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Information Formats Are Meaningful

People create information for a variety of purposes. There is no “one size fits all” format for their creations. Creators choose a format that will make sense to those receiving the information. Each type of source may have value to you—depending on the circumstances. For example, to get personal updates on your friends isn’t going to work for the research you’ve been assigned by one of your professors. These resources will help you to think more deeply about information formats and their best uses.

Citing Your Sources Guide

If you would like a quick refresher of the elements of citations, take a look at this guide. Remember, different citation styles have their own formats, but convey the same information.


Format Quest

In this activity from the Metaliteracy Badging site, you will explore the attributes of different information formats for your needs, so you will be well informed in your choices. Contact Trudi Jacobson for details on how to take full advantage of the interactive features of this site.


Information Formats, Information Creation Quiz

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of information formats and the reasoning behind the selection of particular ways to convey a message. If you have some questions as you go through the quiz, be certain to click on the link for explanations of the answers. You will see this at the end of the quiz.