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Information Literacy Department

Supporting the information literacy needs of all members of the academic community through classroom and online instruction, research assistance, and campus-wide collaboration.

The Information Literacy Department of the University Libraries empowers students to be confident users and creators of information in a dynamic and continually evolving information landscape. We prepare students to think critically about the information that they encounter and create, in a variety of forms, both within and outside of academia….We collaborate with faculty members and administrators to shape information literacy instruction for individual courses, programs, and majors. 

Library Instruction Sessions

This service is available to University at Albany Faculty/Teaching Assistants in conjunction with a course


Request that a librarian teach your students key information literacy and assignment-related research concepts. Instruction takes place during a class period.

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Instructor teaching in library classroom


"Information Literacy at UAlbany opens revolving doors for any sort of academic endeavor. The services provided by this office attends to students’ research and assignments needs. Innovation, charisma, interest and valuable attention are all found within."
- Luis Paredes



Information Literacy Playlists

Become a more confident user and creator of information with these curated lists of online resources.


FAQ About Information Literacy


Metaliteracy Badges

The metaliteracy digital badges provide an engaging way to become a more adept, confident creator and consumer of information in today’s complex environment. The four badge names give a good sense of the value of these areas of learning: Master Evaluator, Digital Citizen, Producer and Collaborator, and Empowered Learner. Each of these is made up of a variety of modules called quests and challenges. Badges are digital certificates that can be earned through the completion of a series of tasks. Once a badge is earned, it can be displayed on professional networks or digital portfolios such as LinkedIn and Credly to highlight your achievements to professors, future employers, grad school admissions committees, or anyone you would like to impress with your knowledge and skills!

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Preview of Metaliteracy Badges