996]

Fighting Words: Black Women and the Search for Justice. [E 185.86 C5817 1998]

On the Morning Tide: African Americans, History and Methodology in the Historical Ebb and Flow of Hudson River Society. [F 127 H8 W577 2003]

The Pan-African Idea in the United States, 1900 – 1919: African American Interest in Africa and Interaction with West Africa. [E 185.625 F54 1993]

The Pan-African Movement: A History of Pan-Africanism in America, Europe, and Africa. [DT 31 G5513]

The Ties That Bind: African-American Consciousness of Africa. [E 185.625 M83 1987]

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A Bibliographical Guide to African-American Women Writers. [PS 153 N5 J677X 1993]
Focuses on both the creative products of black women and the critical citations about the writers. Covers writers from 1746 to 1991.

Black American Writers: Bibliographical Essays. 1978. [PS 153 N5 B55]
Covers criticism and works by major black writers.

Black American Writers Past and Present: A Biographical and Bibliographical Dictionary. [REF E 185 Z999 R87X 1975]
An extremely useful source, provides documentation of author's work and criticism.

Black Literature Criticism: Excerpts From Criticism of the Most Significant Works of Black Authors Over the Past 200 Years. [REF PS I53 N5 B556 1992]

Contemporary African American Fiction: The Open Journey. [PS 374 N4 B78 1998]

Contemporary Black American Playwrights and Their Plays: A Biographical Directory and Dramatic Index. [REF PS 153 N5 P43 1988]
A comprehensive reference source that provides information on Black playwrights between 1950-1985. Authors included must have been American citizens who were living in the 1950's and who also wrote at least two plays.

Forgotten Readers: Recovering the Lost History of African-American Literary Societies. [PS 153 N5 M36 2002]

Harlem Renaissance and Beyond. [REF PS 153 N5 R65 1989]
Literary Biographies of 100 Black Women Writers, 1900-1950.

Masterpieces of African-American Literature. [REF PS 153 N5 M264 1992]
Contains 149 essays on works of literature by African American Authors, arranged alphabetically by title.

Oxford Companion to African-American Literature. [REF PS 153 N5 O96 1997]
An excellent first stop for almost any topic within African American literature. Provides detailed, scholarly essays which analyze genres and influences in African American literature. The literary history section begins with coverage of the colonial and early national eras to the present day. Excellent coverage of anthologies.

Parable of the Talents. [Special Collections/Archives PS 3552 U827 P38 1998]

With Pen and Voice: A Critical Anthology of Nineteenth Century African-American Women. [PS 663 N4 W5 1995]

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Statistical Sources

African American Education Data Book. [LC 2717 N47x 1997]
Tables with statistics on African American educational achievement, financial aid and many other categories. Compiled from a variety of studies and sources.

American Statistics Index. [REF Z 7554 U5 A46] [DEWEY REF Z 7554 U5 A46]
This annual publication provides references to U.S. government publications containing statistical information. Many of the referenced documents are available in either print and/or microfiche format in the University Libraries. (Government Documents Microfiche set)

The Black Population in the United States. 1996. [GOVDOC J 85 C 3.186:P-20/442]
These tables present data on the demographic, social, and economic characteristics of the Black population in the United States from the March 1995 supplement to the Current Population Survey (CPS). Topics covered include geographic distribution, marital status, educational attainment, family and household type, labor force status, occupational distribution, earnings, family income, and poverty status.

Historical Statistics of Black America. [REF E 185 H543 1995]
Comprehensive coverage of topic and regions. Compiled from "U.S. government information as well as publications originating at African American institutions or from African American authors."

Negro Population 1790-1915. 1918. [REF HA 205 A33]
Topical tables developed from census information estimating the numbers of enslaved persons within the United States as well as free African Americans ("free colored") from 1790-1915.

Statistical Abstract of the United States. [REF ReadyRef HA 202] [DEWEY REF HA 202] [SCIENCE REF 202]
First stop source for statistical information. Contains statistics on population and race and gender correlated with social and economic indicators within the United States. Includes selected international data. Also provides information about statistics available from other Federal agencies, including the Census Bureau, and private sources. Topics in the index are listed with the entry number, not the page number.

Statistical Record of Black America. [REF E 185.86 S745X] [OVER (*) E 185.86 S745X] [DEWEY REF E 185.86 S745X]
Tables and figures from both public and private sources.

Statistical Reference Index (SRI). [REF HA 195 Z999 S78X] [DEWEY REF HA 195 Z999 S78X]
A selective guide to statistical publications from private organizations and state and government sources.

1990 Census of Population. Subject Summary Tape File (SSTF) 21: Characteristics of the Black Population. [GovDocs CMEDIA J 85 C 3.286:CD 90 SSTF 21 C]

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Primary Sources

Afro American History: Primary Sources. [E 184.6 A35 1988]

Finding and Interpreting Historical Threads and Patterns through Archival Research (a University at Albany faculty member's personal Web page).
Provides a context specific discussion of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources related to African American history as well as descriptions of local and regional primary source collections with a focus on Underground Railroad research sources.

Primary and Secondary Sources.
Discussion of terms.

Historical Newspapers & Magazine Sources

African American Newspapers: 19th Century. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Contains partial electronic full-text access to the original source materials written by African Americans for African Americans. (Print or microfilm version coverage after call number listed.)Covers many aspects of 19th century cultural life and history. Includes content from four major African American newspapers:

Atlanta Constitution. June 1868-Dec. 1900; Jan. 1971-Dec. 1989; Jan. 1997-Nov. 2001. [MIC PER MIC NEWS]

The Crisis. [MIC PER E 185.5 C92] [PER E 185.5 C92]
Editorials and essays are written by African Americans. Reporting on news and events.

Frederick Douglass Newspaper. June 1847-1855, 1859-1863. [MIC PER MIC NEWS]

New York Age (New York Age Defender). 1905-1960. [MIC PER MIC NEWS]

The New York Times. [REF AI 21 N453])
Chronological print index to this newspaper is in the Reference stacks.
For current on-line access, also indexed with some full-text access in Lexis-Nexis Academic database under News/New York.

Examples of Indexes to African American Newspapers:

Antebellum Black newspapers: Indices to New York Freedom's Journal (1827-1829), The Rights of All (1829), The Weekly Advocate (1837), and The Colored American (1837-1841). [E 185.5 J33]
Bibliographic Checklist of African American Newspapers. [REF PN 4882.5 Z999 H45X 1995]

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Microfilm Collections Held in the Periodicals Rooms

Afro-Americans and the Race Problem. [MIC Film E 185 P38 1920A]

Black Women Oral History Project: From the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe College. [E 185.86 B545 1991]
This source includes a guide to oral histories as well as the printed texts of actual oral histories. The index and the oral histories are shelved together.

Charlotte Eugenia (Hawkins) Brown, 1883-1961: Papers, 1900-1961. [MIC Film LA 2317 B66 C43X 1984]

Fanny Lou Hamer, 1917-1977, Papers 1966-1978. [MIC Film E 185.97.H35 F3 1985 ]
Ms. Hamer was a Black Mississippi sharecropper and civil rights activist. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, church bulletins, etc.

FBI file on the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)[microform]. [MIC Film E 185.61 F25X 1990]

Federal Surveillance of Afro-Americans, (1917-1925): The First World War, the Red Scare, and the Garvey Movement. [MIC Film E185.2 F43X 1985]

Ku Klux Klan: Official, Unofficial & Anti-Klan Sources. [MIC Film HS 2330 K63 K82X]

Papers of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). [MIC Film E 185.61 N23X 1982]
An extensive collection of 22 parts with a wide variety of topics. Guide is available in print near microfilm and also on-line through the African American Studies database.

Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs 1895-1992. [MIC Film E 185.86 R37X]
Guide is available in print near microfilm and also on-line through the African American Studies database.

Records of the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Dept. of Labor, 1918-1965. [MIC Film HD 6095 U62X 1986]

The Slave Trade, 1858-1892. [MIC Film HT 1162 S53X 1977Z]

Women and Law: Microfilm Edition of the Women's Law Library of the Women's History Research Center. Section VI. Black and Third World Women and Law. [MIC Film KF 478 W64X]

Works of Frederick Douglass. [MIC Film E 185 D68X]

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Special Collections and Archives

Resources for African American History M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives.
Web page by Brian Keough

For more information on these resources, refer to the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives home page at The Special Collections Reading Room is open 9-5 Monday-Friday and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings until 9:00 p.m. Special Collections is located on the third floor of the Science Library.

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Accessing Other Special Research Collections

ArchivesUSA. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Access to holdings and contact information of more than 4,800 repositories. Indexes to over 109,000 special collections. Database is derived from the Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the United States (DAMRUS), the National Union Catalogue of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) and the National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States (NIDS).

African Americans Information Directory. [REF E 185.5 B513 1998] [DEWEY REF E 185.5 B513 1998]
Guide to organizations, agencies, institutions, awards, and publications concerned with Black American life and culture.

Black Americans Information Directory. [REF E185.5 B513 1993]
A guide to the archives of the Hampton Institute. Bibliographies and indexes in Afro-American and African studies; no. 5 [CD 3569 H364 M35 1985]

Dictionary Catalog of the Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature and History. [REF HT 1581.5 N39]
This catalog contains the Schomburg collection catalog records to 1962.

Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the United States. [REF CD 3020 D49 1988] [DEWEY REF 3020 D49 1988] [Special Collections/Archives OVER (*) CD 3020 D49 1988]
University at Albany Archivist, Geoffrey Williams compiled this source. Only a few specific sources are mentioned on African Americans. However, the Special Collections Website has much more.

Directory of Repositories. 1995. [Special Collections/Archives CD 3400 D57X]

Gateways to the Past: A Guide to Published Sources (electronic and paper) for Locating Unpublished Archival and Manuscript Materials in the Greater Capital District, 1993. [REF CD 3404 W55X 1993]

Guide to Records in the New York State Archives. [REF CD 3404 N47X 1993]
No section on African Americans but collections may hold sources. The Web page for the Archives is more specific to African American collections.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University.
The MLK Bibliography file contains over 2,700 references to works focusing on the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement that are now being prepared for publication by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project. A printed version, a Guide to Research on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Freedom Struggle, is also available at [E185.97 K5 Z992 1989].

Catalogs This page has links to other catalogs beyond Minerva. For example, there is a link to the New York State Library Catalog. This is an important local resource for African American Studies. WorldCat (OCLC) is an example of an important international catalog for research. This catalog of books and other materials provides bibliographic information from libraries worldwide. Though the University Libraries may not own all the sources listed in this catalog, there is a good chance we can access them through Interlibrary Loan.

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Internet Resources and Evaluation Tips

Africana Studies Internet Resources
The University at Albany Libraries' selected Internet resources for Africana Studies includes sites related to African Americans, Africa, and the African diaspora. Includes academic institutions and libraries focusing on Africana Studies as well as some popular sites.

Evaluating Internet Sources
The University at Albany Libraries' checklist of criteria for evaluating web sites.

Compiled by
Deborah M. LaFond
Social Sciences Bibliographer
University Libraries
Katie Jezik
, Technical Assistant 2003-2005

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