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Political Science Information Sources

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Political Science Information Sources

Richard Irving

Updated August 31, 2009

This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for those seeking information  pertaining to political science from sources provided by the University at Albany Libraries.  It includes references  to information appearing in either print or digital format.  However, users interested in Internet sources may want to consult the companion Internet guides, Political Science and  United States Politics & Elections .  Those interested in in the fields of public administration and public policy may want to consult  Public Administration - Selected Information Sources   and its companion guide to Internet resources  Public Administration and Policy . Call numbers are included for the print sources. The call number is intended to enable the user to readily locate each source within the library.  The beginning part of the call number includes one or more of the following location symbols:

DEWEY - Thomas E. Dewey Graduate Library for Public Affairs and Policy

ULIB - University Library

REF - Reference area (first floor of either ULIB or DEWEY)

READYREF - Ready References (next to the reference desk at the University Library)

INDEX - Located on the 1st floor at Dewey

PER - Periodical (basement of either ULIB or DEWEY)

DATABASE & INDEXES - Accessible electronically from the University Library web
site.(Remote access available only to University at Albany students, faculty and staff.)

INTERNET - Available online via the Internet









Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Political Institutions. Edited by Vernon Bogdanor. Oxford, UK: Basil Blackwell 1987.
   Explanation of concepts associated with political institutions , organizations and movements in industrial societies.  Included  are some political scientists. Brief bibliographies accompany each definition.
DEWEY:  REF JA 61 B56 1987

The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of  Political Thought .   Edited by David Miller ; advisory editors, Janet Coleman, William  Connolly, Alan Ryan. Oxford, UK ; New York, NY, USA : B. Blackwell, 1987.
  A concise guide to the major ideas and doctrines of political thought which affect the modern world.  The 400 entries deal mainly with western thought, but there are some entries covering non-western traditions.  Each entry is accompanied by a short reading list.
DEWEY:    REF  JA  61 B57 1987

The Concise Dictionary of Politics. 2nd ed. Edited by Iain McLean and Alistair McMillan. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.
Over 1,700 entries covering all aspects of politics.
INTERNET:  The Concise Dictionary of Politics Accessible to University at Albany users only

The Routledge Dictionary of Politics. 3rd ed. by David Robertson. New York: Routledge, c2004.
DEWEY:   REF JA 61 R63x 2004

The Dictionary of Political Analysis.   by Jack C. Plano, Robert  E. Riggs, Helenan S. Robin.  Santa Barbara, CA : ABC-Clio, c1982.
  Terms included are primarily analytic concepts, rather than historical, institutional, or descriptive.  Emphasis given to terms which relate to the behavioral approach to political inquiry.  Each entry includes a definition, followed by a significance paragraph which provides illustrations, examples and applications of the term being defined.
DEWEY:   REF JA 61 P57 1982
ULIB:   REF  JA 61 P57 1982

The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought. 3rd ed. by Roger Scruton. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.
  Entries are devoted primarily to concepts of political thought as drawn from the disciplines of political science, philosophy, sociology, and economics.  Entries for individuals are limited to major thinkers rather than political figures.
DEWEY:   REF  JA 61 S37 2007

Dictionary of Politics: Selected American and Foreign Political and Legal Terms.  Walter John Raymond . Lawrenceville, VA: Brunswick, c1992.
   A dictionary defining terms about international politics and public law. Emphasis on U.S.
DEWEY:  REF JA 61 R39 1992

The Dictionary of 20th-century World Politics. by Jay M. Shafritz, Phil Williams, Ronald S. Calinger.     New York : H. Holt, 1993.
DEWEY:   REF JA 61 S53 1993

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution.  2nd ed. Edited by Leonard W. Levy & Kenneth L. Karst. 6 vols. New York: Macmillan reference USA, c2000.
  Includes over 2,000 articles covering doctrinal concepts of constitutional law, people, judicial decisions, public acts, and historical periods.  Articles vary in length, with some being up to 6,000 words, and include bibliographies.
DEWEY:   REF  KF 4548 E53 2000
ULIB:       REF  KF 4548 E53 2000
INTERNET:  Encyclopedia of the American Constitution Accessible to University at Albany users only

Encyclopedia of the American Presidency.  Editors, Leonard W.  Levy,  Louis Fisher. 2 vols.  New York : Simon & Schuster, 1998,c1994.
  Over one thousand articles covering every aspect of the office.  Entries are arranged alphabetically with a general and case name index.  Brief bibliography accompanies each entry.
ULIB:   REF  JK 511 E53 1998
DEWEY:   REF  JK 511 E53 1994 (earlier edition)

The Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International  Agreements.  3rd ed.  by  Edmund Jan Osmanczyk. 4 vols.  New York : Routledge, 2003.
  A four volume work includes entries on the UN, its agencies, organizations it cooperates with, international agreements, conventions, and treaties, as well as general political, economic, military, geographical, sociological, diplomatic, and legal concepts as they relate to international affairs.  the arrangement is alphabetical and most entries contain a reference to a source of additional information.  For current information check the  Internet site, United Nations System of Organizations.
ULIB:  REF KZ 4968 O84 2003

International Encyclopedia of Elections.  Edited by Richard Rose.  Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, 2000.
  One hundred forty-seven articles "designed to explain how diverse features of elections work in different historical, geographical, and cultural settings."  A bibliography is included for each article and the appendix includes tabular information on election systems in independent countries.
DEWEY:   REF  JF 1001 I57 2000
ULIB:   REF  JF 1001 I57 2000<

The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World 2nd ed. Edited by Joel Krieger. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.
Over 600 articles on people concepts and events includin "biographies of Kofi Annan, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and Gerhard Schroder; articles on events such as the Rwandan Genocide and the war in Kosovo; and coverage of international trade developments such as NAFTA and the World Trade Organization."
DEWEY: JA 61 O95 2001
INTERNET:  The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World Accessible to University at Albany users only

Survey of Social Science : government and politics series.  Edited by Frank N. Magill; consulting editor Joseph M.  Bessette.  5 vols.  Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, c1995.
  Concise summaries (typically six pages in length) of over 300 areas of study pertaining to government and/or political science.  Each article includes a short bibliography.
DEWEY:    REF JA 61 S88 1995

 West's Encyclopedia of American law.    12 vols. & yearbook  Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN : West Pub. Co., 1998-.
  "Over 4,000 articles devoted to terms, concepts, events, movements, cases, and persons significant to U.S. law."  Bibliographies for many of the articles are included in the back of the volume which includes the article. The last volume includes a dictionary of legal terms and name, subject, and case indexes.
DEWEY:   REF  KF 154 W47 1998
ULIB:   LAW  KF 154 W47 1998

World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures.   Edited by George Thomas Kurian;  consulting editors, Lawrence D. Longley, Thomas O. Melia.  2 vols. Washington, D.C. : Congressional Quarterly, c1998.
  Provides information, including historical background, constitutional basis, rules, criteria for membership, and organization, on the national parliaments/legislatures of more than one hundred ninety countries.  A bibliography is included for each entry.
DEWEY:   REF JF 511 W67 1998


Directories and Almanacs


The Almanac of American Politics.  Edited by Michael Barone, et al.  Washington, D.C. National Journal, 1972-.
  More than a directory, this biennial publication provides analyses and commentaries on the political issues and trends in each state and congressional district.  Includes election results, votes on key issues, ratings by interest groups, campaign contributions and expenditures.  Also, includes commentaries on the political climate for the nation, its regions, the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.
ULIB:   JK 271 B343 latest issue shelved in REF
DEWEY:    REF  JK 271 B343
INTERNET:  The Almanac of American Politics ; get password and user id at either Dewey or ULIB reference desk

Politics in America.  Edited by Philip D. Duncan and Brian Nutting.  Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1982-.
  This biennial publication provides biographical and political history information on current governors, U.S. Senators, and House of Representative members from each state.  Analysis of the demographic and political trends for each state and congressional district is included.  Individual entries include committee assignments, election results, campaign finance information, key votes, voting studies, and interest group ratings.
ULIB: JK 1010 P64 latest issue shelved in REF
DEWEY: REF JK 1010 P64

Biographical Directory of the Uniterd States Congress, 1774-Present.  United States. Congress. Office of the Clerk. United States. Congress, Senate. Office of the Secretary. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Congress, 2002-.
  Includes biographical information on each of the more than 13,000 men and women who served in either the Continental Congress between 1774 and 1789 or the U.S. Congress from 1789 to Present.
INTERNET: Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

The United States Government Manual. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1935-.
  This annual publication is the official handbook of the federal government.  It serves as a directory to government officials and as a concise guide to the three branches of the federal government and its departments, agencies, and quasi official agencies.
ULIB: JK 421 A3 latest issue shelved in REF
DEWEY: REF  JK 421 A3 retain latest year only
INTERNET: The United States Government Manual

Congressional Staff Directory. Washington, DC: CQ Press, 1959-.
  Published three times a year.  Provides directory information regarding congressional staff members and staff of  agencies associated with Congress.  Some staff member biographies are included.
ULIB: JK 1012 C65 latest two issues shelved in Ready REF
DEWEY: JK 1012 C65 latest two issues shelved in REF INTERNET: Congressional Staff Directory Accessible to University at Albany users only

Congressional Quarterly Almanac.  Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1948-.
  An annual compendium of the most recently completed congressional session.  Provides summaries of legislative action, roll call votes, analyses of members' voting patterns, interest group ratings, and the text of presidential messages to Congress.
DEWEY: JK 1 C66 latest two years in REF

Who's who in American politics.  New York : Bowker, 1967-.
This biennial includes biographical references to approximately 25,000 individuals currently active in politics at a national, state or local level.
ULIB: E 176 W6424 latest issue shelved in REF
DEWEY: REF E 176 W6424 latest two issues shelved in REF, earlier issues in storage


The Book of the States.  Lexington, KY: Council of State Governments, 1935-.
  This biennial (annual since 2002) provides authoritative narrative reviews and analyses of major trends in state government.  The narrative descriptions are supported by statistical tables and listings for the major officeholders in each state.  The information is divided into eleven chapters e.g., state constitutions, state executive branch,, state finances, programs and issues.
 ULIB:  JK 2403 B615 latest year shelved in REF
 DEWEY: REF  JK 2403 B615 1984/85+ shelved in REF

The New York Red Book. Guilderland, NY: New York Legal Publishing Corp., 1892-.
  Includes biographical information on New York State office holders as well as descriptions of New York State departments and agencies.  Also includes information on county office holders, political information, and biographical information on members of New York's congressional delegation.
ULIB:  JK 3430 N5  latest issue in ready REF
DEWEY:  JK 3430 N5 latest issue in REF
INTERNET: The New York Red Book ; get password and user id from the reference desk at ULIB or Dewey

The New York State Directory.  Albany, NY: Empire State Report, Inc., c1983-.
  Directory for the NYS executive, legislative and judicial branches.  Also, includes references to State agencies and private organizations divided into approximately twenty five policy areas.
ULIB:  REF  ReadyRef JK 3430 N53X
DEWEY:   Ref JK 3430 N53X


Carroll's County Directory.  Washington, D.C. : Carroll Pub., c1995-.
  National directory of county level officials.
DEWEY:  REF  JS 414 C67  retain latest issue only

Carroll's Municipal Directory.  Washington, D.C. : Carroll Pub., c1995-.
  National directory of municipal level officials.
 DEWEY: REF JS 363 M86 retain latest issue only

The Municipal year book; an authoritative resume of activities and statistical data of American cities.  Chicago, International City Managers' Association, 1934-.
Annual publication including the listing of city officials by functional areas, as well as statistical information, and articles dealing with management issues, intergovernmental issues, and staffing and compensation.
 ULIB:  JS 342 A2 I52 latest issue shelved in REF
 DEWEY:  JS 342 A2 I52 latest issue shelved in REF


The Statesman's year-book.  London : Macmillan ; New York : St. Martin's Press, 1864-.
This annual publication provides concise factual information about the countries of the world, and international organizations.  The countries are arranged in alphabetical order.  Each entry includes information on the state's history, demographics, geography, climate, government, defense, economy, natural resources, industry, communications, religion, education, welfare system, and its leaders.
 ULIB:  JA 51 S7 latest issue shelved in REF
 DEWEY:  JA 51 S7 latest issue shelved in REF

The International year book and statesmen's who's who.  East Grinstead, England : Kelly's Directories, 1953-.
An annual publication providing basic information on international organizations, states of the world, and dependent states and territories.  Includes biographical information on significant international politicians, diplomats, and business persons.
 ULIB:  JA 51 I57 latest issue shelved in REF
 DEWEY:   REF JA 51 I57 retain latest year only

Political Handbook of the World.  Edited by Arthur S. Banks and Thomas C. Muller.  Binghamton, New York: DSA Publications, 1975-.
This annual publication provides current statistical and other descriptive information on the governments of over 180 countries and world intergovernmental organizations.
ULIB:   JF 37 P6XC latest issue shelved in REF
DEWEY:  REF JF 37 P6XC latest two editions shelved in REF; earlier editions in storage


Directory of Political Science Faculty & Programs. Washington, D.C. : American Political Science Association, 2002-.
This triennial publication covers programs in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. It includes a faculty index, index of institutions by state/country, and index of institutions by highest degree offered.
ULIB: REF JA 88 G8 retain latest two editions only
DEWEY: REF JA 88 G8 retain latest edition only


Selected Handbooks and Guides to the Literature and Research

The Cambridge History ot Twentieth-Century Political Thought. Edited by Terence Ball and Richard Bellamy. New York: Cambridge University press, 2003.
Includes essays on liberal democracy and its opposition, Marxism, the interaction between science and political thought, new social movements (feminism, environmentalism, etc.), non-Western political thought.
DEWEY: REF JA 83 C25 2003

A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy. 2nd ed. Edited by Robert E. Goodin, Philip Pettit and Thomas Pogge. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 2007.
Survey articles covering disciplines contributing to political science, major ideologies, and special topics, i.e. democracy, federalism, legitimacy, totalitarianism, etc.
ULIB: JA 71 C565 2007

Contemporary Political Philosophy: an Anthology. Edited by Robert E. Goodin and Philip Pettit. Cambridge, MA: 1997.
Collection of significant essays representing major themes in political philosophy as divided into the following categories: democracy, state and society, justice, rights, liberty equality, oppression.
ULIB: JA 71 C66 1997

Getting Published in Political Science Journals By Fenton Martin and Robert Goehlert. 5th ed. Washington, DC: American Political Science Association, 2001.
Provides descriptive and manuscript submission for 122 of the major political science journals.
DEWEY: REF JA 86 M37 2001

Information Sources of Political Science 5th ed. Edited by Stephen W. Green and Douglas J. Ernest. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, Inc. 2005.
Provides descriptions of significant reference sources in political science and related disciplines.
DEWEY: REF J71 Z999 I55 2005

A New Handbook of Political Science.  Edited by Robert E. Goodin and Hans Dieter Klingermann.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. A collection of survey articles covering major topics in political sciences divided into the following groupings: the discipline, political institutions, political behavior, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public policy and administration, political economy, political methodology.
ULIB: JA 66 N49 1996
DEWEY: REF JA 66 N49 1996

Political Science : the state of the discipline III .  Edited by Ira Katznelson and Helen V. Milner. Washington, DC: American Political Science Association, 2002.
Set of essays grouped under three major topics; the state, democracy, agency. Also, includes discussion of means of inquiry. Earlier editions are also available.
ULIB: JC 11 P65 2002
DEWEY: JC 11 P65 2002


Finding a Book


Books owned by the University Libraries can be accessed through the Minerva online catalog. You may search Minerva by author, title, subject, keywords, etc. Subjects may be searched by using either the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS SUBJECT HEADINGS (ask at the reference desk for their location) or by keywords. Minerva lists books for all three libraries: Dewey Library, the University Library and the Science Library. The location "DEWEY" is for Dewey Library, the location "ULIB" for University Library and the location "SCIENCE" for the Science Library. Minerva also indicates if a book is on order or on loan (and when it is due back). If a book you need is on loan, you may request that it be returned for you (select Request Formson the University Libraries homepage).
Please ask for help or instructions at the reference desk (442-3691).


Information on the holdings of other capital district libraries is available through  CaDiLac, the Capital District Library Council Union Catalog
(electronic). WorldCat database offers author, title and subject access to books owned by libraries throughout the United States and world.
Library catalogs from around the world are also available on the University at Albany Library Homepage.

NOTE: Books or articles not owned by the University Libraries can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.


Indexes and Abstracts

ABC pol sci.  (new title-CSA Political Science & Government)  Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 1969-.
A bibliography of the contents of 300 journals in political science, government and the related disciplines of law, sociology and economics.  Arranged alphabetically by journal title with author and subject indexes.  Bimonthly with annual and five year cumulative indexes.
ULIB: REF JA 1 Z999 A23
DEWEY: REF Index JA 1 Z999 A23
DATABASE FINDER: CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts , 1975-.

American Public Opinion Index.   Louisville, KY : Opinion Research Service, 1981-.
Annual index providing subject access to questions asked in public opinion polls based on scientifically drawn random samples.  Includes information on the organization conducting the poll, sample size, polling method, and poll universe.   Poll results are available in the Polling the Nation database.
 ULIB:  REF  HM 261 A463

Combined Retrospective Index to Journals in Political Science, 1886-1974.  Washington, DC: Carrollton Press, 1977.
Provides author and subject access to bibliographic information regarding articles appearing in over 200 American and British political science journals.  The references are limited to articles published during the time span, 1886-1974.
ULIB:  REF JA 1 Z999 C18X
DEWEY:  REF JA 1 Z999 C18x

International Bibliography of Political Science.   London: British Library of Political and Economic Science, 1953-.
An annual publication providing references to journal articles and books.  Worldwide scope of coverage.  The online version is included within the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences.
ULIB:   REF  JA 1 A1 Z999 I58
DEWEY:   REF/ JA 1 A1 Z999 I58
DATABASE FINDER: International Bibliography of the Social Sciences , 1951-.

International Political Science Abstracts.  Paris: International Political Science Association, 1951-.
Provides indexing and abstracting of articles from over 600 political science journals.  It is the most comprehensive abstracting source for political science journals, providing access to many foreign language journals.
ULIB:  JA 36 I5, 1951-1996.
DEWEY:  REF JA 36 I5, 1977-1996.

Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin. (PAIS) New York: Public Affairs Information Service.,  1915-.
Provides references to books, journals articles, and government documents dealing with the broadly defined subject area of public affairs.  Some coverage of foreign publications.
ULIB:  REF H 1 Z999 P83


Full-text Databases

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO).   New York :Columbia University Press, 1997-
Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)  provides the full-text of working papers, occasional  papers, conference proceedings, etc., produced by  prominent research organizations in the field of  international affairs. It also includes the table of contents of major international affairs journals. Coverage since 1991.
DATABASES & INDEXES Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

Economist Intelligence Unit Publications. London: Economist Intelligence Unit
Analysis and data on countries around the world. Includes Country Reports, Country Profiles, and Market Indicators and Forecasts. Only available on campus
DATABASES & INDEXES Economist Intelligence Unit Publications

LexisNexis Congressional.  Congressional Information Service, c1998-.
Information by and about the United States  Congress including an index (CIS Annual) of congressional publications since 1970, legislative        histories since 1970, testimony from congressional  hearings, bill tracking, text of the Congressional  Record and Federal Register, text of  The Hill , Roll Call, selected articles from the Washington Post, and information about members and committees.
DATABASES & INDEXES: LexisNexis Congressional

Ebsco Academic Search Premier. EBSCO Information Services.
General index covering business, humanities, news, science and social sciences.  Some articles available full-text.

Full-text back files of many social science journals including major political science and economic titles.

LexisNexis Academic.  Reed Elsevier Inc.
Full-text of law review articles, newspapers, and selected periodical titles.
DATABASES & INDEXES: LexisNexis Academic Home Page

Polling the Nations.  Bethesda, Md. : SilverPlatter International, 1996-.
The most comprehensive collection of polling data  with 200,000+ questions and responses compiled  from 12,000+ surveys conducted in the U.S. and   70 other countries.  Coverage since 1986.  Documentation on each poll can be found in the companion American Public Opinion Index (ULIB REF  HM 261 A463).
DATABASES & INDEXES: Polling the Nations


Statistical  Information

American Statistics Index.  (See- U.S. Government Materials for description and location)

America Votes:  A Handbook of Contemporary American Election Statistics.  Edited by Richard M. Scammon and Alice V. McGillivray.  Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1956-.
A biennial publication which provides statistical data for U.S. presidential, gubernatorial, and congressional elections for all fifty states and the District of Columbia  It includes maps of each congressional district.
ULIB: REF JK 1967 A8

County and city data book.   Washington, DC:  U.S. G.P.O.,  1952-.
Socioeconomic and housing data from the Census and updating surveys as well as private sources include population, education, poverty, government finance, median income, tax base, climate, social programs, etc.   States, Counties, cities, places of 2,500 or more.
ULIB:  HA 202 A36 1994; latest edition shelved in REF; also available in cd-rom format
DEWEY:   REF  HA 202 A36

Index to International Statistics.  Bethesda, MD: Congressional Information Services, 1983-.
Published monthly with a cumulative annual volume.  Provides references to statistical publications of international government organizations.
ULIB:   REF HA 154 I53X

New York State Statistical Yearbook.  Albany, NY: Rockefeller Institute of Government, 1967-.
An annual publication providing information on population and vital statistics, business, government, education, etc., for NYS.
ULIB:  HA 544 A2; copies of latest edition shelved in REF and READYREF
DEWEY:  REF  HA 544 A2

Statistical Abstract of the United States.  Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1878-.
An annual publication providing summary statistical information on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.
ULIB:  REF  HA 202; latest issue shelved in READYREF
SCIENCE:  REF HA 202; latest two years only

Statistical Reference Index.  Bethesda, MD: Congressional Information Service, 1980-.
Provides references to selected American statistical publications from private and state government sources.  The referenced documents are available on microform at the University Library.
ULIB:   REF  HA 195 Z999 S78X
DEWEY:   REF  Index HA 195 Z999 S78X

Vital Statistics on American Politics.  Edited by Harold W. Stanley and  Richard G. Niemi.  Washington, DC: CQ Press, 1988-.
A compendium of data, presented in tabular format, depicting historical information about American politics and public opinion.
ULIB:   JK 274 S74
DEWEY:   REF JK 274 S74

Vital Statistics on Congress.  Norman J. Ornstein; Thomas E. Mann; and Michael J. Malbin.  Washington, DC: American Enterprise Institute for Public  Policy Research, 1980-.
Provides information on members of Congress, their elections, campaign finance, committees, staff and operating expenses, workload, budgeting, and voting alignments.
ULIB:    JK 1041 V57; latest edition in REF
DEWEY:   JK 1041 V57; latest edition in REF


Government Materials

Introduction to United States Government Information Sources, 6th ed.  Morehead, Joe.  Englewood, CO:  Libraries Unlimited, 1999.
Describes the structure of the federal government's publication and distribution system.  Provides a detailed treatment of the types of documents produced by the three branches of the federal government and of the reference sources to be used to access the documents.  Arrangement is by the source of publication.
DEWEY:  REF  JA 83 Z999 M 67 1999

United States Government Manual.  Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1935-.
This annual publication is the official handbook of the federal government.  It serves as a directory to government officials and as a concise guide to the three branches of the federal government and its departments, agencies, and quasi official agencies.
ULIB:  JK 421 A3; copies of latest year shelved in REF and READYREF
DEWEY:  REF JK 421 A3; latest year only

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774-1996.   Washington, DC: CQ Staff Directories, Inc., 1997.
Includes biographical information on each of the more than 11,000 individuals who served in either the Continental Congress between 1774 and 1789 or the U.S. Congress from 1789 t0 january 3, 1997.  Some entries include bibliographic references.
ULIB:   REF  JK 1030 B56 1996
DEWEY:  REF JK 1030 B56 1996

Biographical Directory of the United States  Executive  Branch,  1774-1989.  Editor in Chief Robert Sobel.  Westport CT" Greenwood Press, 1990.
Contains career biographies of over 650 men and women who have held cabinet positions in the American presidency.  Also, includes biographies of Presidents, Vice-presidents, and Presidents of the Continental Congress.  Each entry includes bibliographic references.
ULIB:   REF  E 176 B578 1990
DEWEY:  REF E 176 B5 1990

Congressional Directory.  Washington, DC:  Government Printing Office, 1988.
This biennial directory includes not only biographical information on members of Congress, But also directory information on congressional staff and support services personnel, members of the federal judiciary, members of the executive departments, personnel within the diplomatic corp, and members of the Washington press corps.  Also, includes maps of congressional districts.
ULIB:   JK 1011 1932; latest three editions shelved in REF; latest issue shelved in READYREF
DEWEY:  JK 1011 1932; latest two years shelved in REF

Congressional quarterly almanac.  Washington : Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1948-.
An annual compendium of the most recently completed congressional session.  Provides summaries of legislative action, roll call votes, analyses of members' voting patterns, interest group ratings, and the text of presidential messages to Congress.
ULIB:    REF  JK 1 C66
DEWEY:  JK 1 C66; latest two years shelved in REF

CQ weekly.  Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1945-.
Provides a summary of the events having taken place in Congress that week.  Includes texts of important documents, summary of action on major bills, and the voting record of members.  There are quarterly and annual indexes.  Much of the information later appears in the CQ Almanac.
ULIB: Per  JK 1 C15; print holdings end with 2005.
DEWEY: Per  JK 1 C15; print holdings end with 2005.
ONLINE: CQ Weekly 1983-.

National journal.  Washington, DC: National Journal Group, Inc., 1969-.
Weekly journal providing news and analyses of federal policy making and politics.
ULIB:  Per  JK 1 N28
DEWEY: Per - CurDisplay  JK 1 N28

Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service.  Frederick, MD:  University Publications of America, 1916-.
A microform collection of the background papers, prepared by the Congressional Research Service, on topics of proposed legislation before Congress.  Many of these publications from recent years are now available thru the Internet. .
ULIB:  GOVDOC / Film JK 1108 M35
DATABASES & INDEXES: Gallery Watch CRS Reports
INTERNET: Congressional Research Service Reports on the Web
INTERNET: Congressional Research Reports for the People
INTERNET: Congressional Research Service Reports. Hosted by UNT Libraries

American Statistics Index.  Bethesda, MD:  Congressional Information Service, 1973-.
This annual publication provides references to U.S. government publications containing statistical information.  Many of the referenced documents are available in either print and/or microfiche format in the government documents area of the University Library.
ULIB:  REF  Z 7554 U5 A46
DEWEY:  REF  Index Z 7554 U5 A46
DATABASES & INDEXES: American Statistics Index Digital Collection

CIS annual.  Bethesda, MD:  Congressional Information Service, 1970-.
This index to the publications of the U.S. Congress is published monthly with an annual cumulation.  It has tree parts, index, abstracts, and legislative history.  The abstracts include a description of each document and the Su.Doc. number if available.  The Su.Doc. number can be used to locate the document in the University Library's government document collection.  It is also available online through Congressional Universe,
DEWEY:  REF  Index Z 1223 A252X

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications.   Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1941-.
Each month's issue lists the publications of the federal government made available by the Superintendent of Documents.  Arrangement is alphabetical by government agency.  Each issue has its own index and there are cumulative indexes for the year.  Each entry includes a Su.Doc number which can be used to locate the referenced document within the government documents collection at the University Library.


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