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To obtain journal articles, there are two basic steps:

Step 1: Identify the Articles

Periodical indexes are useful for finding references to journal articles. The University Libraries provide numerous electronic indexes and databases for locating articles related to Education. Some indexes provide only citations; some provide citations and abstracts. Others furnish the complete texts of articles.

This guide suggests relevant electronic indexes and databases and provides links to facilitate access to them. See INDEXES AND DATABASES FOR EDUCATION below for a selection of linked indexes and databases.

Step 2: Retrieve the Articles

Journal Articles Available Online

University at Albany library users may retrieve and print full text articles directly from their computer workstations (inside or outside the library). To find out if the libraries provide access to specific journals in full text online and the years of coverage, start on the Libraries' HOME PAGE. From the center column, RESEARCH TOOLS, click on Journals - Print & Online, then type the title of the journal in the search box.

Additional links to electronic journals can be found on: Subject Pages & Guides: Education. Click on Internet Resources in Education, then on Electronic Journals. The article you seek may be in one of the periodicals listed and linked there.

Journal Articles NOT Available Online

If references retrieved from a periodical index lead to articles that are not available in full text online, check the University at Albany online catalog, MINERVA. If the libraries own the traditional print or microform version of the journal, look for the journal by call number in the Periodicals Section (in the Main Library it is on the lower level) and make a copy of the article. If the library doesn't own the journal, students and faculty members of the University at Albany may request a copy of the article by connecting to the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan system and completing the request form provided there. Please allow several weeks for interlibrary loan material to arrive.

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This section, INDEXES AND DATABASES FOR EDUCATION, describes several electronic indexes and databases that focus specifically on Education. Begin your search for relevant citations by using one of the indexes or databases described below.

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The indexes and databases in this section, though neither primarily focused on Education nor exculsively on journal literature, can provide relevant citations to journal articles and other kinds of material such as conference papers and government publicatons. Some also provide the full text of the articles or other material.

Indexes and Databases That Provide Full Text Articles

The following services offer the option of obtaining the full text of many of the indexed articles directly from your computer workstation.

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Indexes and Databases That Provide Citation Only or Citation and Abstract

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