The University Library provides closed study carrels for use by University at Albany doctoral candidates, with priority given to persons conducting dissertation research. Only University at Albany graduate students may hold carrel assignments.

Because carrel space is not adequate to meet the requests of the University community, access to these facilities are for a limited time period. If there are carrel spots remaining after the beginning of the academic year, Masters candidates are eligible to apply on a case-by-case basis. Speak with a Circulation staff member for further details, or call 442-3569.

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Current UAlbany PhD students are welcome to apply for Study Carrels.


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General Guidelines

All notifications regarding study carrel use and expiration of assignment will be placed in the carrel and be sent via e-mail. Notification of assignment will be made by e-mail only. Registration and renewal forms are handled only via this website.

  1. Library books kept in study carrels must be charged out at the Circulation Desk. Study carrels are checked on a regular basis. If uncharged library material is found in the study carrel, it will be removed. Repeated storage of uncharged library material in study carrels will result in the termination of the carrel assignment.

  2. The University Library is not responsible for any personal property that is stored in study carrels. The library notifies patrons to remove their belongings via e-mail and notes placed in carrels beginning 3 months prior to the assignment expiration date.

  3. As a courtesy to others, if you no longer need your study carrel, notify us so that someone else may use it.

  4. All assignments expire on JUNE 30th of each year.

Disregard for any of these rules will result in the termination of the study carrel assignment.


  • Carrels are assigned on an annual basis. All carrel assignments expire JUNE 30th each year. Upon assignment, individuals are eligible for a one year renewal. Renewals are not automatically granted. Any individual may only hold an assignment for two (2) academic years at most.

  • Keys must be picked up and signed for at the Circulation Desk. A University at Albany ID card must be presented to pick up your assignment.

  • Carrels are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Two people are assigned to each of the 56 locked study carrels.

  • Carrels may not be used as alternate office space. Student conferences, meetings and class assignments should be handled through departmental facilities.

  • Carrel windows can not be covered over.

  • Carrel furniture must remain inside the carrel.

  • Food may not be stored in the study carrels. If food is found by library staff, occupants will be given a warning, and it may be disposed of. Repeated violations of this policy may result in revocation of carrel access.

  • Carrel assignees should not loan their key to persons who are not assigned to the carrel.

When a carrel assignee completes his/her work or is not reassigned to a study carrel, he/she must return the carrel key to the Library Circulation Desk.. Otherwise, the assignee will be billed $10.00 for the unreturned key, and a hold will be placed on Library and Registrar records.

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