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Guide to Resources for the Study of Africa and African Diasporas

Guide to Resources for the Study of Africa


Scope of Guide

The purpose of this guide is to introduce students to university collections developed for the study of Africa. To understand aspects of the research process for the study of Africa, it is important to use both print and electronic reference sources. This guide highlights print reference sources and electronic databases which are specific to the study of Africa. General reference sources can also be found via the University Libraries' Reference Collection Web page. The User Education department of the library provides many detailed instructional guides to familiarize students with various aspects of research, including website evaluation, citation methods, and using electronic resources.

The scope of this guide is introductory and highlights relevant reference sources on Africa and the African diaspora. These "tertiary sources" assist researchers in locating primary and secondary resources related to their topics of choice. Print reference sources are typically found in the reference section of the library. Due to limitations of space in the reference area, many classic reference sources are shelved in the general stacks. Sources listed in this guide are primarily located at the University Library (uptown). Key print and electronic indexes, abstracts, and databases are highlighted and annotated in this guide. Selected unannotated mongraphs are included to exemplify broad categories and themes within Africana Studies at the University at Albany.

The interdisciplinary nature of Africana Studies may require the use of multiple subjects in order to cover a topic comprehensively. This guide includes sources and collections that directly relate to Africana studies, are multi-disciplinary in nature, or represent particular strengths of the collection. Examples of interdisciplinary themes in Africana Studies will be found in a variety of formats, including DVD, microform, monographs, and other media. Subject Pages & Guides focusing on other subject related disciplines, such as political science, sociology, education, law, and women's studies will also be useful to consult.

Information can be found in both the print and the electronic sources noted in this guide. Most electronic databases are accessible by remote access. Current information is often duplicated in electronic databases. Information published before 1990 may lead you to print or microform sources that may not have an electronic counterpart.

For example, the following key print bibliography and print index are not duplicated electronically:
Africa Bibliography. 1984-2002. [DT 3 Z999 A37X]
African Abstracts. 1950-1966. [DT 1 I553]

Librarians are scheduled to assist you at the Reference Desk with selection and search strategies. Please ask questions at the desk, by phone 442-3553, or by e-mail through our "Ask a Librarian" service.

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Tips for Locating Books and Journals on Your Topic

Minerva: Searching for Books and Journal Titles

Records for catalogued sources can be found via the Minerva online public access catalog. Materials owned by the University Libraries include books, journals, videos, CD's, newspapers, and microform. The Minerva Catalog now includes "freely available" Websites and digital sources, not just resources purchased by the library.

The User Education department has created a guide to help students learn how to search Minerva. Minerva search options include field searching (author, title, subject, series, call number). When searching for books, subject search terms may be identified by using either the Library of Congress Subject Headings controlled vocabulary or by searching with natural language (keywords) found from a variety of thesauri or other sources. To locate titles of books, journals, or other resources when you know the exact title, use the "browse" option in Minerva. When using exact search ("browse"), the computer assumes you know the exact order of the term or phrase you enter. If you are not sure of the exact title or exact subject heading, or if you want to search your terms within the full Minerva record, use the "Keyword" section to set the database to search for the terms in any order they may appear throughout the entire record. To do this, use the "all the above" menu option.

Call numbers or URL's are provided for each entry in the Minerva catalog. For example, the book, The Quiet Struggle: Information and Libraries for the People of Africa, published in 1998, has the call number [DEWEY Z 857 A1 S78 1998]. It is located under that number on the Dewey Library shelves. In this case, there is also an electronic version of the title.

Relevant titles on a particular subject are not necessarily found in the same areas within the library as some books have more than one subject heading. Subdivisions of the broader Library of Congress Classification System are used to catalog books; therefore, books or journal titles with a similar subject may not necessarily be grouped in the same call number area despite having one subject in common.

Library of Congress Subject Headings - Searching by Subject

When searching Minerva for books by subject, it is useful to know that the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) provides standardized terms that most academic libraries use to catalog books on a topic. Books are often catalogued with three or more subject headings to assist the researcher in locating topics that are complex, interdisciplinary, or from specific historical periods. The Library of Congress Subject Headings bound volumes are located in the Reference Area. Often, call numbers are listed next to broad topics within the LCSH, making it easy to browse a general area.

The term "Blacks" is used when describing specific elements of the population. "Black race" is used to describe works from an anthropological point of view.

Examples of Library of Congress Subject Headings:

  • Africa -- Politics and government
  • Africa Relations--United States
  • African Diaspora
  • Anti-imperialist Movements
  • Apartheid--South Africa--History--20th Century
  • Blacks in Literature
  • Colonies or Colonialism or Decolonization
  • Developing Countries -- Colonial Influence
  • Imperialism
  • Language Policy -- Africa
  • Nationalism
  • Publishers and Publishing -- Africa
  • Reparations or Restorative Justice
  • South Africa. Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • United States--Foreign Economic Relations
  • Women--Africa--Bibliography
  • Women in Politics--Africa
  • Women Landowners--Africa

Thesauri list subject specific search terms known as controlled vocabulary. A specific example of a thesaurus for African studies is The African Studies Thesaurus: Subject Headings For Library Users [Z 695.1 A37 O85 1992]. This source explains how LC subject headings are developed using the African History LC classification outline. To more easily identify terms from broad and narrow categories, the author added many cross-references based upon the 14th edition of the Library of Congress Subject Headings as well as other sources in the bibliography.

Library Locations, UA Delivery, Interlibrary Loan

Location of sources should appear next to the call number within the Minerva record. Minerva also notes whether an item is on order or on loan (and when it is due back). Click directly on the call number on the Minerva record to find status. Sources listed in this guide are primarily located at the University Libraries' uptown University Library. Examples from the Science Library (SCIENCE) and the Dewey Library (DEWEY) are noted with location designations. The Interactive Media Center (IMC), Periodicals (PER), Government Documents (GovDocs), Reference (REF), and Microform (MIC) are all locations within the University Library. "CCBE" indicates items are in the library storage facility and must be requested and picked up at the Science Library, Circulation Desk. Requests for materials in storage may also be made through UA Delivery. UA Delivery delivers library books and electronic copies of articles (accessible at any of our three libraries) to students, faculty, and staff of the University. There is a request limit of 3 items per day for all categories of users.

If you need a book that is on loan, you may request that it be returned for your use through the online "recall" process found under "My Library Account" on the first Minerva page. If a book is "missing", please go to the Circulation Desk and initiate a "search request."

Interlibrary Loan

If you cannot locate a resource in the the University at Albany Minerva Catalog, requests can be made to borrow a resource from another library. Use the ILLIAD system found on the Interlibrary Loan page to set up your account. The process of ordering from another library may take approximately 2-3 weeks, so please allow for this in planning your research.

Locating Government Documents

Government Information can be found via the Reference Collection site of the University at Albany Libraries' Web page. An important site listed there is the United Nations Documents page. Many government documents are now located on the World Wide Web. The University at Albany, University Library is a government documents depository library. The U.S. government supplies depository libraries to make documents accessible to the public. There are government documents in print, electronic, and microform formats that are not accessible via the Web. Call numbers for these sources begin with GovDocs J 85 and are found in the Government Documents section of the uptown University Library on the first floor. These often underutilized sources can provide excellent information relevant to Africana Studies.

For example, The United States and Africa: Guide to U.S. Official Documents and Government-Sponsored Publications on Africa, 1785-1975 has the call number [GovDocs J 85 LC 1.12/2:AF 8/2/785-975].

Searching for Journal Titles by Subject

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory provides information on individual periodicals. This source can be searched on a title basis. It will often provide information on whether a journal is refereed, the cost of a journal, what electronic databases index the journal, and database names for where the full-text articles may found. However, not all journals are listed here.

Periodicals from Africa: A Bibliography and Union List of Periodicals Published in Africa. 1977. [DT 1 Z999 T73X] A print source focusing on journals published in Africa. Please see also African Publishing Companion for more a more up to date picture of publications within Africa.

Locating Periodical Titles

The Minerva library catalog includes titles of the journals owned by the library, but will also include Web sites for journals that the library has leased or subscribed to electronically. Selected journals which are freely available are also listed in the catalog. Full-text articles are not always available online, as many journals do not have electronic counterparts. Print journals can be found in the Periodicals Room of the University Library or they can sometimes be placed in the Main Stacks. Print journals from the Periodicals Room do not circulate outside the library, but articles can be photocopied or scanned from the journal.

Example of a print journal not duplicated electronically but found in the Main Stacks:
History in Africa: A Journal of Method
[DT 19 H58]

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Searching For Journal (Periodical) Articles by Topic

There are several methods one can use to identify journal articles by topic. Currently, there is not one single database covering all information for Africana Studies. This presents the Africana Studies researcher with several challenges, as there are many places to search for information. Selection of articles may depend on whether you are looking for popular or scholarly articles. Academic books often include bibliographies listing articles, as do published bibliographies, print indexes, and abstracts. Print indexing and abstracting tools have been duplicated or developed into electronic indexes and abstracts.

Online databases accessible from the library home page can be accessed from one large list under Database Finder. One can search by title for a known database or an on-line journal collection. The Database Finder will not find articles by topics. You must go to a specific subject index, abstract, or full-text journal collection database, such as JSTOR, to search by topic.

For example, at the Database Finder page, click on "Africana Studies" and then click on "Key Resources" to find the list of key resources recommended by a Subject Librarian/Subject librarian. Unless a database is described as accessible "only" in the library, remote access to databases subscribed to by the library can be made via any Web accessible computer by U Albany registered users. Use the "About" button to find out more about each of the databases listed. Alternatively, one may go directly to Subject Pages & Guides, click on a broad subject area and select the subject specific "Database Finder" from that page. This will bring you to the page the subject subject librarian has created to locate databases by topic.

Databases, Aggregators, Journal Collections, Association based Indexes, Abstracts, and Full-text

There are several places one may have to search to find articles. Articles can be searched by topic from particular subject databases.

  • Full-text articles can be searched from aggregator databases, such as EBSCO Academic Search Premier, Contemporary Women's Issues, or International Index to Black Periodicals. Aggregator databases selectively index some articles of a particular journal but they do not necessarily provide full coverage of each issue of a journal.
  • Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography is an example of an "electronic-only journal," available only on the Internet.
  • Sociological Abstracts is an example of a database which lists citations and abstracts but does not include full-text articles. PsycINFO is a subject database that indexes and abstracts the psychological literature, but also can link to to selected American Psychological Association's full-text articles in PsycArticles. The SFX link on the article level record should bring you to full-text options or will lead you back to Minerva to locate the journal in the print journal collection.
  • JSTOR or Project MUSE are examples of full-text on-line journal collections where full-text articles can be searched after selecting the broad subject categories. The most recent coverage of a journal title may not be accessible in these but the full issue of each title represented is available.
  • The following are examples of scholarly databases including primarily citations, not full-text : African Studies, Historical Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Women's Studies International, International Political Science Abstracts, or CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.Please note Historical Abstracts has started to link selected full-text sources.
  • After finding the citations in print or electronic indexes, bibliographies, or reference sources, you must then check our Minerva catalog to determine if we own the journal title in print or electronic format.

Searching for Articles by Keyword Using Boolean Operators Within a Subject Database: Breaking Down Concepts

Many databases have a keyword option and include the use of boolean logic. If you do not know specific subject headings, keywords can be searched throughout the record or within the full-text of an article. These options vary depending on the database. It is helpful to create a diary of like or related terms for your topic.

Example of an Initial Simple Keyword Subject Search or Keyword Title Search Using the Boolean operators "and", "or":

Research Question: "I am interested in finding an ethnographic study on kinship in Nigeria."

Keyword database strategy: ethnograph* and kinship and (africa* or nigeria*) and (study or studies or empirical)

Here we have an example of four separate concepts intersected with the "and" operator. In this search all concepts must appear in the results because the "and" operator was used. The asterisk (*) acts as a wild card (truncation) and looks for any word/s with the letters before the asterisk. So ethnograph* will also find the words ethnography, ethnographies, ethnographical, or ethnogaphic. Synonyms for a concept are separated within parentheses with "or". Using the asterisk will take more time because the computer is searching every variation of the root word; judicious use of the asterisk is important. Not all databases have truncation symbols.

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Selected Abstracts, Indexes, Databases: Electronic and Print Formats

Article citations can be found in a number of print and electronic sources. Use Database Finder or Subject Pages & Guides to find a specific subject database to search for articles by topic. The following are selected databases for Africana Studies:

Africa-Wide: NiPAD. Click for instructions for off-campus access 19th century +.
A combination of files from Africa, Europe and the USA for the study of Africa. The database is a gateway to a wide aray of important bibliographies, indexes and databases focusing on information to support The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). Topics include politics, history, economics, business, mining, natural sciences, environment, development, social issues, anthropology, literature, language, law, music, tourism and much more. Sources include book citations, periodicals and magazine articles, radio and television broadcasts, newspapers, pamphlets, maps, reports, theses, music recordings and much more.

African Research Online.
Portal for African research that includes the African Studies Companion and Africa Yearbook. African Studies Companion brings together a wide range of sources of information in the African Studies field. The Africa Yearbook covers major domestic political developments, the foreign policy and socio-economic trends in sub-Sahara Africa.


AJOL-African Journals Online.
Journals published in Africa are indexed in this database. Articles are accessible through University at Albany Libraries Interlibrary loan.

African Online Digital Library.
Set up by research teams at Michigan State University (and the MSU Library and African Studies Center) in collaboration with the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire (IFAN) and the West African Research Centre (WARC), this project seeks to develop a multi-media digital library of West African sources in multiple languages.

Alternative Press Index. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1991+. [REF AI 3 Z999 A48]
Indexes periodicals that address non-mainstream points of view. Perspectives on Africa primarily from the American Left.

Anthropology Bibliography. 1866-1998. CD-ROM. [REF GN 316 Z999 T695X 1998]
A collection of non-article records in the discipline of Anthropology. The database contains more than 100,000 entries for books, monographs, manuscripts and maps.

Anthropological Literature.Click for instructions for off-campus access 1900+. [REF ReadyRef GN 25 Z999 A57X]
Index to periodical articles and essays published in colloquia, festshcriften, symposia and collections received at the Tozzer Library, Harvard University. Updated quarterly.

Article First. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1990+.
An electronic index of items listed in the tables of contents of approximately 12,500 journals on a broad range of topics. Updated daily, so it has current info not contained in other databases.

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO). Click for instructions for off-campus access 1991+.
Provides the full-text of working papers, occasional papers, conference proceedings, etc., produced by prominent research organizations in the field of international affairs. It also includes the table of contents of major international affairs journals.

Contemporary Women's Issues. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1992+.
Offers full-text coverage from mainstream periodicals, alternative press, hard to find newsletters and NGO research reports. Focuses on the critical issues and events that influence women, including health, the workplace, parenting, human rights, reproductive rights and legal issues. International in scope.

CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1975+.
Provides bibliographic information and abstracts to articles in over 1000 journals related to political science. Also provides references and links to quality Internet sites. A very important source for a variety of topics within Africana Studies.

 Dissertations and Theses. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1861+. Indexing dissertations; 1980+ Abstracting dissertations; 1988+ Abstracting Theses; 1997+ Full-text of first 24 pages and thesis. [ULIB Z 5055 U5 A53] [DEWEY REF Z 5055 U5 A53] [MIC Film Z 5055 U5 A53]
International coverage of author submitted theses and dissertations accepted at accredited institutions. Collection of indexed and abstracted dissertations covers a complete range of academic subjects. Access to full-text dissertations can be obtained through Interlibrary Loan.

e-HRAF-Human Relations Area File. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1991+.
Covers information on all aspects of social and cultural life from selected cultures around the world.

EBSCO Academic Search Premier. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Indexes both popular and scholarly articles (especially in the humanities and social sciences) from over 4,400 journals and magazines. Includes some abstracts and the full-text of some articles.

EconLit. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1969+ Indexing. 1984+ Abstracting (selected).
Indexes economics literature. Very useful for economic research on Africa.

ERIC. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1966+.
Complete database of educational materials from the Education Resources Information Center covering education literature from preschool to higher and adult education. The database is derived from the print publications Current Index to Journals in Education and Resources in Education.

Essay and General Literature Index. Click for instructions for off-campus access [REF AI 3 E752] [STORAGE CCBW 2002 AI 3 E752]
An author, subject index to essays published in anthologies and literature collections, with particular emphasis on materials in the humanities and social sciences. Entries cover philosophy, religion, social and political science, economics, law, education, linguistics, science, the various arts, literature and history.

GenderWatch. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1970+.
Full-text database of publications focusing on gender issues, Gay & Lesbian studies, sociology, history, and public policy. Includes organizational newsletters and some refereed journal articles.

Geobase. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1980+.
Index and abstracts to worldwide literature on geology, geography and ecology. This database is particularly useful for social issues and gender studies within cultural geography. Very important for African studies as the articles often offer perspectives not found in other sources.

Historical Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1982+. [D 299 H5]
Indexes citations of books, book chapters, reviews and scholarly articles on history outside of the United States and Canada. Full-text link to JSTOR articles when available.

Humanities International Index. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1975+.
Provides citation information for articles, essays and reviews in over 1,000 literary, scholarly and creative journals published in the United States and Canada. All journals are indexed in their entirety, ranging from original creative works including poems and fiction, to photographs, paintings, and illustrations.

Index Islamicus, 1906-1955: A Catalogue of Articles on Islamic Subjects in Periodicals and Other Collective Publications. [REF DS 36 Z999 I53] Not available electronically through the University Library.

International African Bibliography. 1975+. [REF Z 3501 I58X]
Indexes current books, articles and papers in African Studies. Selectively annotated.

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences Click for instructions for off-campus access
Covers all areas of the social sciences. Includes almost 4,000 signed articles, 90,000 bibliographical references and 150 biographical entries.

International Index to Black Periodicals. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1988+.
Includes current and retrospective bibliographic citations and abstracts from over 150 scholarly and popular journals, newspapers and newsletters from the U.S., Africa and the Caribbean and full text coverage of over 31 core Black Studies periodicals. Coverage is international in scope and multidisciplinary, spanning cultural, economic, historical, religious, social and political issues of importance to Black Studies.

JSTOR. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Fully searchable text and page images of major journals in African Studies. Increasing coverage of African and African American studies including African Affairs, Journal of the Royal African Society, African Languages and Cultures, African Studies Review, Journal of African Cultural Studies, African Languages and Cultures, Journal of African History, Journal of Modern African Studies, Journal of Southern African Studies, among others. Coverage dates vary. For most journals, the most recent 3 - 4 years are not included.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Important database for African language study. Covers international literature in all aspects of the study of language (including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics) and linguistics (including descriptive, historical, comparative, theoretical and geographical linguistics).

Lexis-Nexis. Click for instructions for off-campus access
Full-text law review articles as well as daily world and foreign language news.

MLA International Bibliography. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1963+. [REF PB 1 Z999 M53]
Key index to literary study. Important source for finding articles about African diaspora literature and authors. Indexes citations of articles and book chapters, reviews for language and literature. Print index from 1921 to the present.

MLA Literary Research Guide. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1963+. [REF PB 1 Z999 M53]
Excellent online literature and reference sources for African American studies. Search by African American in the search box to find annotated bibliographies, handbooks, guides, etc. Important source for finding articles about African diaspora literature and authors. .

New York Times Index. 1851+. [REF AI 21 N453] [DEWEY Index AI 21 N453]
Print index to the New York Times newspaper from 1851 to the present.

Popline. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1970+, with selected material back to 1886.
Provides worldwide coverage of population, family planning, and related health issues, including family planning technology and programs, fertility, and population law and policy. In addition, Popline focuses on particular developing country issues, including demography, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, maternal and child health, primary health care communication, and environment. This database is available on the free Grateful Med site sponsored by the National Library of Medicine.

Public Affairs International Service (PAIS). Click for instructions for off-campus access 1972+. [REF H 1 Z999 P83] [DEWEY REF H 1 Z999 P83]
Includes some books and government documents, as well as periodical articles. Covers all subjects that bear upon international (U.S. included), contemporary public issues and the making of public policy, irrespective of source or traditional disciplinary boundaries.

PsycINFO. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1887+.PsycINFO. 1887+. The most comprehensive, extensive, and most current electronic database coverage for all areas of psychology produced by the American Psychological Association. Covers the international literature in psychology and related behavioral and social sciences including psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, education, pharmacology, and linguistics. Also includes book and chapter citations published from the 1980's on. The electronic version of the Thesaurus of Psychological Indexing Terms is a useful place to find search terms for research topics.

Sage Race Relations Abstracts. 1975-2002. [REF GN 320 R23XA]
Some electronic coverage on the Ingenta interface. Guide to current race relations literature. Includes summaries and evaluations of European, Scandinavian, American and Latin American material.

Sociometrics Social Science Electronic Data Library. Click for instructions for off-campus access [IMC CMEDIA H 62.5 U5 S27X]
Six topically focused data archives which provide a source of high-quality health and social science data and documentation.

Social Sciences Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1983+ Indexing. 1994+ Abstracting. (Social Sciences Index [REF AI 3 S63X] [DEWEY REF A1 3 S63X])
Covers the fields of anthropology, area studies, community health and medical care, economics, family studies, geography, gerontology, international relations, law and criminology, planning and public administration, political science and corrections, policy studies, political science, psychiatry, psychology, social work and public welfare, sociology, and urban studies.

Social Sciences Citation Index. [REF H 1 Z999 S63] Coverage: Dewey Library has 1974, 1978 to the present. The University Library has 1969,1973 to the present. Published three times per year by the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia. SSCI provides comprehensive coverage of the literature of every discipline in the social sciences. Over 4500 journals (1400 fully indexed) and some monographic series are covered. This index can be searched by author, subject (keywords) or by tracing citations. Tri-annual with annual cumulations. (Volume I of each year contains instructions for searching the print version.) SSCI can also be searched electronically by contacting Customized Search Services at the University Library.

Social Work Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1977+. [DEWEY REF HV1 N37XA]
Covers journals and dissertations in social work and related disciplines from the National Association of Social Work (NASW).

Sociological Abstracts. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1974+. 1953+ (print). [HM 1 S67]
An extremely useful source for finding sociological studies related to Africa, particularly on Africans within the diaspora. Electronic index to literature on social behavior of individuals, small groups, large organizations, communities, institutions, and societies.

Studies on Women and Gender Abstracts. [REF HQ 1180 S78X]
Search capability for a wide range of disciplinary journals that address topics on women and gender. While there is some overlap in journals indexed in other sources, it does provide some international coverage on women.

Women's Studies International. Click for instructions for off-campus access 1972+.
Electronic index which includes bibliographic information for journals and books drawn from a variety of women's studies sources and essential databases from 1972 to the present. The database provides electronic access to Women's Studies Abstracts, Women's Studies Database, Women's Studies Librarian, Women of Color and Southern Women: A Bibliography of Social Science Research, and Women's Health and Development: An Annotated Bibliography.

World Bank Africa database. CD-ROM. [REF ReadyRef HC 800 A1 A3562X]

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Africa Bibliography. 1984-2002. [DT 3 Z999 A37X]
Lists articles and book chapters on Africa from UK major research libraries by broad discipline breakdown within African regions. Not annotated. Author index and list of sources included.

African Book Publishing Record. 1975+. [REF Z 857 A1 A37] and [OVER (*) Z 857 A1 A37]
Sources on new and relevant publishing on Africa and within Africa.

African Intellectual Heritage. A Book of Sources. [REF CB 235 A33 1996]
An important collection of the intellectual history of Africa and the diaspora. Six major themes – The Creation of the Universe, Religious Ideas, Culture and Identity, Philosophy and Mortality, Society and Politics, and Resistance and Renewal – the book brings together a wide range of materials and documents from many societies. This includes, for example, creation myths and narratives, prayers, hymns, praise poems, invocations, oral epics, proverbs, spirituals; addresses and orations, declarations, charters and statements; through to classic texts by Mary LcLeod Bethune, Edward Wilmot Blyden, W.E.B duBois, Amilcar Cabral, Cheikh Anta Diop, Frantz Fanon, Marcus Garvey, J. Caseley Hayford, Africanus Horton, Martin Luther King, Mazisi Kunene, Ali Mazrui, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Olaudah Equiano, Paul Robeson, Walter Rodney, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Wole Soyinka, Nat Turner, Booker T. Washington, Malcolm X, and more.

Africa South of the Sahara: A Bibliography for Undergraduate Libraries. 1971. [Z 1009 N54 NO.12]

Bibliographies for African studies, 1987-1993 [DT 351 Z999 S342X 1994]
Compiled by Phyllis Bischof and edited by Yvette Scheven

A Current Bibliography on African Affairs. 1962+. [REF DT 3 Z999 C87]
Annotated selections of articles and books organized under discipline headings. Includes a subject index, an author index and an introductory essay for each issue.

International African Bibliography. 1975+. [REF Z 3501 I58X]
Indexes articles and books (monographs) for topics on language and many others. Includes special terms, authors, and personalities.

The Media in Africa and Africa in the Media: An Annotated Bibliography. [P 92 A4 Z992 1996]

Reference Guide to Africa: A Bibliography of Sources. Click for instructions for off-campus access [REF DT 4 Z999 K35 1999]
A key annotated source citing reference tools for the study of Africa (by Alfred Kagan and Yvette Scheven). Contains "specialist reference sources" which are not likely to be included in electronic sources. Includes the category "survey" with citations to sources that broadly cover a particular topic. Important first stop.

Sub-Saharan African Films and Filmmakers, 1987 - 1992: An Annotated Bibliography. [PN 1993.5 A357 Z991 1994]

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Dictionaries, Annuals, and Biographical Sources

Africa South of the Sahara. [REF DT 351 A37 2001]
Regional surveys of countries in Africa with essays on economy, agriculture, geography. Important first stop source.

African Acronyms and Abbreviations: A Handbook. [REF DT 2 H35 1996]
An exhaustive list of abbreviations and their meanings for the entire African continent.

African Ethnonyms: Index to Art-Producing Peoples of Africa. [REF GN 645 B53 1996]
Lists more than 2,5000 names of ethnic groups, drawing on numerous sources, including linguistic and ethnographic surveys of Africa, as well as from a very large number of books and catalogues of African art. A good tool for verifying variant names of African ethnic groups.

African Historical Dictionaries Series.
The University Libraries have over 90 volumes in this valuable series which is searchable by country. Individual titles are held in Reference as well as in the University Library collection, call numbers vary.

Dictionary of African Historical Biography. [REF DT 352.6 L56 1986]
The focus of this work is on major political leaders from colonial and independence eras in Africa.

Dictionary of Black African Civilization. Dictionnaire des civilisations africaines. 1974. [REF DT 352.4 D5213 1974]
African cultural perspectives include coverage of major ethnic groups, interpretation of the body, blood, fashion, heaven, kinship, and migration. Illustrated.

Dictionary of Development: Third World Economy, Environment, Society. [REF HC 59.7 D513 1990] [DEWEY REF HC 59.7 D513]
Lists organizations, dealing with development issues in general, and development organizations in specific countries. Included are the names, addresses and brief descriptions of each organization's function. Covers issues such as global warming, the environment, culture, and debt. Includes country information.

Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations. [REF GN 496 C37 1996]
Introductory scholarly essays on race in global context and affiliated social issues. Useful for identifying key terms. Includes bibliographies at the end of the essays.

The Middle East and North Africa. [DS 49 M5 Non-circulating from 1959, 1961-2001]
Includes encyclopedic essays.

The Peoples of Africa: An Ethnohistorical Dictionary. [REF GN 645 O47 1996]
This dictionary provides brief descriptions of most of the major ethnic groups in Africa. Primary and sub-group identification for each ethnic group is documented. See also: Encyclopedia of World Cultures. [REF GN 307 E53 1991 v.9]

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Encyclopedias, Guides, Handbooks

Africa: A Guide to Reference Material. [REF DT 3 Z999 M3 1993] [DT 3 Z999 M3 1993]
Selected as 1998 winner of the Conover Porter Award in Africana Reference books, John Mcilwaine's guide includes material in any language for the past 100 years, retaining older sources of value with a cut-off date of 1991.

The African Studies Companion: A Guide to Information Sources . [DT 19.8 Z45 2003]
The African Studies Companion authored by Hans Zell contains major general reference sources related to the study and culture of Africa. It includes current bibliographies and continuing sources, African language sources, descriptions of journals and magazines published within Africa and abroad, lists of major libraries on Africa or national archives within Africa. Also found are library organizations addressing African publishing, email addresses and links to Web sites and Internet documents. Several entries are extensively annotated. Use the table of contents to search or use the search menus within each category. A This companion is also available electronically listed under the Africana Internet Sources. Important first stop source.

Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience. [REF DT 14 A37435 1999]
Forwarded to carry on W.E.B. Dubois's vision of creating a "comprehensive compendium of "scientific" knowledge about the history, cultures and social institutions of people of African descent", this work seeks to unite the African diaspora and correct negative myths and distortions of African peoples. On-going debate and criticism of this work exists within the Africanist scholarly community. This source provides brief excerpts on African history, politics, art and social life of African modern nations. Background on what occurred in territories before nation-state development is also emphasized. Provides authored essays and cross-references to related topics, a selective bibliography, maps, and photographs.

Area Handbook Series. (Search for individual country within this series.)

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa. [REF DT 3 C35 1981]
Useful for historical background on topics listed under "African continent" and "The African past before European colonization". Good Illustrations.

Elections in Africa: A Data Handbook. [JQ 1879 A55 E44 1999]
Contains electoral data and statistics for all the countries of Africa, from the colonial era through to Africa’s “second independence” beginning in 1989. Each country chapter examines the history of the institutional and electoral arrangements, the evolution of suffrage, and current electoral provisions. Tables in the country sections are organized in ten parts: Dates of national elections, referendums and coups d'état, electoral body, abbreviations; electoral participation of parties and alliances; distribution of votes in national referendums, elections to constitutional assembly, parliamentary and presidential elections, composition of parliament, and loss of power holders.

Encyclopedia of African History. [REF DT 20 E53 2005]
Covers the whole continent of of Africa, not just sub-Saharan Africa, from earliest times to the present. Includes social, economic, linguistic, anthropological and political subjects.

Encyclopedia of African History and Culture. [REF DT 3 P27 2001]
Focus on Ancient Africa and Pre-history. Brief entries and references.

The Encyclopedia of African Peoples. [REF DT 15 E53 2000]
Illustrations, maps, biographical information and ethnological survey. Scope is general.

Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara. [REF DT 351 E53 1997]
This is a four volume set covering East West, Central and South Africa. Range of topics include religion, political figures, literacy, development, art and cultural symbols. A bibliography is provided after each entry.

Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World. [REF HM 756 E53 2003]
This four volume set emerges from concerns over global social fragmentation. Definitions of community are discussed. This source draws togther the work of highly visible scholars and contributors from eighteen countries and focuses on factors which might change or revive communities and promote social belonging and social connectedness. Research is brought together on the following topics; Community Design, Community Economics, Community Development, Intentional Communities, Internet Communities, Rural Life, Social Capital, Social Life, Urban Studies, Affinity Communities, Instrumental Communities, Primordial Communities, and Proximate Communities. Contains appendicies, tables, charts, and 266 primary-text sidebars drawn from letters, diaries, society records, memoirs, novels, newspapers accounts and community plans.

Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies. [REF PN 849 U43 E53 2001]
An overview of the present state of post-colonial studies. Arranged alphabetically, it contains more than 150 fairly detailed entries on individual writers and scholars, together with entries on the major theoretical schools and concepts, and on national literatures. Entries on individual writers – which include a sizeable number of African writers and theorists.

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa: Archaeology, History, Languages, Cultures, and Environments. [REF DT 2 E53 1997]
This work focuses on archaeology, but also provides insight and interpretation of environmental, political and cultural histories of Africa. Social phenomenon, such as urbanization, migration, language patterns, and political development, are discussed using archaeological foundations as evidence.

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in the World's Cultures. [REF HQ 16 E53 2004]
Encyclopedic coverage of specific cultural groups emphasizing the "cultural construction of gender," "cross-sex relationships," and "attitudes". Culture name index and subject index with sources on each entry.

Encyclopedia of Social Theory. [REF HM 425 E47 2005]
A useful reference tool for brief descriptions on theoretical approaches used in the social sciences.

Encyclopedia of the Third World. [REF HC 59.7 K87 1992 v.1-3]
A general dictionary offering coverage of Africa as well as many of the countries inhabited by African people within the African diaspora. Arranged alphabetically by country, it offers information on issues such as religion, language, history, government, manufacturing and agriculture. Somewhat dated but is assigned reading for several undergraduate courses.

Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century African History. [REF DT 29 E53 2003]
"Containing nearly 250 signed entries, this encyclopaedia explores the ways in which the peoples of Africa and their polities, states, societies, economies, environments, cultures and arts were transformed during the course of the 20th century. Aided by a large international team of consultant editors and contributors (many of them African scholars), the encyclopaedia aims to capture the intellectual ferment in African historical studies of the 20th century by offering entries “that present critical interpretation which is placed in the context of the pertinent historiographical debates.”

Encyclopedia of World Cultures. [REF GN 307 E53 1991 v.9]
This is a general encyclopedia which offers regional coverage. Volume 9 focuses on ethnic groups within Africa. Includes a list of all the major ethnic and sub ethnic groups by country as well as detailed discussion of history, cultural traditions, geographical locations, and languages. See also: The Peoples of Africa: An Ethnohistorical Dictionary. [REF GN 645 O47 1996]

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Africa. [REF ML 100 G16 1998]
Introductory survey and profiles of African music in social context for a variety of geographic areas. Includes glossary, regional case studies, bibliography and a guide to recordings.

Guide to African Cinema. [REF PN 1993.5 A35 R87 1998]
Provides filmographies, bibliographies, description and background on African films.

Guide to Higher Education in Africa. [L 970 G85 2002]

Great Ideas for Teaching about Africa. [DT 19.9 U5 G74 1999]

Handbook of American Resources for African Studies. [DT 3 A12 Z991 1986]

Key Events in African History. A Reference Guide. [REF DT 20 F35 2002]
Contains chapters on thirty-six significant events that have shaped the history of the African continent from the earliest times to the present, drawing connections between the past and the present. Includes a timeline of key events and an overview of African history, for example, The Civilization of Ancient Egypt, 3100 BC+; Kingdoms of West Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, AD 1000-1600; The Spread of Christianity, 1804 Onward; The Colonial Experience, 1900-1939; The End of European Rule, 1951-90; Ujamaa and Policy Choices, 1967 Onward; A Continent in Deep Crisis, 1980 Onward; and the final chapter is on The Fall of Apartheid and the Advent of Nelson Mandela’s Government, 1994-99. Maps are included.

Macmillan Encyclopedia of World Slavery. [REF HT 861 M24 1998]
This source focuses on both U.S. and "world slavery," distinguishing forms of enslavement based upon race from those forms that do not relate to race or ethnicity. The introduction and the sections "Historical Approaches to Slavery" and "Historiography of Slavery" provide an entry point for research on this topic. Includes conceptual outlines, legal issues, relevant figures, maps of the slave trades, and authored entries with references.

Northern Africa: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources. [DT 185 Z999 S57 2000]
Research often involves determining what is included or excluded in a given topic. Cultural and political studies are difficult to classify in terms of territorial borders. Scholars disagree about these determinations but one must have a place to begin. This source recognizes the sometimes arbitrary geographical de-limiters but classifies "North Africa" for the purpose of the bibliography to address the African regions "touching on the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic, rimming the great Sahara, and forming the eastern spur known as the Horn of Africa." Broken down by broad topic and by country and region, this source lists annotated bibliographies, Internet sources, reference works, academic and professional organizations and journals pertinent to the study of Northern Africa.

Political and Economic Encyclopedia of Africa. [REF DT 20 A75X 1993]
Contains alphabetically arranged entries on countries, organizations and individuals. Provides an overview of problems or topics common to a number of countries or the region as a whole. Includes a chronology of important political events.

Political and Economic Encyclopedia of South America and the Caribbean. [REF F 1410 P69 1991]
Detailed coverage of organizations. Political Parties and international alliances particular to the region, such as CARICOM, are described. Lists political leaders and various colloquialisms. Includes demographics, statistical information and brief country descriptions.

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History, Politics, Sociology

Africa. [REF DT 31 B395 1996]
Provides an analysis of various factors affecting African life on the continent. Policies originating from the International Monetary Fund, structural re-adjustment programs, class conflict, urbanization, population increase, imperialism as well as the effects of colonialism are discussed. Brief country coverage and demographics are also given.

Africa Contemporary Record. 1962-2000. [REF DT 1 L43]
Annual surveys. Important historical scholarly essays on social conditions and factual information on African countries. For example, a review essay of the Clinton Administration's policy on Africa can be found here.

African Political Facts Since 1945. [REF DT 30 C594 1991]
A compilation of major political facts related to the African continent from 1945-1990. The unique aspect of this work is the attention given to political parties, foreign affairs, conflicts, coup d'etat facts, and treaties. The work is divided into subject categories, under which individual countries are discussed. Includes a limited index and bibliography.

African Stability and Integration: Regional, Continental and Diasporic Pan-African Realities. [HC 800 A887 2000]

Black Africa: A Comparative Handbook. [REF DT 352.8 M67 1989]
Contains illustrated tables ranked by country. Table criteria includes language, ecology, geographical area, urbanization, economic and social development, and political violence. Includes country profile.

Black Chronology: From 4000 B.C. to the Abolition of the Slave Trade. [REF DT 17 D5 1983]
Sizeable range of years covered. Discussions of civilizations and dynasties from Ancient Egypt, West, Central, and South Africa. Covers the years 1520-1865 with primary focus on the on issues concerning the enslavement of African people.

Chronology of World Slavery. [REF HT 861 R63 1999]
Another work that focuses on the worldwide institution of slavery and abolitionism from the ancient world to the present. This one provides key documents, focuses on theories of slavery, and provides brief descriptions of relevant chronological events. Includes authored sidebar essays and bibliography.

Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century African History. [REF DT 29 E53 2003]
This work attempts to place critical interpretations of twentieth-century African history in the context of larger historiographical debate by surveying several forces which have shaped relationships within Africa and between Africa and the rest of the world. Includes a thematic entry list and essays with references for further reading.

General History of Africa (UNESCO) 1978-1993. [DT 20 G45]

Global Dimensions of the African Diaspora. [DT 14 G56 1982]

Guns and Gandhi in Africa: Pan-African Insights on Nonviolence, Armed Struggle and Liberation. [DT 352.8 S88 2000]

A Historical Guide to World Slavery. [REF HT 861 H59 1998]
Introduction provides distinctions between forms of slavery and abolitionism. A variety of related concepts are explored and emphasis is placed upon "patterns of relationships and production, [or to elucidate] long-term changes and cumulative effects" in Europe, United States, Africa, Latin America. Entries are authored by invited scholars and include references. See also A Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery.

Ideologies of Liberation in Black Africa, 1956 – 1970: Documents on Modern African Political Thought From Colonial Times to the Present. [DT 353 L33]

Imagining Home: Class, Culture, and Nationalism in the African Diaspora. [DT 16.5 I4 1994]

In Search of Africa. [E 184 A24 D53 1998]

Key Events in African History: A Reference Guide. [REF DT 20 F35 2002]
Timeline of historical events (40,000 B.C to 2001 A.D.) with brief essays on topics corresponding to key events in African history, beginning with the pre-historic past to the fall of Apartheid and the advent of Nelson Mandela's government. Includes maps, notes and suggestions for further reading.

Latin America and Caribbean Contemporary Record. [REF F 1401 L3253 v.1-8, 1981-1989]
This multi volume set provides bi-yearly coverage on Latin America and the Caribbean. Includes excerpts of speeches given by political leaders, statistical data by country (on education, labor force, and population), political election (information including the vote count), as well as economic data and external debt. There are also analytical essays provided by scholars on Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as information about their areas of interest. Includes brief bibliographies.

New African Yearbook. 1978-1996. [DT 1 N58X]
Political coverage of African countries. This work gives the reader a description of the history, economics and politics for each country from independence to the present. Gives details of internal political factionalism, resulting conflicts and changes in leadership. Also provides demographic information.

Political and Economic Encyclopaedia of Africa. [REF DT 20 A75X 1993]
Political leaders and personalities as well as organizations and facts on Africa are listed here.

Rethinking Africa's 'Globalization': Volume 1: The Intellectual Challenges. [DT 19.8 Z445 2003 v.1]

Speaking Out: Women, AIDS, and Hope [videorecording]. [IMC VidCas RA 643.86 M42 S64V 2002]

US AID Publications on Africa, 2001 to the Present
Library does not own but is available online as pdf doc.

West Africa Annual. 1962+. [REF DT 471 W394]
Provides a descriptive economic analysis on West African economic climates. Includes initiatives being implemented or discussed. Statistical tables for each country are found on pages 462-542.

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Literature, Art, and Theatre

Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th Century.
A listing published by the Zimbabwe International Book Fair that intends to celebrate the African literary tradition through the commemoration of the best 100 books over the past hundred years.

African Authors: A Companion to Black African Writing. [REF PL 8010 H38 1973]
Discusses a variety of authors from the African continent, including literary and presidential authors. A list of the author's major works is provided after each entry, as well as author photographs and some book jacket reproductions.

African Literature and Its Times. 2000. [REF PN 50 M68X 2000 v. 2] In World Literature and Its Times: Profiles of Notable Literary Works and the Historical Events that Influenced Them.
This source reconstructs the historical contexts of literary works and provides information on the reviews and reception accorded to the works. Chronologies, essays, biographical information on key personalities, and bibliographies are included.

African Writers. [REF PL 8010 A453 1997]
Provides detailed biographical essays about cited authors. Analysis on the life context of the authors, writing styles in their major works are discussed.

Encyclopedia of African Literature. [REF PL 8010 E63 2003]
Provides brief entries on African writers, not limited to one linguistic tradition. Includes Arabic literature in the modern period and suggestions for further reading.

Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English. [REF PR 9080 A52 E53 1994]
Provides information on awards, associations, literary genres, major subjects as well as critical biographies of writers. There are synoptic views or "overviews" on translation, anthologies, children's literature, and travel literature and more. 'Post-colonial Theorists' and 'Criticisms' overviews clarify the term "post-colonial". Covers all the culture affected by the imperial process from the moment of colonization to the present day. Excluded are the literatures of England, Scotland and Wales.

Fifty Caribbean Writers: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook. [REF PR 9205 A52 F54 1986]
This work is rare because it provides a list of authors that are very central to the Caribbean literary experience, but who are commonly missing from other works. For each author entry there is biographical information as well as an analysis of the author's work, honors received and a list of the author's works. Authors such as Louise Bennet (Ms. Lou) are represented. There is also a very detailed index.

In Their Own Voices: African Women Writers Talk. [PR 8340.5 I68X 1990]

Literature of Developing Nations for Students. [REF PN 3326 L58 2000]
Encyclopedic entries with plot summaries, characters in novels, overviews of topics, guiding study questions, and sources.

Nadine Gordimer: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. [PR 9369.3 G6 Z991 1994]
Nadine Gordimer, recipient of Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991, is acclaimed for placing South African writing in an international context. This bibliography includes a chronology of Ms. Gordimer, her work, as well as criticism and reviews of criticism on Gordimer’s work. Her work includes fiction, non-fiction, short stories, drama, and anthologies. Also cited are names of reviewers, interviews with Gordimer and documentary films.

Twentieth Century Caribbean and Black African Writers. [REF PS 129 D53X v.125, v.157]
This volume is a part of the multi volume Dictionary of Literary Biography (D.B.) set. It offers detailed essays about each author and their work. Each major work is summarized and briefly analyzed to provide a view of the contextual reality of each author. The bibliography cites books, periodical articles, and other works, such as films and documentaries. Provides illustrations and author photographs as well as reproduced book jackets. There is also a list of references used in the compilation of the entry. 2nd & 3rd Series.

The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre - Africa. [REF PN 2189 W76X 1994 V.3]
Extensive essays on theater within each country within Africa. Includes artistic profiles, criticism, and bibliographies.

The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre - Vol. 4 The Arab World. [REF PN 2189 W76X 1994 V.4]
Extensive essays on theater within each country within the Arab world. Includes artistic profiles, criticism, and bibliographies.

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Pan-African Chronology: A Comprehensive Reference to the Black Quest For Freedom in Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia, 1400-1865. [REF DT 17 J46 1996]
Text provides a year by year chronology of events occurring from 1400-1865. Focus is on external contact of Africans with Asians and Europeans. Detailed index.

A Pan-African Encyclopedia - 2 volumes. [REF DT 14 P28 2003 ]
"Focusing on cultural, economic, intellectual, political, religious, and social changes in Africa and the African diaspora", this source is key for those working on Pan-Africanism. African personalities and organizations are listed and described. Contains a bibliography, some photographs, "weights of wisdom", images of Adinkra in cloth, Akan goldweights, and Kente cloth.

Examples of Other Monographs on Pan-Africanism In the Collection

Africa and the Disciplines: The Contributions of Research in Africa to the Social Sciences and Humanities. [DT 19 A3 1993]

Africa in World Politics: A Pan-African Perspective. [DT 30.5 M275 2000]

Africans at the Crossroads: Notes For An African World Revolution. [DT 31 C527X 1991]

The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness. [CB 235 G55 1993]

Black Liberation: A Comparative History of Black Ideologies in the United States and South Africa. [E 185.61 F836 1995]

Classical Black Nationalism: From the American Revolution to Marcus Garvey. [E 184.6 C62 1996]

Ethcaste: Pan-African Communalism and the Black Middleclass. [E 185.86 D377 2001]

Migrating Words and Worlds: Pan-Africanism Updated. [PL 8010 M54 1999]

Pan-Africanism: Exploring the Contradictions, Politics, Identity and Development in Africa and the African Diaspora. [DT 16.5 A27 1999]

Pan-Africanism in the African Diaspora: An Analysis of Modern Afrocentric Political Movements. [DT 16.5 W35 1993]

Pan-Africanism: The Idea and Movement, 1776 – 1963. [DT 30 E77 1982]

Political Re-mapping of Africa: Transnational Ideology and the Re-definition of Africa in World Politics. [DT 31 L86 1994]

Walter Rodney’s Intellectual and Political Thought. [F 2380.6 R63 L49 1998]

West Indians in West Africa, 1808 – 1880: The African Diaspora In Reverse. [DT 516.45 W47 B59 2000]

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Statistical and Map Sources

African Development Indicators (2000-2003) - World Bank Africa Database. CD-ROM. [REF ReadyRef HC 800 A1 A3562X]
Annual statistics published by the United Nations in print and electronic formats.

African Development Report 1990-. 1998+. [HC 800 A1 A354] [REF HC 800 A1 A354]
The 2002 issue focuses upon rural development for poverty reduction in Africa. Includes regional economic profiles, economic and social statistics on Africa with tables with data.

African Statistical Yearbook. Annuaire Statistique pour l'Afrique. 1974-. [HA 1955 U5] [REF HA1955 U5]
This work is a series which provides the most recent United Nations data, in a multi part set, by region. Statistical coverage is provided in categories of information for Part I of each volume; data in Part II is given by country.

Atlas of World Development. [REF G 1046 E1 U5 1994]
Statistical maps, essays and bibliographies by topic.

Human Development Report. (Annual report). [HD 72 H85X 1998 to the present]
Published for the United Nations Development Programme <>, this source includes social indicators for economic development and quality of life. Important first stop.

International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750 - 2000. [REF HA 4675 M58X 2003]
This work is divided into categories, population, and vital statistics. Statistical coverage under some categories go back as far as 1826. Statistics are provided by geographical region, and then listed by country. Topics include: population, labor force, agriculture, industry, education, external trade, transportation, communication, prices, national accounts, and finance.

Index to International Statistics (IIS). 1983+. [REF HA I54 I53X] [REF Fiche IIS]
This annual publication provides references to international sources containing statistical information on a wide variety of topics. Many of the referenced documents are available in either print and/or microfiche format in the University Libraries.

The State of Health Atlas (Survey of World Health). [REF G 1046 E5 M3 1993]
Graphic tables and maps integrating social indicators and statistics by region.

The State of Women in the World Atlas. [REF HQ 1154 S34 1997]
Social and economic conditions of women throughout the world are mapped by the following categories; Gains and losses, Families, Households, Marriage and divorce, Lesbians, Domestic violence, Birthrights, Motherhood, Population policies, Abortion, and Contraception.

Third World Atlas. [REF HC 59.7 C76X 1994] [DEWEY REF HC 59.7 C76X 1994]
Individual graphs, tables and maps by topic, such as the "The Rise of Islam" and "The Scramble for Africa". Useful for developing presentations.

Statistics Website
University at Albany, University Library Reference - compiled by Cathy Dwyer, Head of Govenment Documents

Wistat Women's Indicators and Statistics Database. [REF ReadyRef HQ 1154 U545X]
Contains economic and social time-series data with population and demographic series projections.

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Accessing Special Research Collections

ArchivesUSA Click for instructions for off-campus access.
Access to holdings and contact information of more than 4,800 repositories. Indexes to over 109,000 special collections. Database is derived from the Directory of Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the United States (DAMRUS), the National Union Catalogue of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) and the National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States (NIDS).

Center for Research Libraries, Foreign Newspapers.
Includes Africa titles in the Cooperative Africana Microfilming Program (CAMP) and other geographical/title lists of foreign newspaper holdings at CRL worldwide-- University at Albany students, faculty, and staff can borrow these (but all titles may not appear on Minerva).

Center for Research Libraries, CAMP.
"The Cooperative Africana Microform Project (CAMP), founded in 1963, is a joint effort by research libraries throughout the world and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) to promote the preservation of publications and archives concerning the nearly fifty nations of Sub-Saharan Africa and to make these materials in microform available to researchers."

This page has links to other catalogs leading to collections beyond University at Albany collections. For example, there is a link to the New York State Library Catalog. This is an important local resource. WorldCat (OCLC) is an example of an important international catalog for research. This catalog of books and other materials provides bibliographic information from libraries worldwide. Though the University Libraries may not own all the sources listed in this catalog, there is a good chance we can access them through Interlibrary Loan.

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Internet Resources and Evaluation Tips

Africana Studies Internet Resources

The University at Albany Libraries' selected Internet resources for Africana Studies includes sites related to African Americans, Africa, and the African diaspora. Includes academic institutions and libraries focusing on Africana Studies as well as some popular sites. Academic and research institution Websites listed here have extensive lists of links and research collections associated with each institution. (Not Updated)

Evaluating Internet Sources

Compiled by
Deborah M. LaFond
Social Sciences Subject librarian
University Libraries, University Library
University at Albany, State University of New York

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