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August 2008

This guide is an introduction to reference sources in Criminal Justice. More information about Criminal Justice resources and access to databases, guides, and web resources can be found at the University Libraries Criminal Justice page ( Information about all University Libraries resources and services (including access to the online library catalog, databases, and journals) is via the University Libraries homepage ( Most of the university's books and print journals in criminal justice as well as those in law, social welfare, public administration and policy, and library and information science are located at the DEWEY GRADUATE LIBRARY on the downtown campus. Books and print journals in related subjects such as psychology and sociology are at the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY or SCIENCE LIBRARY on the Main Campus. Please do not hesitate to ask the REFERENCE LIBRARIAN for help with your library research. Contact the reference desk by phone at 442-3691 or by email at Ask a Librarian.

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Encyclopedias - General:

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRIME AND JUSTICE. Edited by Joshua Dressler. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2002. 4 volumes. This is the major general encyclopedia in the criminal justice field. It includes information on the causes of crime, criminal behavior, crime prevention, institutions of criminal justice, and "the bodies of law that define criminal behavior and govern the processes through which the criminal law is applied." 250 essays with bibliographies. DEWEY REF HV 6017 E52 2002 Available online.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. Edited by David Levinson. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2002. 4 volumes. This set surveys the entire field of criminal justice including law and justice, criminology, forensics, penology and corrections, police science and victimology. DEWEY REF HV 6017 E524 2002

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRIMINOLOGY AND DEVIANT BEHAVIOR. Edited by Clifton D. Bryant. Philadelphia, PA: Brunner/Routledge, 2000. 4 volumes. This encyclopedia has 500 entries in four volumes: I. Historical, Conceptual and Theoretical Issues; II. Crime and Juvenile Delinquency; III. Sexual Deviance; and IV. Self-Destructive Behavior and Disvalued Identify. DEWEY REF HV 6017 E53 2000

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JUVENILEL JUSTICE. Edited by Marilyn D. McShane and Frank P. Williams III. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2003. This work is "...a mix of historical works, current perspectives, people, and ideas related to the field of juvenile justice." DEWEY REF HV 9104 E58 2003

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOCIOLOGY. Edited by Edgar F. Borgatta and Marie L. Borgatta. New York: Macmillan, 2000. 5 volumes. As the definitive encyclopedia for the field of sociology, this covers such topics as U.S. court systems, crime deterrence, crime rates, theories of crime, criminal and delinquent subcultures, criminal sanctions, criminology, family violence, organized crime, probation and parole, police, sexual violence and abuse, violent crime, white-collar crime, urban sociology, etc. There are brief bibliographies with each entry. DEWEY REF HM 17 E5 2000 Available online.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VIOLENCE, PEACE AND CONFLICT. Edited by Lester Kurtz. San Diego: Academic Press, 1999. 3 volumes. Includes studies on "violence, peace and conflict" from criminology, cultural studies, economic, historical, political, biomedical, psychological, sociological, public policy, etc. points of view. DEWEY REF HM 291 E625x 1999

Encyclopedias - Law Enforcement:

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FORENSIC SCIENCES. Edited by Jay A. Siegel, Pekka J. Saukko and Geoffrey C. Knupfer. San Diegeo: Academic Press, 2000. 3 volumes. This encyclopedia covers a full range of topics related to scientific investigation and analysis for criminal justice. DEWEY REF HV 8073 E58x 2000

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. Edited by Larry E. Sullivan. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2005. 3 volumes. 400 essays on the theory and practice of law enforcement at the federal, state, local and international levels are included in this reference. DEWEY REF HV 7921 E53 2005

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MURDER & VIOLENT CRIME. Edited by Eric Hickey. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2003. This encyclopedia offers research and case studies on violent crime. DEWEY REF HV 6515 E5323 2003

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF POLICE SCIENCE. Edited by Jack R. Greene. New York: Routledge, 2007. 2 volumes. This encyclopedia includes topics from criminology, administration of justice and law enforcement that are relevant to policing. DEWEY REF HV 7901 E53 2007

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WHITE-COLLAR CRIME AND CORPORATE CRIME. Edited by Lawrence M. Salinger. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2005. 2 volumes. This set has 500 entries on what constitutes white collar crime, its history, investigation, prosecution, etc. DEWEY REF HV 6768 E63 2005

Newton, Michael. THE FBI ENCYCLOPEDIA. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2003. This encyclopedia offers biographical, program, organizational, legal, case, etc. information associated with the FBI. DEWEY REF HV 8144 F43 N48 2003

WORLD POLICE ENCYCLOPEDIA. Edited by Dilip K. Das et al. New York: Routledge, 2006. 2 volumes. Basic information about the police in more 193 nations. DEWEY REF HV 7901 E53 2007
Encyclopedias - Corrections:

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PRISONS & CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES. Edited by Mary Bosworth. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2005. This encyclopedia offers 400 entries on prison architecture, theories of punishment, prison populations, prison reform, juvenile justice, prison staff, treatment programs, privatization, sentencing policy, security and classification, etc. DEWEY REF HV 9471 B675 2005

Sifakis, Carl. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN PRISONS. New York: Facts on File, 2003. This encyclopedia has entries on prisons and related topics. DEWEY oversize REF HV 9471 S54 2003

NOTE: Dewey Library has many other specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries on topics such as capital punishment, terrorism, organized crime, homicide, gun control, domestic violence, etc. Please consult the MINERVA online catalog.


In addition to the thesauri listed below there are many useful thesauri which are designed to be used with specific indexes and abstracts. Please ask the reference librarian for assistance.

BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1999. "Definitions of the terms and phrases of American and English jurisprudence, ancient and modern." Includes multiple meanings and examples of word usages with references to cases and laws. DEWEY REF KF 156 B53 1999

Champion, Dean J. THE AMERICAN DICTIONARY OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE: KEY TERMS AND MAJOR COURT CASES. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2005. Definitions of criminal justice terms plus brief descriptions of many relevant Supreme Court cases. DEWEY REF HV 7411 C48 2005

CONTEMPORARY THESAURUS OF SEARCH TERMS AND SYNONYMS: A GUIDE FOR NATURAL LANGUAGE COMPUTER SEARCHING. Edited by Sara Knapp. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, c2000. This excellent resource is an exhaustive listing of terms used in the social sciences as well as some in business and the humanities. DEWEY REF ZA 4060 K58 2000.

Davis, Mark S.THE CONCISE DICTIONARY OF CRIME AND JUSTICE. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2002. Brief definitions of criminal justice terms. DEWEY HV 6017 D38 2002

NATIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE THESAURUS. U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, National Criminal Justice Reference Service, 1998. This thesaurus contains terms used to index literature in the NCJRS database (see page 5). It is a very comprehensive source for finding synonyms and broader, narrower and related terms in the criminal justice field. DEWEY REF Z 695.1 C84 U54A 1998 Updated but simplified version available online at Thesaurus .

Rush, George E. DICTIONARY OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Guilford, CT: Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 2003. Dictionary of terms on law enforcement, courts, probation, parole, corrections, and related subjects. This focuses on terms commonly used in criminal justice practice. DEWEY REF HV 7411 R87 2003

SAGE DICTIONARY OF CRIMINOLOGY. Edited by Eugene McLaughlin and John Muncie. London: SAGE, 2006. Dictionary of criminology terms. DEWEY REF HV 6017 S24 2006



Materials owned by the University Libraries can be accessed through the MINERVA online catalog (with terminals on both floors of the Dewey Library). You may search MINERVA by author, title, subject, etc. Subjects may be searched by using either the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS SUBJECT HEADINGS (the red books near the catalog terminals) or by keywords. MINERVA lists books, journals, reports, audiovisual materials, etc. for all three libraries: Dewey Library, the University Library and the Science Library. The location "DEWEY" is for Dewey Library, the location "ULIB" for University Library and the location "SCIENCE" for the Science Library. MINERVA also indicates if an item is on order or on loan (and when it is due back). If a book you need is on loan, you may request that it be returned for you (select My MINERVA Account on the University Libraries homepage). Please ask for instructions or help at the reference desk (442-3691).

Note: All journals are now listed in the MINERVA online catalog. This includes fulltext electronic journals. (Hint: Search for journal articles by the title of the journal.)


Information on the holdings of other capital district libraries is available through CaDiLac, the Capital District Library Council Union Catalog (electronic). WorldCat database offers author, title and subject access to books owned by libraries throughout the United States and world. CRIMINAL JUSTICE ABSTRACTS and NCJRS also provide subject, author, title and other access to a selection of criminal justice books.

Note: Items not owned by the University Libraries can be requested through Interlibrary Loan. Books which are owned by the University Libraries (but which are on the other campus) and articles (which are not available in electronic format) can be requested through UA Delivery Service. Please inquire at the reference desk for assistance.


Listed here are basic indexes for identifying articles, books, documents, and reports on criminal justice and related topics. All of the databases are accessible for use outside the University Libraries. To access any of the indexes and databases click on Go to Databases & Indexes and type in the name of the resource. Please ask at the reference desk for assistance.

ArticleFirst (Electronic). Dublin, OH: OCLC. Coverage: 1990 to the present. Updated daily. ArticleFirst indexes 11,000 journals in all subject fields. Searching can be done by title, author, subject, abstract words, journal name, date, etc. Not all articles have abstracts. Go to Databases & Indexes

CRIMINAL JUSTICE ABSTRACTS (Electronic) Bethesday, MD: Cambridge Scienctific Abstracts. Coverage: 1968 to the present. CRIMINAL JUSTICE ABSTRACTS provides summaries of journal articles from major journals in criminal justice and related fields as well as extensive coverage of books, book chapters, and reports. Updated quarterly. Go to Databases & Indexes

CRIMINAL JUSTICE ABSTRACTS (Print). Monsey, NY: Willow Tree Press. Quarterly. Coverage: 1968 to the present. Published quarterly. Former title: Crime and Delinquency Literature (1968-1976). CRIMINAL JUSTICE ABSTRACTS in print provides the same coverage as the electronic version. There are quarterly and annual cumulated indexes. See CRIMINAL JUSTICE ABSTRACTS (Electronic) above. DEWEY INDEX HV 6001 C75x

CRIMINAL JUSTICE PERIODICAL INDEX (Electronic). Ann Arbor, MI: ProQuest Co. Coverage: 1981 to the present with some earlier articles. Updated weekly. 230 journals and newsletters, 75 of which are fulltext, are included in this index. While it is strongest on the practical aspects of criminal justice, especially law enforcement and corrections, several criminal justice research journals are fulltext here. (CRIMINAL JUSTICE PERIODICAL INDEX in print format, covering from 1972 to 1998, is in Storage CCBED HV 6001 Z999 C68x.) Go to Databases & Indexes

CRIMINOLOGY AND PENOLOGY ABSTRACTS (Print). Amsterdam: Kugler Publications. Coverage: 1961 to 1992. Former title: Excerpta Criminologica (1961-1968); Abstracts in Criminology and Penology (1969-1985). DEWEY INDEX HV 6001 E9. See also CRIMINOLOGY, PENOLOGY AND POLICE SCIENCE ABSTRACTS (below).

CRIMINOLOGY, PENOLOGY AND POLICE SCIENCE ABSTRACTS (Print). Amsterdam: Kugler Publications. Coverage: 1992 to 1997. Bimonthly. Supersedes and combines Criminology and Penology Abstracts and Police Science Abstracts. These abstracts cover "the etiology of crime and juvenile delinquency, the control and treatment of offenders, criminal procedure, the administration of justice, and police science." This is international in scope and provides references to many non-U.S. publications.DEWEY INDEX HV 6001 E9

EBSCO ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER (Electronic). Birmingham, AL: EBSCO. Coverage: Varies by title. Updated daily. EBSCO covers 4400 journals in all subject areas. 3400 journals are fulltext. Indexing dates to 1984, but dates for fulltext vary from beginning in the 1970's to the 2000's. Searching can be done by author, subject or source. Go to Databases & Indexes

INDEX TO LEGAL PERIODICALS & BOOKS (Print). New York: H.W. Wilson. Coverage: 1952 to the present. Published monthly. This index covers more than 600 legal journals and reviews as well as books. Indexed by subject and author, it is cumulated annually. Coverage is of United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. DEWEY INDEX KF 8 I54X

INDEX TO LEGAL PERIODICALS & BOOKS (Electronic). New York: H.W. Wilson. Coverage: 1983 to the present. Updated daily. Electronic version of INDEX TO LEGAL PERIODICALS AND BOOKS. Go to Databases & Indexes

LEGALTRAC (Electronic). Farmington Hills, MN: Thomson Gale. Coverage: 1980 to the present. Updated every other day. This is an index to law reviews, legal journals, and criminal justice journals. It is an excellent database for finding articles on legal topics and on specific court cases. A small number of the articles are fulltext. There are no abstracts. Go to Databases & Indexes

LEXIS-NEXIS ACADEMIC (Electronic). Dayton, OH: Mead Data Central. Coverage: Varies by database and title. Databases are on news, business, legal research, medical and reference. For the criminal justice researcher the hundreds of fulltext law journals and fulltext newspapers are of particular interest. Under legal research, in additon to law reviews and journals, there are cases, statutes, codes, bills, and Shepard's. Most sources date back to the early 1990's, although some law materials date back into the 19th century. Go to Databases & Indexes

NCJRS ABSTRACTS DATABASE (Electronic) Washington, DC: US Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Coverage: 1972 to the present. The National Institute of Justice, the principal criminal justice research agency of the U.S. Department of Justice, created the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) in 1972. The database contains more than 160,000 document citations and abstracts for journal articles, books, reports, hearings, studies, bibliographies and statistical reports. University at Albany users can use this database on CSA software: Go to Databases & Indexes

The NCJRS Abstracts Database is also available on the Internet at

Finding NCJRS Publications: Newer documents (1996- ) from NCJRS may be available in electronic or print form. On the NCJRS homepage many new documents are fulltext online, and can be accessed either through links in the database or by searching the subset of the database, Search Full-Text Publications Online. This is on the same homepage as the NCJRS Abstracts Database. Many newer publications can also be found in print or electronically in the University Libraries collections via MINERVA. Dewey Library owns the NCJRS Microfiche Collection which contains the full text of many of the documents cited in the Abstracts Database for the period 1972 to 1995. Documents not contained in the microfiche collection (especially books, journal articles and federal government publications) may be available elsewhere in the library (check on MINERVA) or ordered through Interlibrary Loan. Please consult the reference librarian for help.

PAIS International/PAIS Archive (Electronic) Bethesda, MD: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts and New York: Public Affairs Information Service, Inc. Coverage: 1915 to the present. Updated monthly. (The print PAIS also covers 1915 to the present, call number EXT INDEX H 1 Z999 P83.} PAIS provides coverage of books, journals (1400 of them), reports, and federal and state documents concerned with public policy. There are no abstracts in this database although there are notes on the contents of items indexed. Go to Databases & Indexes

POLICE SCIENCE ABSTRACTS. Amsterdam: Kugler Publications. Coverage: 1974 to 1992. Former title: Abstracts on Police Science (1974-1988). EXT INDEX HV 7551 A28xa. Continued by CRIMINOLOGY, PENOLOGY AND POLICE SCIENCE ABSTRACTS (above).

PsycINFO (Electronic). Boston, MA: Silverplatter Information. Coverage: 1872 to the present. Updated weekly. PsycINFO contains references and abstracts for more than 1,900,000 journal articles, books and book chapters from psychology, criminal justice, social work, psychiatry, and related subject areas. Of the 1900 journals included 98% are peer reviewed. Go to Databases & Indexes

SOCIAL SCIENCES INDEX (Print). New York: H.W. Wilson. Coverage: 1974 to the present. (For years before 1974 consult Social Sciences and Humanities Index and International Index.) Updated monthly. This is an author and subject index to the periodical literature of the social sciences. It covers major journals in social work, sociology, psychology, etc. EXT INDEX AI 3 S63x.

SOCIAL SCIENCES ABSTRACTS (Electronic). New York: H.W. Wilson. Coverage: 1984 to the present. The electronic version of SOCIAL SCIENCES INDEX, this covers the same journals. Abstracts are also included. Go to Databases & Indexes

SOCIAL SCIENCES CITATION INDEX. Philadelphia: Institute for Scientific Information. Coverage: Dewey Library has 1974, 1978 to the present. The University Library has 1969,1973 to the present. Published three times per year. SSCI provides comprehensive coverage of the literature of every discipline in the social sciences. Over 4500 journals (1400 fully indexed) and some monographic series are covered. This index can b e searched by author, subject (keywords) or by tracing citations. Tri-annual with annual cumulations. (Volume I of each year contains instructions for searching the print version.) DEWEY INDEX H 1 Z999 S63. SOCIAL SCIENCES CITATION INDEX can also be searched electronically by appointment. Please call the Dewey Library Reference Desk at 442-3691.

SOCIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS (Electronic). Bethesda, MD: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. Coverage: 1963 to the present. Updated quarterly. SOCIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS covers the field of sociology and related disciplines. It contains abstracts of articles from over 1600 journals plus abstracts of dissertations. This is available in print as SOCIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS (at the University Library). Go to Databases & Indexes


AMERICAN STATISTICS INDEX. Bethesda, MD: Congressional Information Service. Coverage: 1973 to the present. ASI is an index with abstracts to the statistical publications of the U.S. government, as well as selected state and organization publications. Fulltext, 2003 to the present. (The University Library also owns many of the documents described in this index in microfiche and other formats. Please ask for assistance at the reference desk.) Go to Databases & Indexes

CRIME IN THE UNITED STATES: UNIFORM CRIME REPORTS FOR THE UNITED STATES. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office. Annual with supplements. Uniform Crime Reports, administered by the FBI, "is a nationwide, cooperative statistical effort of 16,000 city, county, and state law enforcement agencies" reporting on crime of which they are aware. Categories include: crime index offenses reported, crime index offenses cleared, persons arrested, homicide patterns, law enforcement personnel. Dewey Library owns both paper and microfilm copies. EXT REF HV 6787 A3 (Print, 1930-2003,with some missing. Microfilm - DEWEY FLM HV 6787 A3, 1930-2001 with some missing. After 2003 availble in Internet format only.) Internet:

CRIME STATE RANKINGS. Edited by Kathleen O'Leary Morgan, Scott Morgan and Neal Quitno. Lawrence, KS: Morgan Quito. Annual since 1994. Crime State Rankings offers tables of crime data for U.S. states. Number of crimes, crime rates and percent change are shown. DEWEY REF HV 6787 C762x

SOURCEBOOK OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE STATISTICS. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office. Published annually since 1973. This compilation, produced at the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, has over 600 tables of data on criminal justice and related topics collected from over 100 governmental and private agencies. Information is nationwide in scope, but much of it is displayed by regions, states and cities. Data are arranged in six sections: characteristics of the criminal justice system, public attitudes toward crime, nature of known offenses, persons arrested, judicial processing and correctional supervision. DEWEY REF HV 7245 N37B (Also available on the Internet at

STATISTICAL ABSTRACT OF THE UNITED STATES. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office. Annual. This book provides useful tables and charts from thousands of federal statistical publications. Included are s tatistics on law enforcement, federal courts, crime, correctional institutions, etc. The guide to sources of statistics is very useful for finding more detailed information. DEWEY REF HA 202 (date) Internet:

STATISTICAL HANDBOOK ON VIOLENCE IN AMERICA. Edited by A dam Dobrin, Brian Wiersema, Colin Loftin and David McDowall. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1996. The 330 tables and charts in this volume overlap the SOURCEBOOK OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE STATISTICS and CRIME IN THE UNITED STATES to a certain extent, but there are also considerable unique data and comparisons here. DEWEY HN 90 V5 S833 1996

STATISTICAL REFERENCE INDEX. Bethesda, MD: Congressional Information Service. Coverage: 1980 to the present. SRI is an index (with abstracts) to the statistical publications of private organizations and U.S. state government agencies. It contains national, state, foreign and a small amount of local data. Arrangement is by source organization. The index volume allows access by subject, category, issuing source and title. Monthly (except January and February combined) with annual cumulations. DEWEY INDEX HA 195 Z999 S78X Also at University Library

NOTE: The University at Albany Libraries own many series of criminal justice statistics. These are listed in the MINERVA online catalog or available through NCJRS. The Internet is also a good source of criminal justice statistics. Consult the "statistics" section on the University Libraries Criminal Justice homepage.


The Internet is a good source of legal and criminal justice information and statistics. The U.S. Department of Justice's National Criminal Justice Reference Service has an excellent site at This offers the NCJRS Database and fulltext documents as well as Internet sites and listservs for corrections, courts, crime prevention, criminal justice statistics, drugs and crime, juvenile justice, law enforcement, etc. UNCJIN (UNITED NATIONS CRIMINAL JUSTICE INFORMATION NETWORK ( includes U.N. Criminal Justice Country Profiles, U.S. Department of Justice sources, recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, the World Criminal Justice Library Network, foreign and international law, criminological institutes, libraries, and much more. There is a substantial amount of statistical data here for the U.S. and other countries.

For links to these and other major criminal justice Internet sites (including the University at Albany's School of Criminal Justice), consult the University Libraries Criminal Justice homepage (http://library/ Also consult the University Libraries homepage section on Government Information ( for numerous government and government-related sites. New York State information may be found at New York State Information Locator Service (


Dewey Library provides federal and state court decisions, laws, bills and regulations. Access is through print sources, online services like Westlaw Campus or LEXIS-NEXIS (for cases and laws) and the Internet. For federal legislative information on the Internet try THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet ( from the Library of Congress or the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University (

Indiana University School of Law ( offers access to state government and topical law servers. The New York State Information Locator Service provides links to useful New York State cases and laws ( Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research ( is a gateway to a host of resources in law. Also, consult the law resources section of the University Libraries homepage(

NOTE: Dewey Library has many guides and handouts for legal research. Please consult the reference librarian.


DIRECTORY OF JUVENILE AND ADULT CORRECTIONAL DEPARTMENTS, INSTITUTIONS, AGENCIES AND PAROLING AUTHORITIES. Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association. Annual. Provides directory information on government agencies, institutions and personnel involved in corrections. Federal and state/provincial information for the United States and Canada. DEWEY REF HV 9463 A84

NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF LAW ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATORS, CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS AND RELATED AGENCIES. Stevens Point, WI: National Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Information Bureau. Annual. Lists municipal, county, state, federal and international administrators. DEWEY REF HV 8130 N38x

NATIONAL JAIL AND ADULT DETENTION DIRECTORY. Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association. Published every 3 years. Directory information for state jails and detention centers. DEWEY REF HV 9463 N37

NATIONAL JUVENILE DETENTION DIRECTORY. Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association. Published every 2 years. State directory information for correctional facilities for juveniles. DEWEY REF HV 9103 N38X

PROBATION AND PAROLE. Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association. Published every 3 years. Personnel and data on state and federal probation and parole offices. DEWEY REF HV 9303 P76x


Acker, James R. and Richard D. Irving. BASIC LEGAL RESEARCH FOR CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND THE SOCIAL SCIENCES . Gaithersburg, MD: Aspen Publishers, 1998. This new guide to legal research covers methods for utilizing primary and secondary legal resources in print and electronic form, as well as the use of social sciences resources for legal research. DEWEY REF KF 241 C75 A28 1998

Benamati, Dennis C., Phyllis A. Schultz, Adam C. Bouloukos, and Graeme R. Newman. CRIMINAL JUSTICE INFORMATION: HOW TO FIND IT, HOW TO USE IT. . Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1998. Advice on how to do research, establish connections, find information in the library, locate government and international information, web sources of interest, etc.DEWEY REF HV 7419.5 C75 1998

Nelson, Bonnie R. CRIMINAL JUSTICE RESEARCH IN LIBRARIES AND ON THE INTERNET. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1997. A guide to doing research in criminal justice, including print and electronic sources. There are also chapters on legal resources, forensic science, historical research, and international research. DEWEY REF HV 7419 Z999 L87 1997

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