Current Newspapers


The University Library currently subscribes to the paper copy of approximately 40 local, national and foreign newspapers. Back issues of approximately 15 of these titles are retained on microfilm along with the microfilm edition of several newspapers we do not receive in paper copy. A list of currently received titles is available at the Reference Desk and in the Periodicals Room.


Historical Newspapers


A second category consists of microfilm for over 100 newspapers which have ceased publication but which have research value. One example is the Albany Argus which the University Library owns on microfilm from 1813-1865, years of great importance in the development of the nation and the history of this state.


Underground Newspapers


The Underground Newspaper collection consists of microfilm editions of protest or alternative life style newspapers, most of which were published during the 1960's and early 1970's. Holdings information for historical and underground papers is available at the Reference or Periodicals Room Information Desks.


Locating Newspapers


Current issues of newspapers are housed alphabetically on display shelving in the Current Periodicals Reading Room. Back issues are retained in storage until the microfilm arrives, or for a reasonable length of time. For complete holdings information, inquire at the Periodicals Room Information Desk.

Back issues of newspapers on microfilm and microfilm readers are located in the Periodicals Room on the lower level. The reels are arranged alphabetically by title and chronologically by date in the cabinets labeled "Newspapers." Help in locating the microfilm you need and in using the microfilm readers is available from the staff in the area.


Electronic Indexes and Full Text Sources


African American Newspapers, The 19th Century


Contains the original source materials written by African-Americans for African-Americans. Covers many aspects of 19th century cultural life and history. Includes content from four major African-American newspapers which are complemented by the more complete microfilm versons of these same titles held by the University at Albany Libraries. Three of the newspapers were published in N.Y.


Ethnic Newswatch


Full-text database of the ethnic, minority and native press in the U.S. Includes newspapers, magazines and journals from the African American, Arab American, Asian American, Native American, European and Eastern European, Jewish, and Hispanic, Chicano and Latino populations. Searchable in both English and Spanish. Coverage began in the mid 1980s and is updated monthly.


Nexis Uni


This database provides general business and legal news. Its sources are worldwide, including 58 major newspapers, nearly 200 news wire services, and hundreds of journals and newsletters. The Times Union is available through this database from 1994 to the present. The full-text of many of the articles is available online. Dates of coverage vary.


National Newspaper Index


Index to the Christain Science Monitor (1979+), Los Angeles Times Index (1982+), New York Times (1979+), Wall Street Journal(1979+) and Washington Post (1977+). Does not provide full text of articles, only indexing.


New York State Newspapers


A subset of the Custom Newspaper database, provides access to the content of seven NYS regional newspapers, excluding the Albany Capital District. Includes the New York Times and the New York Post from 2002-.


Proquest Historical Newspapers - The New York Times


Full text of The New York Times, 1851-2004.


Web Sources


A wide variety of newspaper-related web sources can be found at


Print Newspaper Indexes


Print indexes to the contents of newspapers are located on the first floor in the Reference section. The Univerersity Library owns the following indexes and abstracts:

  • The Boston Globe, 1982+ [Oversize* AI 21 B68x]
  • Chicago Tribune Index,1972-1978 [Ref AI 21 C45 C47]/ 1979-2000[AI 21 C45 C47]
  • Christian Science Monitor Index,1987-2000 [STORAGE / Ref AI 21 C46]
  • Los Angeles Times Index, 1972-1978 [AI 21 L65 N49]
  • New York Times Index,1851+ [Ref AI 21 N452]
  • Times (London) Index,1906+ [Ref AI 21 T46]
  • Times Union Index,1982-1989, 1991+ [Ref AI 21 T54x K54]
  • Wall Street Journal Index,1957-2002 [Ref AI 21 W325X]
  • Washington Post Index,1972-1987 [STORAGE AI 21 W33 W36]


Newspaper indexes differ somewhat in the amount and kind of information they supply. Of the printed indexes, The New York Times Index is perhaps the most useful, providing not only citations, but also abstracts of articles cited. The cumulated bound volume(s) provide a historical overview of a topic for the entire year. The essential information for locating an article are: the date, page and column number. Additional information may include the section (by letter or Roman numerals) and an indication of the length of the article.(S=short, M=medium, L=long.)

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