By Fiona Hernandez, Journalism major

I heard about the Library Ambassador program at Great Danetopia 2021. As an avid reader and writer, I’ve always loved books and libraries. Libraries have always been a place where I can relax, catch up on homework, study, and read books that are fun and interesting. So, I decided to apply to be a Library Ambassador for the fall semester. I knew from the start that this was the perfect outlet for my love of libraries!

My favorite part about the University Libraries is the different zones there are for people to work in. I love being in the Silent Zone whenever it’s midterm or finals week, or when I really need to get my homework done. The Quiet Zone is where I sit to finish up reading a book and journal about my thoughts and emotions. The Collaborative Zone is where I work with my classmates. 

As a Library Ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the podcast series, Librarians with Lattes. I’ve interviewed librarians and professors on various topics, including an English professor on the Halloween episode, asking questions about vampires and zombies in pop culture, and how they have changed over time. I’ve also gained skills in social media and Adobe Photoshop through this program. As a person who dislikes social media, this opportunity showed me how useful these skills are and how well they will serve me in my profession as a journalist. 

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What I love most about being a Library Ambassador is that I get to post book recommendations! It’s important to encourage others to read because books can tell us about people’s lives, and we can learn more about the way our society works. The Libraries helped me grow and develop as a writer. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be able to deepen my knowledge about the Libraries as a great resource. 

Thanks to this program, I’ve learned about PAWS (Personalized Assistance With Searching), the classes on Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, as well as the two-sentence horror story and Bad Love Poetry contests. These resources have helped me to enhance my photo and video editing skills, as well as participate in fun contests that improve my writing. As a Library Ambassador, I help other people access these resources and promote the library as an asset for learning and development. 

Overall, I enjoy libraries because they are great sources of information and support for students. Being a Library Ambassador has helped me gain more experience as a communicator and a leader. Throughout my time in the program, I’ve enhanced my skills in the journalism field, notably in the form of podcast interviews. I never would have gotten that opportunity had I not chosen to become a Library Ambassador. I will always promote being a Library Ambassador for the great experience it is.

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