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Technology - Wireless Acess

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Library Technology Services - Wireless Access

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These maps show the public computers (the ITS-managed "Info Commons" computers) in all three libraries-- and indicate which computers are available. To check on location of rooms, please look at Where are the PC's.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available in an increasing number of locations in all three libraries. You can either borrow a wireless card from the Libraries, or use your own card or laptop with integrated wireless.

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Note: Only University at Albany faculty, staff, and students may use wireless network access in the University Libraries.

Getting Started

  1. If you have your own wireless card, or have wireless integrated into your laptop, you may use that. If not, go to the Circulation desk and check out a wireless network interface card (NIC).
  2. Take your laptop and the NIC to one of the areas that has wireless access available (see below for locations).
  3. Put the card into a PCMCIA slot in the laptop and turn it on.
  4. If you borrowed a wireless card from the Circulation desk, please follow the instructions on Wireless Network Interface Card Driver Installation.
  5. In order to use wireless service on campus, you will need your NetID, your UNIX cluster password and a computer with an 802.11 b/g wireless card that supports WPA. Please refer to the Wireless Internet Access Instructions for information on how to do this.

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Locations with Wireless Access

Uptown Campus (see map)

  • University Library
    • Both front wings on the first floor, the Reference Desk area including a couple of stack ranges beyond, and part of the lobby area
    • On the lower level, The Interactive Media Center, the current periodicals reading room and the basement seating area between the stairwells
    • On the second and third floors, the locked study carrel areas
  • New (Science) Library
    • On the ground level, the Barnes and Noble Reading Room
    • On the first floor, the circulation desk and lobby area
    • On the second floor, the Group study rooms along the south, west, and east walls

Downtown Campus

  • Dewey Library (Hawley)
    • First floor
    • Lower level except the Mezzanine and compact storage areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I check out a card?
Answer: At the primary Circulation desk in each library.
Question: How long can a card be checked out?
Answer: A card can be checked out for 4 hours at a time.
Question: If I already have a wireless card, do I need to check one out?
Answer: No. You may now use your own wireless card and follow the Wireless Internet Access Instructions.
Question: Why do I have to use the university's Wi-Fi protected access (WPA)?
Answer: WPA requires authentication to connect to the wireless network, but once connected no second authentications are required. WPA provides per-user session encryption, making it a secure wireless network.
Question: If I borrow a card from the Circulation desk, do I still have to use the WPA?
Answer: Yes. Even borrowed cards must use the WPA to connect.
Question: If I have trouble connecting or setting up the card, or have other technical questions, who should I ask for help in resolving them?
  • Call the ITS HelpDesk WiUAlbany (442-3700). Circulation staff will let you use a phone at the Circulation desk for this purpose.
  • Submit a Help Request at ITS FAQ and Feedback Form.

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