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University Libraries are suspending in-person services until further notice. We are moving to a completely virtual operation, and we will continue to serve the UAlbany community with research assistance, electronic resources, and more. For more, please visit COVID-19 Changes


Black and white printers - all libraries

  • Uniprint networked printing, 10¢ per page with UAlbany ID Card
  • Paper output size 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14; no transparencies
  • Users can pick up print jobs at any of the Uniprint stations in an individual library

Locations of Uniprint stations

University Library:

  • Information Commons on first floor: four stations on the first floor north side (to the right of the circulation desk)
  • Basement in the Innovate Make Create center, one station

Science Library:

  • four on the First Level: three in SL 152 Information Commons, one in the Information Commons/Quiet Study Zone SL 112
  • main level
  • lower level

For more information on UNIPrint and Wireless printing services, please visit the UNIPrint and wireless printing page

Color printers

  • Users must select color printing at the computer. There is one printer in each library to pick up the print job:
  • University Library, basement in the Innovate Make Create center: one color printer, 50¢ per page with UAlbany ID Card. The printer supports paper output size 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14
  • Science Library, First Level, one color printer in the Information Commons SL 152, 50¢ per page with UAlbany ID Card
  • Dewey Library: main level, 50¢ per page with UAlbany ID Card


Black and white copiers - all libraries

  • Copying 10¢ per page with UAlbany ID Card
  • Each library has a UAlbany ID Card Terminal for adding money directly to a UAlbany ID Card
  • Each library has a copier that also takes coins: University Library basement, Science Library Level Two, Dewey Library main floor
  • Paper output size 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14
  • Double sided copying
  • All machines zoom, enlarge and reduce


  • University Library: First floor, Periodicals in basement
  • Science Library: First level
  • Dewey Library: main level, lower level

There are no color copiers, but users can scan an item and print on a color printer.

Copy Service

The Libraries do not offer a copy service. However, if a user has registered for library services for persons with disabilities, library staff will assist with photocopying of materials on request. For more information, view the Library Services for Persons with Disabilities page.

ME Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, Staff will create photocopies or pdf scans at 10 cents per page for in-person researchers and can arrange for other reproductions. Staff will determine if an item can be reproduced without damage to the original item. Restricted materials may not be reproduced in any form. For a complete list of fees, consult Department staff.

Pay for Copying/Printing

There are two ways to purchase printing/copies at the libraries:

UAlbany ID Card Podium Account:

To use your UAlbany ID Card to purchase prints/photocopies, you must have Podium Account funds on your card. You can add Podium Account funds by going:

  •  Online to GET: UAlbany ID Card Online Services with a credit card; 
  • In person at the UAlbany ID Card Office (Campus Center B-52) with cash, check or credit card; or 
  • At the Podium Value Card terminals (referenced below) with cash in the amount of $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills. Instructions are available at the terminal. Please note that terminals do not provide cash back. These funds will be available as Podium Accounts funds and can be used for printing/copying as well as any other venue that accepts Podium funds (e.g., vending, dining locations, and the bookstore).

Podium Value Card:

The Podium Value Card terminal is a debit card system located at each library. The self-service terminal sells $1 Podium Value Cards (valued at $0) for non-affiliated users or for those that do not have access to their UAlbany ID Card at the time of purchase. 

You will need to reinsert the card in the lower left slot to add funds to the card. Decide how much funds you want to add to the card and insert that amount of money in the machine. The machine will accept a $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills. Please note that terminals do not provide cash back.

It is your responsibility to operate the terminal properly. READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. The library cannot refund money. You will need to visit the UAlbany ID Card Office if money is lost in the Podium Value Card terminal. UAlbany ID Card cannot refund money for $1 Podium Value Cards that were purchased in error.

Additional Photocopying/Printing Location on Campus

  • Rapid Copy Center - Business Administration B26A. Rapid Copy Center is a fee-based print and photocopy service center. Rapid Copy will also print posters that are larger than standard size (ex. 18”x 24”, 24”x 36” or 36”x 48”).


University Library, first floor

  • 2 touch screen scanners

University Library, Innovate Make Create center

  • 8 flatbed scanners
  • 1 transparency/film/slide/negative scanner

Science Library, First Level SL 152 Information Commons/Quiet Study Zone SL 112

  • Epson GT 2500 flatbed scanner with the workstation near color printer

Dewey Library, main floor

  • Epson GT 2500 flatbed scanner with the workstation near microforms

Microfilm/Microfiche Reader/Printers & Scanners


University Library, basement

  • Minolta 6000 fiche/film digital reader/scanners
  • UScan +

Science Library, First Level, Information Commons/Quiet Study Zone SL 112

  • Two Minolta 6000 fiche/film digital reader/scanners

Special Collections

  • Minolta 6000 fiche/film digital reader/scanners

Dewey Library, main floor

  • UScan +


No charge for digital copy; 10¢ per page to print black and white.

Where To Find

Various Locations. See full text.