Developing Research Strategies

Just getting started with research? The resources in this playlist will help you learn how to avoid research anxiety, how to choose a topic, identify and use appropriate sources, and find help when you need it.

Choosing a Manageable Research Topic

When you have the freedom to choose your own research topic, it can be tough to know where to start. This video from Pfau Library (California State University, San Bernardino) gives you some useful tips for defeating the “Topic Monster.”


College Research: Choosing and Evaluating Sources

Taking on college research for the first time can be confusing and intimidating. This tutorial will guide you through what you already know about research and how to apply that to this new research context. 


The Research Process

The research process in college usually starts with a professor giving you a research assignment. But where do you go from there? Learn about the most common steps for the research process, including selecting a topic, developing a thesis statement, and more.


Tips for Avoiding Research Anxiety

Taking on a research project can be daunting, whether you are new to research or a skilled expert. The strategies detailed here can help you overcome your (very normal) anxiety and get to work. 


Using Sources

Go beyond pulling quotes and learn more about the many roles sources can play in your research and writing.