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Finding Dissertations

Dissertations contain original research and include theoretical ideas based on literature. Their extensive bibliographies provide valuable sources for in-depth research projects on focused topics.

All dissertations and theses written at the University at Albany are available in Dissertations & Theses @ SUNY Albany.

The complete range of academic subjects appearing in dissertations accepted at accredited institutions can be found in the Dissertations & Theses Global database.

Distinguished Doctoral Dissertations Awards
School of Education, University at Albany


Xian Li, Educational and Counseling Psychology
Cumulative Risk and Chinese Adolescent Problematic Internet Use: The Mediating Role of Self-esteem

Marianne Stone, Educational and Counseling Psychology
Effects of Brief Mindfulness Practice on Perceptions of Therapist Empathy, Self-Awareness, and the Real Relationship

Fang Yu, Educational Theory and Practice
Language Socialization of Mainland Chinese Adolescents in U.S. Science Classrooms


Hamide Gozu, Educational and Counseling Psychology
The Role Of Personality, Perceived Parental Differential Treatment, And Perceptions Of Fairness On The Quality Of Sibling Relationships Among Emerging Adults

Dante J. Salto, Educational Policy & Leadership
Regulation Through Accreditation In Argentine Graduate Education: Regulatory Actions And Organizational Responses

Sarah J. Zuckerman, Educational Policy & Leadership
Organizing For Collective Impact In A Cradle-To-Career Network


I-Ching Grace Hung, Educational and Counseling Psychology
The Mediating Effect of Self-Awareness in the Relations of Self-Compassion and Training Variables to Therapist Self-Efficacy

Harry Leonardatos, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Comparing Organizational Configurations of Principal Autonomy in Finland and New York

Taya Louise Owens, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
The Role of Academic Departments in Graduate Academic Program Innovation

Julie Smit, Literacy Teaching and Learning
Eighth Grade Girls’ Knowledge Building with Narrative Texts


Jill Crombie-Borgos, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
An Examination of Interconnectedness Between U.S. International Branch Campuses and Their Host Countries


Andrew Kerlow-Myers, Educational and Counseling Psychology, Counseling Psychology
Assessing the Relationship of Career Goal Autonomy and Intrinsic Content on Vocational and General Well-Being

Sun Hwa Lee, Reading
Effects of the Interactive Strategies Approach on At-Risk Children’s Spelling Development

Gulnara Sadykova, Educational Theory and Practice
Learning Experiences of International Students in Online Courses: Mixed Methods Study


Jonathan Gagliardi, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Measuring Entrepreneurship in the Academic Heartland

Deniz Ortactepe, Educational Theory and Practice
The Development of Conceptual Socialization in Turkish International Students: A Language Socialization Perspective on Conceptual Fluency and Social Identity

Xiaoyuan Tan, Educational and Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology and Methodology
A Study of Birth Weight as a Predictor of Cognitive Ability in Childhood: Applications of Loess Regression and Generalized Propensity Score Methods

Rene Wilson, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Taking on the Perspective of the Other: Understanding Parents’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Parent Involvement in Students’ Educational Experiences


Marta Albert, Reading
Enhancing Literacy Among Rural, Work-Oriented Youth: A Cultural Analysis

Cristina Muñiz de la Peña, Educational and Counseling Psychology
How Do Therapists Ally with Adolescents in the Context of Family Therapy? An Examination of Relational Control Communication Patterns

Ancell Scheker-Mendoza, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Educational Reform and Teachers' Decision Making: Relationship between the Intended and the Implemented Reading Curriculum in Dominican Primary Schools


Kimberly Anderson, Reading
The Effects of Professional Development on Early Reading Skills: A Comparison of Two Approaches to Word Solving

Janice Harewood, Educational and Counseling Psychology
Social and Personal Determinants of Help-Seeking Intentions Among Black College Students

Prachayani Praphamontripong, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Intra-Sectoral Diversity: A Political Economy of Thai Private Higher Education

Yi-jung Wu, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
A Case Study of Intended and Implemented TANF Policies in the New York State Bridge Program


Marcelo A. Rabossi, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Agency Costs and Labor Contract Design in the University Market: Public and Private Cases in Argentina

Melissa J. Sheehy Carmel, Educational and Counseling Psychology
The Relation of Secondary Traumatization to Therapists' Perceptions of the Working Alliance With Sex Offenders

Thomas L. Tarantelli, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Lessons From Katrina: The Response of Higher Education to Assist Students Impacted by the Storm


Jozef Bastiaens, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
International Assistance and State-University Relations in Indonesia (1978-1998) Seeking Autonomy Within a Bureaucratic Polity

Felix Fernandez, Educational and Counseling Psychology
The Effects of Gender Stereotype Threat on Female Students’ Math Performance and the Potential Effects of Moderating and Mediating Variables

Kari Kay Taylor, Educational and Counseling Psychology
The Interactive Effects of White Therapists' Racial Ambivalence, Client Race, and Client Behavior on Therapists' Clinical Impressions"


Ronald F. Dugan, Educational and Counseling Psychology
Examining the Construct Validity of Academic Self-Regulation Using the Survey of Academic Self-Regulation (SASR)

Carrie Eunyoung Hong, Reading
Learning Other Cultures’ Ways of Knowing: Literacy and Subjectivity Among Korean Students Learning English

John J. Kowal, Educational Administration and Policy Studies
Faculty Participation in Decision-Making in Academic Departments of Two-Year Colleges in New York State

Elizabeth J. Zhe, Educational and Counseling Psychology
Effects of a Crisis Drill on Children’s Knowledge, Anxiety, and Perceptions of School Safety


Christina A. Cruz, Educational Theory and Practice
Gender Games: Micro-competitions and a Woman’s Sense of Self as Coach

Erin McCloskey, Reading
Taking on a Learning Disability: Negotiating Special Education and Learning to Read

Sarah E. Torok, Educational and Counseling Psychology
Cognitive and Metalinguistic Precursors of Emergent Literacy Skills


Terry L. Murray, Educational Theory and Practice
Exploring the Psychological Terrain of the Virtual Classroom: The Nature of Relationship and Power in Online Teaching and Learning

Kristen Campbell Wilcox, Educational Theory and Practice
Cultural Dissonance in ESL Dialogue: A Study of Two College Classrooms