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Information Literacy Playlists

The following playlists feature materials in a variety of formats to help you become a more confident user and creator of information. They can be completed in their entirety or you can mix and match individual materials to suit your needs.

This project was inspired by the Digital Media & Learning Playlists for Learning Project.

Creating Information

Remember that research is not simply about reproducing information, but about creating something new. No one else shares your exact experiences, values, or perspective. Let your uniqueness shine through in the content you create.

Determining Credibility

One thing to look for when trying to determine if a resource is credible is the authority of the person/people who created that resource. Look not only to see how much authority you would ascribe to the information creator, but also to determine the context and derivation of that authority.

Developing Research Strategies

Just getting started with research? The resources in this playlist will help you learn how to avoid research anxiety, how to choose a topic, identify and use appropriate sources, and find help when you need it

Fake News

The creation and distribution of fake and misleading news has proliferated, and has had a profound impact on recent events. Much of the impetus has stemmed from increasingly partisan politics or from the decreasing civility of public discourse, though the creation and distribution of inaccurate or biased news is certainly nothing novel. It is imperative, however, that we recognize and repudiate such misinformation.

Finding Jobs: The Value of Information Literacy

No matter what job you are looking for, most employers would like their employees to be able to research effectively, think critically, work collaboratively, and report results accurately and succinctly. The curated resources here will help you understand what employers are looking for.

Information Formats Are Meaningful

People create information for a variety of purposes. There is no “one size fits all” format for their creations. These resources will help you to think more deeply about information formats and their best uses.

Information Literacy Resources for Faculty

This playlist has been compiled by the libraries' Information Literacy department to provide key resources about information literacy for faculty.

International Students Playlist

If you are coming to the University at Albany Libraries from another country, learning all of the fundamentals of academic research might feel overwhelming. The resources on this list are intended to help you get started with some basic library concepts and research tips.

Practicing Academic Integrity

Familiarize yourself with the standards of academic integrity at UAlbany and beyond.

Science Information Literacy

Science Information Literacy or Information Literacy in the Sciences refers to understanding and being comfortable using different sources of information in the sciences, both academic and popular, in various formats including print and online.

Searching for Information

The search for information can take many paths. Learn about recommended strategies and resources that can help you along the way.

Alphabetical List of Materials

All of the materials from our Information Literacy Playlists listed alphabetically for easy searching when you're looking for a specific resource.

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