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The Libraries welcome you to celebrate Love Data Week from February 12 to 16, 2024! This provides the UAlbany community time to celebrate data and engage with this year’s theme, “My Kind of Data.”  

We are pleased to be offering several virtual workshops:

Data Management Planning and DMPTool: Tips and Tricks 

Tuesday, February 13, 12:00-1:00 

For every research project there are associated data. 

Whether you are working with images, text corpora, numerical measurements, or survey results, your research can benefit from sound research data management practices and plans. Documenting how you will manage, describe, and analyze your data, as well as how you plan to share and preserve it benefits you, your research, and the larger scholarly enterprise. 

If you’re required to submit a data management plan (DMP) to a funder, or you’re looking to better manage your data and aren’t sure where to start or what to include, then this session is for you. 

Introduction to Tableau for Data Visualizations 

Wednesday, February 14, 12:00-1:00 

No experience required. Tableau Public is the free version of Tableau, a user-friendly data analytics and visualization program. If you're looking for a way to visualize data without learning to program, Tableau may be right for you! We'll start with the basics of importing data, making basic charts, maps, dashboards, and more. 

Introduction to Voyant Tools for Text Analysis 

Thursday, February 15, 12:00-1:00 

Voyant Tools is a free, web-based tool for analyzing and visualizing text. It can be used to analyze the frequency of words in a text, the context of text surrounding a keyword, keywords and terms that occur in close proximity, phrases, correlations, and more. Popular visualizations include word clouds, bubble lines, scatterplots, trend line graphs, and more. 

Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis Using Taguette and QualCoder 

Friday, February 16, 12:00-1:00 

Interested in free tools for coding and analyzing qualitative data? Join us for a demo of using Taguette, a free and user-friendly tool that can also be used in a browser. We'll then explore QualCoder, another free tool that has more robust features compared to Taguette. 

QualCoder can be downloaded and run using the link at the bottom of their GitHub page.  

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You may also want to consider these other ways to show your data some love: 

  1. Join our Charty Party (kickoff on 2/14, 12:00-3:00 at the University Library)! Pitch your best witty, funny, or ironic labels for four charts for a chance to receive a data-themed goodie bag. 

  2. Participate in ICPSR’s annual Adopt a Dataset Program

As you think about the ways you can promote data equity and inclusion in your own work or create a kinder world through data, remember that the University’s Data Services Team is always available to provide support for finding, managing, analyzing, and sharing and preserving your research data. Get in touch! 

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