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University Libraries have gone completely virtual and physical locations are closed. For more, please visit COVID-19 Changes

In each library, color and black and white printing are available on letter size paper [8.5” x 11”].  Information about this service follows.  There are two additional places on campus for printing.  The Rapid Copy Center has a fee-based print and photocopy service.  Rapid Copy will produce print up to 11” x 17”.  Rapid copy is located in Business Administration B26A.  The Office of Communications and Marketing  will produce posters; the cost is based on size.  Contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for more information: (518) 956-8150; marketingservices@albany.edu

The UAlbany ID Card system uses a debit card in place of coins to activate the Library photocopiers, and network printers. The Library has fifteen public use photocopiers; only two (located in Periodicals at the University Library and the first floor of the Dewey Graduate Library) operate with coins as well as your UAlbany ID Card. A dollar bill changer is available in the University Library Periodicals room. The Interactive Media Center (IMC) located in the basement of the University Library has the UAlbany ID Card system available for black & white and color printing. Only the UAlbany ID Card system is used at the new Science Library.

The UAlbany ID Card terminal is a self-service device that sells $1 Podium Plus cards for non-affiliated users, but please note that the card is dispensed with no value. The user will need to add funds to the card after purchasing it. The UAlbany ID Card terminal also allows faculty / staff / students the ability to add funds to their University ID card. Your card / ID is reusable and should not be thrown away. You can revalue your card at anytime.

It is your responsibility to operate the UAlbany ID Card terminal properly. READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS. The Library does NOT refund money. The patron will need to visit the UAlbany ID Card office when money is lost in the UAlbany ID Card terminal.

Printing in each library is networked. Each library has multiple black and white printers. In each library there is only one color printer.  From any computer you may send a print job to the printers.  Black and white print jobs are sent to all black and white printers in the building. You may pick up your print job at any Uniprint station.
For color print jobs, select the color printer from within the application you are using.  To print from a personal computer, the computer must be configured to accomplish this. 

Printing Assistance 


The UAlbany ID Card terminal DOES NOT give change. Insert a $1 bill to purchase a Podium Plus card valued at $0, which is dispensed from the lower right hand slot on the machine. You will need to reinsert the card in the lower left slot to add funds to the card. Decide how much funds you want to add to the Podium Plus card and insert that amount of money in the machine. The machine will accept a $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills.



To revalue your University ID, simply insert the card in the lower left hand slot. Then insert your $1, $5, $10 or $20 bill. Your ID will be valued for the full amount you inserted.



Once you've purchased a podium plus card or valued your University ID, you are ready to use the copiers. Swipe your card next to the copier in the slot to the right of the digital readout: "Swipe Card". Each successful swipe of the card will allow you to make 10 copies. As you're making copies, the display will count down (10, 9, 8 ……. 2, 1, 0) until you have no copies remaining. Re-swipe your card if additional copies are needed. Each time you make a copy, the cost is deducted from the value of the card. You can make copies until your card is depleted. Photocopies & Printing cost 10¢ each and copies from in the IMC is 10¢ each for black & white and 50¢ each for color.



THE LIBRARY WILL GIVE A MAXIMUM OF THREE REPLACEMENT COPIES DUE TO COPIER MALFUNCTIONS. Make requests at either the Circulation Desk or the Periodicals Desk. We cannot guarantee copy quality, only copy readability. Please check the readability of each copy and notify library staff if you are having a problem. If you are having a problem with your UAlbany ID Card, you will need to visit the UAlbany ID Card Office in the campus center during their normal working hours.




QUESTION: Can I add money to my Podium/UAlbany ID Card online?
ANSWER: Yes, go to UAlbanyID.com


QUESTION: I am having difficulty feeding dollars into the UAlbany ID Card terminal.
ANSWER: The terminal is sensitive. Try feeding the bill by holding it in the center and gently but firmly pushing it into the acceptor. Do not use damaged bills.


QUESTION: I want $5 worth of copying, but I only have a $20 bill.
ANSWER: THE UAlbany ID Card TERMINAL DOES NOT GIVE CHANGE! You can get change at the Campus Center, which provides banking services on weekdays. The University Library does not provide banking services, but will give change at the Circulation Desk until the change runs out, or you can buy a soda in the cafeteria and get change for your $20 bill. The Dewey Library on the downtown campus cannot give change.


QUESTION: How do I get $5 valued on my card?
ANSWER: If you are purchasing a Podium Plus card, you need to first insert a $1 bill to buy the card that will be dispensed from the lower right slot on the machine that has an initial value of $0. Second, you will need to reinsert the card in the bottom left hand slot, and then insert another $5 into the terminal to have a card valued at $5. To value a Podium Plus card or University ID that you already have, simply insert the card in the bottom left hand slot. Then insert your $5 bill. The card will be valued for the full amount you inserted.


QUESTION: I lost money in the UAlbany ID Card terminal because I didn't read the instructions. How can I get a refund?
ANSWER: The UAlbany ID Card terminal does not give change! Any refund requests need to made with the UAlbany ID Card office located in the campus center during their normal working hours.