Access Services

  Phone Location
Circulation (University Library) 518-442-3569 LI-118
Circulation (Science Library) 518-437-3948 SL-140
Course Reserves 518-442-3569 LI-118
Interlibrary Loan 518-442-3569 LI-118


Phone Location
518-442-3572 LI-B93D

Acquisitions Services

The mission of the Acquisitions Services Department is to order, document accessibility or receipt of materials, and process invoices for payment for all electronic resources obtained for the University Libraries’ collections and all physical items housed in three library buildings: the University Library, the Dewey Library and the Science Library. Typical activities of the department include: searching OCLC and importing records into ALEPH, creating order records for onetime orders and continuations, placing orders through vendors and with publishers, receiving materials in ALEPH using arrival function or check-in, directing received materials to the appropriate department, preparing and paying invoices in ALEPH, using vendor web sites and other resources to place orders and research status of titles, and verifying correct disbursement of invoice payments.

  Phone Location
Books & Serials - Invoicing 518-442-3624 LI-B34G
Books - Receiving 518-442-3625 LI-B34D
Order Creation Unit 518-442-3589 LI-B34G
Serials 518-442-3627 LI-B34D

Dean's Office

Phone Location
518-442-3568 LI-B93D

Dewey Graduate Library

  Phone Location
Circulation/Reserve 518-442-3693 Dewey Graduate Library
Dewey Satellite Office 518-442-3610 LI-B93D
Reference 518-442-3691 Dewey Graduate Library
Information Literacy 518-442-3699 Dewey Graduate Library

Digital Scholarship

Finance & Administration

Phone Location
518-442-3563 LI-B93B


  Phone Location
Gift Book Storage Room 518-442-3401 LI-SB22

Information Literacy

The Information Literacy Department of the University Libraries empowers students to be confident users and creators of information in a dynamic and continually evolving information landscape. We prepare students to think critically about the information that they encounter and create, in a variety of forms, both within and outside of academia. Our mission also includes facilitating informed access to the University Libraries’ collections and services. We collaborate with faculty members and administrators to shape information literacy instruction for individual courses, programs, and majors. We strive to be innovative leaders in the field. Our underlying goal is to support the information literacy needs of all members of the academic community through classroom and online instruction, research assistance, and campus-wide collaboration.


Phone Location
518-442-3581 LI-107D

Library Systems

The Library Systems Department provides a broad range of IT solutions and services to support the teaching, research, and outreach missions of the University at Albany Libraries and the University. Library Systems provides technical leadership in research and development of library initiatives, explores and evaluates the suitability of new technologies to support the University Libraries’ programs and services, and supports workstation and network services for the University Libraries.


  Phone Location
Regular Hours 518-442-3891  LI-B35A
After Hours (Emergency Only) 518-442-1500  LI-B35A


Phone Location
518-437-3925 SL-310

Reference & Research Services

Reference Desk Phone Location
University Library 518-442-3553 LI-118A
Dewey Graduate Library 518-442-3691 Dewey Graduate Library
Science Library 518-437-3945 SL-152
Special Collections & Archives 518-437-3935 SL-360

Resource Management

The mission of the Resource Management Department is to provide access to materials in all formats, ensure accuracy of the content of the data in the bibliographic and holdings records within our online public access catalog, physically process materials to be shelved, send materials to the commercial bindery, and maintain the records for inventory in the storage facility. Typical activities for the department include managing electronic journal access, creating call number labels, withdrawing materials, editing bibliographic and holdings records, transferring materials to storage, processing rush materials, and sending materials to a commercial bindery.

Shipping & Receiving

  Phone Location
University Library 518-442-3596 LI-SB23
Science Library 518-437-3963 SL-L40

Special Collections & Archives

  Phone Location
Reference Desk 518-437-3935 SL-360
Research Room 518-437-3935 SL-360
University Archives 518-437-3936 SL-356

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