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We are currently unable to accept gifts in kind.

Donations of books and other types of information resources are considered to be “gifts in kind.” Such gifts are welcomed by the University Libraries as one means of developing the Libraries’ collections. Gifts in kind are accepted for the University Libraries by the Dean of University Libraries on behalf of the University at Albany Foundation. They are acknowledged in writing whenever the donor and his/her address are known.

Gifts in kind are reviewed by the Libraries’ subject librarians using the same selection criteria as for purchased materials. Those not needed for the University Libraries’ collection may be sold, exchanged, discarded or disposed of in accordance with New York State guidelines.  

The Libraries do not generally accept gifts in kind with restrictions on their use or disposal. Only the Dean of University Libraries may approve acceptance of gifts with special conditions, including those concerning their shelving/housing, use, copyright, or access. Gifts that are accepted with restrictions must be documented with a Memorandum of Agreement. All gifts of manuscript materials are also accepted under terms agreed upon in a Memorandum of Agreement with the donor.  

It is the responsibility of the donor to assess the value of his/her gift for tax purposes. IRS regulations prohibit the Libraries, as the recipient of the gift, from appraising it. However, as needed, the Libraries can assist the donor with the appraisal process by suggesting names of appropriate appraisers.  

Donations of gifts in kind will be delivered to the Libraries by the donor or shipped to the Libraries at the donor’s expense. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Director of Collections. Large gifts should be accompanied by a list of materials compiled by the donor. The Libraries cannot compile detailed lists of donated materials after a gift has been received.

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